Pacquiao: I won 7 rounds to 5 over Mayweather

By Boxing News - 05/14/2015 - Comments

Image: Pacquiao: I won 7 rounds to 5 over MayweatherBy Chris Williams: Manny Pacquiao has been stewing on his loss to Floyd Mayweahter Jr. for the past 12 days, watching the fight over and over again to determine where he went wrong. But after watching their May 2nd “Fight of the Century” repeatedly, the 36-year-old Filipino has come to the conclusion that he won the fight by a 7 rounds to 5 score.

Sadly, these thoughts weren’t shared by the three judges that scored the fight, nor many fans who paid lots of money to see the fight. They overwhelmingly saw Pacquiao lose to Mayweather in a fight that was conclusive. However, many of Pacquiao’s fans have recently been watching the fight in slow motion and they’ve been counting the punch stats, and they feel that Pacquiao landed enough shots to win.

“I’ve seen the fight over and over and I feel that I won seven [rounds] to five [rounds] for Mayweather,” Pacquiao said via “I respect their decision so it is time for me to move on.”

The judges scored the fight 116-112, 116-112 and 118-110. Personally, I’ve seen the fight several times, and no matter how many times I watch it, I can’t see Pacquiao doing any better than losing by a 118-110 score.

Mayweather dominated most of the first six rounds, and in the last half of the fight, he easily won most of the rounds. I only gave Pacquiao one round in the last six rounds. Pacquiao was so outclassed in the latter part of the fight that it was no longer interesting to watch.

It’s troubling that Pacquiao can’t admit that he lost the fight to Mayweather. It’s also very disturbing that he failed to inform the Nevada State Athletic Commission about his serious shoulder injury until hours before the fight took place. With Pacquiao unwilling to admit that he lost the fight, it very likely takes any interest out of a second fight taking place, because if Pacquiao thinks he won a fight as one-sided as his loss on May 2nd, it could be a sign that Pacquiao has a hard time accepting when he’s beaten.

Mayweather doesn’t need to face a guy that will potentially claim that he won the fight each time he beats him. It would be really ugly for the sport of boxing if Pacquiao keeps saying he won the fight each time Mayweather beats him.

It would be worse if Pacquiao comes into a rematch with Mayweather with injuries that the boxing public didn’t know about ahead of time, but then are told about them at the post-fight press conference.

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