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What if Mayweather finally decides to face Pacquiao

By Sam: Before the publicity tour for Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Marcos Maidana 2 started, the money man said on the eve of BET awards to a reporter that he will fight Maidana in September and then there’s a surprise for the fans in May.

Now was this a publicity stunt to bring more fans for Maidana 2 fight or was it genuinely a surprise, we don’t really know. Now assuming the May surprise by Money may is a fight with longtime rival Manny Pacquiao, let’s see how that fight would likely pan out in my opinion.

Fight characteristics:- Machine gun vs sniper, according to media bad boy vs good boy, ring IQ vs ruthlessness, etc etc

The fight would be fought at welterweight 147 limit, most probably a unification bout of all the welterweight titles (except the one with Kell Brook ‘IBF’)

Let’s see how the fight would pan out in my opinion.

Round 1

Both emerge from their corners. Feeling each other out. Trying to establish jabs. Floyd hits Pacquaio with three- four jabs getting countered himself with Manny’s right jab twice. Rest of the round seems to be quiet as both seems very careful and cautious. As the tap for 10 sec left is done, Pacquiao closes the gap and tries to flourish with a combination of four-five punches landing just one snappy left hand and the bell rings.

Pacquiao 10-9 (on activity)

Round 2

Floyd comes out with vengeance to the last round late flourish of Pacquiao. He throws a combination of his own of 3 punches landing all and getting away just before getting tagged by Pacquiao. Floyd moves round the ring, Pacquiao instead of cutting the ring follows him around, trying to close the distance and land something on him. Pac tries a jab-jab-hook on Mayweather but touches him with just a jab. Then Pacquiao tags Floyd with a straight left without jab which Floyd wasn’t expecting and gains respect for his power from Floyd. Last 30 seconds Floyd pot shots and dodges all that Pacquiao does. Round over.

Floyd 10-9

Round 3

Floyd seems more confident as he keeps tagging Pacquiao with jabs and being the bigger man staying away from Pacquiao by stepping back just after jabbing. Manny seems a bit frustrated and stops following Floyd in the middle of the ring and taunts him to fight as Mayweather smiles and still does not engage. Manny starts to follow him again, tries to flourish with 10-12 punch combination as Floyd stays on the ropes tagging Floyd 3-4 times with touchy punches and a hard punch as Floyd moves away and tries to jab but Pacquiao blocks countering with his jab creating slight angle. Manny ends with another combination getting countered twice but still connecting 3-4 times.

Pacquiao 10-9

Round 4

Floyd starts the round with a 1-2 and keeps tagging Pacquiao with 1-2 throughout the first half of the round getting hit by slight jabs from Pacquiao. Then BOOM, Pacquiao hits money with a straight left on his body, seems like a liver shot as Floyd goes down. and gets up to the count of eight Pacquiao goes back to the body and tries to find that sweet spot again ruthlessly leaving himself open as Floyd tags Pacquiao with a brutal combination of his own sending Pacquiao ON THE CANVAS. He gets up at eight and his feet seem wobbly as Floyd starts to hit with another combination, being on unsteady feet the warrior spirit of Pacquiao comes along as he gets involved in a fire fight, Mayweather right Pacquiao’s left. And the bell rings. What a round.

Pacquiao Floyd 9-9

Round 5

Pacquiao still is bit dizzy and does not want to engage as Floyd uses his reach advantage and keeps pot shotting him all along, getting hit with slight jabs. Floyd gets very precise and accurate banking on the dizziness of Pacquiao. Big round for Floyd as this round is actually ‘hit and don’t get hit.
Floyd 10-9 even (47-47 after 5 rounds)

Round 6

Manny seems to have gotten his senses back but still is getting tagged with one-two combination by Floyd. Pacquiao is now cutting the ring and applying a lot of pressure on Floyd who keeps tagging Pacquiao nonstop. Then Floyd gets stuck at a corner and Pacquiao unleashes a lot of combinations and does not let Mayweather leave the corner, Floyd seems a bit concerned as Pacquiao keeps hitting his chin and shoulders with his left hand to eventually tire Floyd out of the defensive shell. Floyd waiting until Pacquiao punches himself out. As the bell rings. Close round but the late last minute relentless flourish gives Pacquiao the round.

Pacquiao 10-9

Round 7

Manny cutting the ring again and getting tagged in the process. But hollows Mayweather into corner again. Floyd gets hit with one left hand flush on his chin and that seems to have bothered him as Pacquiao seems relentless and keeps punching. Floyd is completely in his shell now, not punching back. Then Floyd traps Manny in the corner in a very athletic and amazing move and connects with one big right hook, but doesn’t get involved in fire fight and moves away. Floyd seems so, but, so does Pacquiao who seems a bit tired after the flourish. Floyd tries to pot shot but keeps missing and gets countered once or twice at times as bell rings. Big round for Pacquiaio.

Pacquiao 10-9

Round 8

Manny comes out again with some intent as he senses Floyd is weakening and starts to flourish again but hardly connects as he himself is now a bit tired. But he seems relentless and keeps coming forward going in circles and connecting and getting countered by floyd at times. He keeps himself open at a time and Mayweather capitalizes with a hard combination and BOOM Pacquiao goes down for the second time in the fight. Pacquiao gets up as there’s still 2 minutes to go in the round. Floyd takes the opportunity to keep hitting Pacquiaio with small combinations. Still a minute to go as Pacquiao starts on the offensive again trying to make it a 10-9 round instead of 8, and flourishes and connects with some big bombs to punctuate the round.

Floyd 10-9

Round 9

Manny starts aggressively again and wants to end it in this round itself it seems attacking relentlessly and keeping himself open as Floyd again capitalizes and BOOM connects with a fight hook to Pacquiao’s chin Pacquiao goes down again for the third time in the fight, it’s a flash knockdown though as Pacquiao gets up and gets to work straight away and hollows Mayweather into a corner and keeps his relentless aggression as Floyd goes into his shell again not punching back, Pacquiao takes a step backward and creates an angle so that he still connects with the defensive shell of Floyd and keeps hitting his body head again and again, getting tagged with three big left hands as he tries to get away gets tagged with another left hook as the referee stops the bout.

Manny Pacman Pacquiao TKO9 Floyd Money Mayweather

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