Super 6 needed for Super Bantamweight Division?

rigondeaux00By Gav Duthie: I had hoped that the Super 6 conceived by Sauerland Promotions for the super middleweight division in 2009 would be a mainstay in the future of boxing but it definitely now seems to be a one off. I have secretly hoped it would return just to add some spice into certain divisions but now I really feel the idea or something similar is essential for the Super Bantamweight division.

Last Saturday on different fight cards we witnessed WBC champion Leo Santa Cruz 28-0-1 (16) and WBA regular champion Scott Quigg 29-0-2 (22) destroy completely overmatched opponents in uninspiring title defences. 

Risk Taking

Stephane Jamoye 26-6 (16) had already been stopped by champions Santa Cruz and Bantamweight Yamanaka before fighting Quigg and Manuel Roman 17-3-3 (6) shouldn’t have even been anywhere near the same ring as Santa Cruz. All the champions seem afraid to take any risks in order not to ruin big unification bouts. At the same time everyone seems to be dodging Cuban Guillermo Rigondeaux 14-0 (9) who is now 33 and I feel we are risking losing a lot of these fights due to time and other constraints. 

Super 6

Guillermo Rigondeaux 14-0 (9)
Leo Santa Cruz 28-0-1 (16)
Carl Frampton 19-0 (13)
Scott Quigg 29-0-2 (22)
Chris Avalos 24-2 (18)
Abner Mares 27-1-1 (14)

This is a fantastic 6 of 4 champions, Chris Avalos who is mandatory and ranked #1 by the IBF and WBO and Featherweight Abner Mares who has stated on a few occasions he would step down to fight the likes of Carl Frampton. 

It is probably wishful thinking but I feel it would solve a lot of problems. 

(1) Nobody wanting to fight Rigondeaux. 
(2) Avalos getting his chance to fight for a title
(3) A huge showdown between Quigg and Frampton (providing the draw accommodates)


My biggest worry is that Cuban Rigondeaux will miss out on big paydays and career defining fights. He will be 34 before the year ends which is generally quite old for a fighter in the lower weight classes. I think it is a disgrace that the likes of McGuigan is saying he is not marketable enough. What happened to professional pride and wanting to fight the best. In the UK we may also miss out on the big Quigg-Frampton showdown due to promotion and mandatory issues and I really like Santa Cruz and need to see him in a big fight. We know how quickly things can change in boxing and I feel we might miss out on some special fights in a division that hasn’t had as much publicity since the Barrera-Morales and Marquez-Vasquez rivalries. 

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