Bellew sees Bute as damaged goods

By Boxing News - 01/17/2014 - Comments

bute3446By Scott Gilfoid: Having been obliterated recently by Adonis Stevenson, former 175 lb. contender Tony Bellew says he sees Canada’s Lucian Bute (31-1, 24 KO’s) as not being the same fighter after his loss to Carl Froch two years ago in Nottingham, UK, and he thinks that Bute will lose this Saturday night in his clash with fellow Canadian Jean Pascal (28-2-1, 17 KO’s) at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada.

Bellow thinks it’ll come down to Pascal’s youth and experience in leading him to victory over the 33-year-old Bute. Pascal is two years younger at 31.

“I think Bute is a little bit damaged goods,” Bellew told Sky Sports. “That Froch defeat was a real damaging fight. It was a catastrophic loss for Lucian, and I don’t see how he is going to come back from that. I just think Pascal has a little more youth on his side and I think he is a little bit more seasoned than Bute. In his last fight against Grachev, he looked vulnerable.”

I don’t agree with Bellew at all about the age thing. Pascal and Bute are roughly the same age, so I don’t get where Bellew is harping about Pascal being younger than Bute. When there’s only two years of age separating fighters, then you can’t blabber on about how one guy is old and the other young.

Bute is not damaged goods from his loss to Froch. How can Bute be damaged goods when he won his only fight after the Froch loss against Grachev? Again, Bellew is flapping his gums without making any sense at all. I mean, if Bute was thrashed by Grachev in their fight in November 2011, then yeah, I could understand what Bellew is talking about, but that’s not what happened.

I thought Bute looked sensational in boxing his way to an impressive victory over Grachev. Bute showed a lot of talent in staying out of the way of Grachev’s hard power shots, and paying him back with beautiful counter shots to the head. I would have liked to have seen Bute go to the body a bit more in that fight, because I think he could have stopped Grachev if he had focused on attacking the body.

The same with the Froch fight. If Bute had gone to Froch’s body when he was throwing his wild clubbing shots, I feel he would have left Froch writhing in pain on the canvas. Bute seems to forget what a great body puncher he is, and he goes away from his best weapon. I think that comes down to his trainer. If he had someone like Freddie Roach in his corner, Bute would be getting remainders about throwing body shots 24/8, because Roach would know from his training sessions with him that he needs to throw nonstop body shots in the Pascal fight instead of focusing on going to the head.

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