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Has Pacquiao recovered enough to take punishment from Rios

pac92By Al Hmiel: Manny has obviously has healed well and is in great condition even without Ariza counting his sit-ups and pull ups. Funny thing about a devastating Knock out blow is that mentally many fighters never recover from the shock and humiliation a Knock out brings on. Manny went out face first sniffing canvas at Juan Marquez’s feet in a most humiliating and stunning manner.

Possibly the most shocking one punch KO in boxing history. Apparently Freddy Roach the great trainer has Manny primed and ready to meet with Rios.

But as well as Manny Pacquiao has looked in training for this Rios fight the big question still lingers among fight experts thinking has Manny healed mentally? Once your cloak of invincibility is stripped away and a fighter has been exposed as human and can be Knocked out violently and humiliated can that fighter Manny Pacquiao get it together mentally? Manny’s psyche has been imploded and the test now is that can Manny mentally be prepared again to take the punches without the fear inside his head of going out in a KO.

As a car that has been in a collision and has a damaged frame is never the same again or a fine China Plate that was shattered and glued back together, Manny might never again be the same fearless warrior unafraid of any opponent.

Bodies heal quickly and are repaired and come back stronger than ever but your mind when shattered and your Psyche is fractured it sometimes never is the same again. Doubt, and Fear are two opponents Manny might not be able to conquer. Manny will question himself every time he is hit hard, can I go out again and how embarrassing?

Mentally Manny will never be the same fearless warrior undaunted and unafraid of any opponent. Being Knocked out and humiliated with his reputation in shatters little Manny faces an obstacle and an opponent that might not ever be beaten his own doubt in himself.

Will Manny be fighting Brandon Rios and his own doubt and be facing two strong opponents at the same time in the ring? We will have to wait and find out but a mind is a complex machine that sometimes is never repaired.

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