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Hopkins talks Murat fight

PHILADELPHIA (Oct. 17) – IBF Light Heavyweight World Champion Bernard Hopkins debuted his newfound ring persona known as “The Alien” at a media workout yesterday at Joe Hand’s Boxing Gym in Philadelphia as he prepares for his Oct. 26 title defense against top rated contender Karo Murat. In true Hopkins fashion, the oldest fighter to win a world title in boxing history showcased his “out of this world” athletic abilities in front of a large amount of media eager to hear what he had to say. The fight will take place at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City live on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING® at 9 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the west coast).

Below please find quotes from Hopkins, who is also known for his “gift of gab” as well as his in ring talents.

BERNARD HOPKINS, IBF Light Heavyweight World Champion

“Everyone the age of 40 and over had better be on my side on October 26, or I’ll kick their ass.

“I’m happy to be here, but that’s where the alien comes in. You won’t hear the Executioner. You won’t see me with my hands crossed. The Executioner is retired. I’m an alien because I am of this world, but I’m not from this world.

“I’m now in another era because I’ve outlasted so many others. I outlasted the James Toney era, the Kelly Pavlik era and now I’m in the Adrien Broner and Danny Garcia era.

“There is a negative attributed to being different than everyone else, a negative attributed with being blessed and being able to do what I’m doing. You have to be able to walk the walk and talk the talk or you have haters.

“I am of a new era with an old soul…I represent the old soul of doing things the right way. Living the right way. Thinking the right way. Treating my mind, body and soul the right way.

“I know you all have questions to ask me, but there isn’t really that much you can ask me. Let me do the talking. What can you ask me that you haven’t heard for the last three decades? What are you going to ask me? Are you going to win? Are you ready? If I’m not, I’m going to show up anyway.

“I have been doing this for this long and going through the motions. After a while going through the motions becomes an instinct.

“Yes I’m ready. Yes I’m hyped, but I’m in control.

“I get to show in action how special I am. How many people get a chance to prove how special they are over and over and over again? As far as I’m concerned, it’s not about how much money you make when you’re fighting that makes you special.

“I believe that 10 years from now I am still going to be respected. I don’t like to think about this guy being a star or that guy a star. Look back 15 years from now and we will see then.

“I never put all of my eggs in one basket. I never come into the ring with one style. How do you train to beat Bernard Hopkins?

“Karo Murat says he is coming in with youth.

“Karo Murat is smart enough, but dumb enough to say that he has half of my experience. We’ve heard that before. He has half of the experience. He’s coming with two theories.

“He is coming to fight the guy that is 48. Just because the car is a 1965, doesn’t mean it’s old. Check the mileage, check the engine and then check the wear and tear. The year is old, but if you check the engine is like new.

“I call what I do in the gym, is ‘the car wash.’ I go all over this gym to keep my mind fresh. Some guys do that with women, I don’t. At this age, you want to keep your mind stimulated and not get bored with one thing.

“My weight is good. I’m fine. I have to eat to stay on weight.

“Philly has an old history that isn’t coming alive, but is alive. Danny Garcia, Gabriel Rosado, etc. But Philadelphia right now is in a good position regarding boxing. Better than the last three or four years when you have a city that had the riches of some of the greats. The load on my back that I carried for many years is being lifted with guys like Danny Garcia.

“Boxing in this city has a few people they can root for. One of them is Gabe [Rosado] who is fighting ‘Kid Chocolate’ [on October 26].

If you can’t make it and you have a TV and you pay your cable bill, you can watch it on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING.”

Ares Promotions Announces Card for Fight Night XII

Albany, NY — Oct 17, 2013 / ( — Ares Promotions, upstate New York’s premier boxing promoters, today announced the card for Ares Fight Night XII. The main event will be the NYS Middleweight Title fight between WBC Silver Belt Champion Nick Brinson 15-1-2 and Chris Chatman 11-2. The card will also feature WIBA Women’s IBA Featherwieght Title between area favorite Jaci Trivilino 9-5-3 and Lindsay Garbatt 7-6-2.

“Thi s is without a doubt the best non-televised fight card in years,” said Brian Cody, Ares Promotions Director of Marketing. “It has been a while since the Capital Region had a fighter of the caliber and skill of Nick Brison. This is the chance to see him locally as he put his NYS Middleweight title belt on the line verse a tough opponent in Chris Chatman.”

“When Brinson beat up heavily favored Jorge Melendez for 9 and 1/2 rounds back in June in front of a Showtime audience, he only confirmed what we knew for a while, that he’s a legit top contender in the middleweight division! Albany fans need to catch this rising star in their backyard while they still can! 20 bucks to see this future champ is ridiculous, but we at Ares Promotions made sure to keep prices down so that we could pack the place and create an awesome, electric atmosphere for the fights,” said Cody

The full card for the fight will be:

Main Event: NYS Middleweight Title 10 rounds

Nick Brinson 15-1-2 vs Chris Chatman 11-2

WIBA Women’s IBA Featherwieght Title 10 rounds

Jaci Trivilino 9-5-3 vs Lindsay Garbatt 7-6-2

Middleweights, 8 rounds

Jose Medina 18-13-1 vs Andy Mejias 13-0

Lightweights, 4 rounds

Joe Gbolo vs Rigoberto Miranda

Middleweights, 6 rounds

Tony Brinson vs Joey Yerdon

Welterweight, 4 rounds

Teysean Wiggins vs TBA

“The card will also feature a rematch from Ares Fight Night XI, which many thought was the fight of the night, between hometown favorite Jaci Trivilino verse Lindsay Garbatt for the WIBA Women’s IBA Featherweight Title. Andy Mejias will put his undefeated record on the line verse a tough Jose Medina,” said Cody.

“The Armory has a long boxing history, hosting some of the early fights of Mike Tyson. We are bringing that caliber of fights back to the Armory and back to Albany. Tickets are on-sale now and can be bought at the Armory of through our website at I wouldn’t wait to much longer we are already selling out many of the sections,” concluded Cody.

Double success for Road to Dream boxers

Almaty, Kazakhstan, October 17, 2013 – AIBA’s pioneering development program, “Road to Dream” had a double success today at the AIBA World Boxing Championships Almaty 2013 with two of the project’s boxers winning their preliminary bouts in style.

There were also a few unexpected results with some well-known boxers going home surprisingly early. Let’s review the action as the Bantamweights (56kg) and Middleweights (75kg) continued their efforts this evening.

Guatemala Road to Dream boxer, Juan Donis

Bout of the session

Eduardo Castellon raised the USA supporter’s voices to fever pitch at Bantamweight against Selcuk Eker of Turkey whose own fans responded as the atmosphere in the arena began to intensify. At the opening of the second round, the Turk really came on and was absolutely swinging for the fences in a whirlwind of action that saw the American get caught badly a few times, after which he slowed. Yet towards the end of the second there were signs that the Turkish fighter was punching himself out through his high octane work rate. He hung in there though, recovering well during the break and doing enough to secure a 3:0 win despite a frantic third round.

WSB boxer of the session

Brian Gonzales, who made his debut for the Mexico Guerreros against the Cuba Domadores this summer had to face both the talent and crazy luminous yellow shoes of Tafari Ebanks from Cayman Islands in his opening bout. The Mexican Bantamweight seemed to be biding his time in the first round a little, but this only allowed Ebanks to grow in confidence. In the second round, the Mexican cranked it up a notch and threw shots that really rocked the Cayman athlete, who to be fair, returned fire aggressively. Nonetheless it was Gonzales who went forward as expected with Ebanks earning significant praise for his efforts. “He was a tough opponent, but of course, as it’s the World Championships, everyone here is tough”, said Gonzales. “He was a little bit less experienced than me but man he was strong and quick on his feet! It was the first bout of the event, so naturally I felt a bit nervous. But I feel good now. I still need to do a lot of work on my body shots so they are coming off a bit more smoothly. That’s important to get right if I’m going to get a good result”.

Ramon Nicolas of Cuba took on Aljaz Venko of Slovakia at Middleweight. The Cuban seemed to cruise through his opening round, perhaps taking time to profile his opponent, who didn’t take the opportunity to impose much of his game on Nicolas. Surprisingly, the Cuban was just as chilled out in the second. He seemed to be willing to do the whole bout in third gear doing just enough to stay ahead and to save himself for the rest of the competition. This is probably a sensible enough tactic at this level, but it was frustrating to watch and offered little in the way of entertainment. Meanwhile the Slovakian came on a bit, but Nicolas had shut the match down and eased his way to victory over the Road to Dream boxer.

Road to Almaty boxer of the session

Juan Donis of Guatamala looked outstanding against Nadir from Pakistan dropping him twice in the second round with a flurry of punches on both occasions. The second time round he landed a stunning body shot to cut the Pakistani down like an old dead tree. This was an excellent win for both Donis and the Road to Dream program. “Thank god we managed to do it!”, said the delighted Guatemalan.

Phub Sigyel of Bhutan was also highly competitive at Bantamweight against the Belarusian Dzmitry Sapon. He was aggressive in his approach to the bout and certainly had no intention of going home without a fight. He didn’t give his Belarusian opponent any space to box and would lunge in with an attack, score and then quickly clinch, leaving his opponent with limited chances of responding. This was not a very pretty tactic but it was effective nonetheless, and it gave him the win 3:0.

Surprise of the session

Astana Arlans Kazakhstan boxer Konstantin Snigour of Israel, who was ranked 6th in the WSB last season was welcomed to the arena in Almaty with the same warmth afforded to the local national team. The crowd roared when his name was announced against Shinebayar Narmandakh of Mongolia at Middleweight. Snigour showed none of the apathy towards his opponent that Nicolas of Cuba had, which was probably fortunate all things considered. The Mongolian landed two hard blows in the first round with his right hand, one opening a small cut, to emphasise the fact that this was not going to be a walk in the park for the fan favourite. The great Israeli boxer continued to struggle against the tall Mongolian who managed to out-point him throughout the three rounds. It was another epic clash, and another one which also saw the surprise early departure of a highly rated WSB boxer.

One to watch

Donchai Thathi of Thailand seems to be another one to keep an eye on. He looked like a machine against Latvia’s Dmitrijs Gutmans. Absolutely nailing him in round two, the Thai athlete forced the Latvian to take a standing eight count after he threw a series of combinations that flowed as flawlessly from one to the other as do the gear changes in a high end Porsche. He backed off in round three, knowing the bout was already won and showed that his evasion skills are equally silky. He is definitely one to watch.

Quote of the session

“It was a great training camp that we had here in Almaty. It was really important for us to acclimatise before the competition as well” – Juan Donis (Guatemala and Road to Almaty boxer)

“We’ve learnt a lot of stuff from the Road to Dream training camp that we can take home and apply to Guatemalan boxing to help raise the standard. I’m sure this will also have an impact on our results in the future” -Guatemalan national coach

Fact of the day

On the fan Richter scale for non-local boxers, the Mongolians and Cubans seem to be way out in front for noise and cheering during bouts, with the USA and Hungary following closely behind. Obviously, this fact of the day is based on entirely scientific analysis…

The highly anticipated return of the Flyweights (52kg), Light Welterweights (64kg) and Heavyweights (91kg) where we will be able to watch Italian superstar Clemente Russo, Wales’ Andrew Selby and Erislandy Savon from Cuba. Don’t miss it!

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