Fury unimpressed with Wladimir’s win over Povetkin

wlad793By Scott Gilfoid: Undefeated heavyweight contender Tyson Fury got the chance to watch IBF/IBO/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko’s 12 round decision win over WBA champ Alexander Povetkin last night and Fury wasn’t impressed at all with what he saw from both guys, especially the 6’6″ Wladimir.

Fury was totally turned off by all the awful clinching that Wladimir chose to do in the fight, and the 6’9″ Fury is now more certain than ever that he will whip the Ukrainian when and if he ever fights him.

Whether a fight between them ever transpire depends on if Fury can beat David Haye on February 8th. A loss for Fury in that fight will pretty much permanently end Fury’s dream of fighting Wladimir because it’ll take him too many years to rebuild himself after that loss.

Fury said on his twitter “I have just witnessed the s****** heavyweight championship of the world fight in history!!!! A pair of stiff idiots hugging each other!!! If Wladimir would ever take Tyson Fury, I’d 10000000% KO him!! It just shows you how s*** boxing is! They don’t fight me. I want the B*****kos [Klitschkos]. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere! I’ll KO you.”

I’m in full agreement with Fury about the Wladimir-Povetkin fight being the worst heavyweight match in the history of boxing. That that was like some kind of wrestling match with the referee just standing in the ring like a spectator instead of doing his job and disqualifying Wladimir for the ultra clinching and shoving that he was doing all night. I mean, I can’t see Wladimir making it to the final bell had there been a referee in there last night doing his J-O-B to keep him from shoving and clinching Povetkin all night.

The fight would have been stopped by at least the 8th round with Wladimir disqualified for the excessive holding and shoving. That was just such an ugly to watch. I felt sorry for all the Moscow fans that had paid to see that farce.

As far Fury ever beating Wladimir, that’s obviously not going to happen. Wladimir may be love to clinch like mad when he fights, but he’s still worlds better than the slapping Fury. It’s not even close in comparing the two fighters. If Fury had been in the ring with Wladimir last night, it would have been a completely different fight because Wladimir wouldn’t have bothered clinching for shoving Fury because there would be no reason to due to his weak, slapping punches.

Wladimir would have gone after Fury from the get go and powered him out of there in the 1st or 2nd rounds. The left hook that Wladimir dropped Povetkin with in the 2nd round would have finished off Fury, believe me. Fury is very comparable in talent and power to Wladimir’s previous opponent Francesco Pianeta. They’re basically the same type of fighter; both big, straight up and totally lacking in power. But Pianeta has little more power than Fury and is more technically sound. I think Wladimir would have obliterated Fury if he had been in there with him.

It’s too bad that Haye is going to knock Fury out on February 8th because I wouldn’t mind seeing Fury face Wladimir in the future just for kicks. But unfortunately Haye is going to ruin any chance of Fury and Wladimir ever facing each other by smashing Fury in quick fashion next February.

Wladimir’s too old at 37 to wait around for years for Fury to somehow claw his way back to another elevated ranking to get in position for a title shot. The only way a Fury-Wladimir fight happens is if Wladimir doesn’t care that Fury was whipped by Haye and still chooses to fight him anyway. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen though. Wladimir has standards and he’s not going to lower them to fight a guy that was destroyed by Haye.

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