Kell Brook still blaming his poor performance against Carson Jones on not being 100%

By Boxing News - 07/13/2013 - Comments

brook122By Scott Gilfoid: Rather than admitting that he got worn down by the pressure and the talent from welterweight contender Carson Jones (35-9-3, 25 KO’s) last year in July, Kell Brook (29-0, 19 KO’s) is saying that he wasn’t at the top of his game due to conditioning issues, which he supposedly has fixed for tonight’s rematch between them at the Craven Park Stadium, Hull, Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Brook said to Sky Sports “He [Carson Jones] was at 100 percent that night and I was nowhere near…that fight bugged me because I knew I had let myself down and cut some corners in the build-up.”

I think what we’re going to find out tonight is that things will be pretty much the same as last time as far as Brook getting worn down, taking a beating, looking dog tired by the 6th round, and probably coming up with some excuses afterwards why he looked so poor.

I just hope this time the judges get the scores right because I thought Jones was royally jobbed with the decision. He fought well enough to deserve a victory or a draw, but certainly not a loss.

Jones was the visiting fighter, but you’d have to be blind not to see that he totally dominated the last 6 rounds of the fight and he looked like he won at least one of the first six rounds of the fight.

I just hope that after the fight that Brook doesn’t start talking about conditioning again, because he’s been saying he fixed that problem. How he would know that is anyone’s guess. It’s not as if Brook has gone the distance with anyone since the Jones fight.

Brook has fought only once since facing Jones last July and that was against Hector Saldivia in a mismatch that lasted three rounds with Brook winning an easy 3rd round TKO. Salidiva is the same guy that was blown out by Said Ouali by a 1st round TKO.

I still don’t know how or why the International Boxing Federation had Saldivia ranked #5 when Brook fought him. The KO loss to Ouali should have been enough of a hint that Salidivia didn’t belong ranked in the top 5 by the IBF.

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