Britain’s Ashley Theophane sparring Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas

By Boxing News - 07/30/2013 - Comments

According to an article Saturday on, highly ranked UK welterweight Ashley Theophane has been named as one of the fighter who will be used as a sparring partner for Floyd Mayweather as he prepares for his upcoming fight.

It is considered somewhat of an honor in boxing circles to be tabbed to work with Floyd, and many have found themselves signed to The Money Team following successful stints working with the world champion.

The Mayweather Boxing Club continues to attract top fighters from all over the world, and one of the talented boxers you can see on a daily basis putting in hard work at the gym is talented welterweight Ashley Theophane. The fighter who lives in London, has started to spend more and more time training stateside, looking to get his career going in high gear.

For the next couple months, he will be working with Floyd Mayweather himself, serving as one of the sparring partners helping to prepare Mayweather for his upcoming fight on Sept. 14 against Saul Alvarez. The experience of working with a fighter at the level of Floyd Mayweather will add a lot to Theophane’s game as well.

“It feels great being in there with him. You just learn so much. He’s so smart. He’s so fast. Strong. You can tell he knows what he’s doing. Just being in there with him, I’m trying to do what I do, even though I know it’s Floyd, I’m still trying to do the best I can do. You learn off him,” Theophane said.