When will fans stop purchasing poor PPV cards?

may#9By Jose Sotomayor: This weekend I was surrounded by many friends, family members, and the usual boxing fan friends. This May 4th, similar to what we did last May when Floyd Mayweather Jr. fought Miguel Cotto, we had a nice barbecue and shared a wonderful time while waiting for the Mayweather vs. Robert Guererro fight to begin.

Unlike Cotto-Mayweather, this fight was shoved down our throats. The typical boxing fans knew what would result, but many purchased with the hopes of seeing Floyd be upset. Personally, I knew what the fight would result in, but purchased because “Yes” Mayweather and company can promote an event and he does sell. In spite of that, after watching the undercards “smoke the main event” once more, I made a promise that I will not order another single Mayweather PPV card.

Fans, it is time we begin to demand a single governing body, that the best fighters fight each other, and dismantle this monopoly of promotional companies that exist. Many fight fans are being cheated for the very dollars they work for because no one is standing up for what is right for this sport.

People consistently suggest that MMA is going to take over boxing. That may not be true in its entirety, but boxing should follow Dana Whites strategy and put the best in with the best, regardless of style and matching.

In my opinion, which I am sure many will share, stop buying these PPV’s! Lets show these promoters, commissions, and the world that we are there market and they need to put up quality products for purchase. Growing up, I watched the best fighters fight the best.

This needs to occur once again. Floyd is a wonderful boxer and will be rank as probably one of the top 10 greatest boxers of all time, but it is fair to say that his record will be looked at with scrutiny when its all is set and done. STOP buying and lets make Floyd and other superstars get in the ring before we give up our money! “The loss just made me hungry; it made me want to go out and win another title.” —Thomas (Tommy) Hearns

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