Warren sees Ward beating Froch if that fight ever gets made

By Boxing News - 05/31/2013 - Comments

ward324By Scott Gilfoid: British promoter Frank Warren believes that IBF/WBA super middleweight champion Carl Froch would lose to Andre Ward if Froch were to ever take that fight, and Warren doesn’t see it mattering where the fight takes place. He sees Froch losing to Ward again.

Warren said in his column at thesun.co.uk “It is my opinion that Ward…would repeat his victory, regardless of which side of The Pond they fight.”

I have to agree. I also think that fight won’t ever happen. We’re already hearing Froch dismiss Ward as a fighter by saying he’s not entertaining and that he doesn’t attract fan interest. What it sounds like is Froch justifying his reluctance to fight Ward by giving an excuse why he doesn’t have to face him.

I’ve noticed that people who don’t want to tackle a tough project often come up with excuses for not doing it. It looks Froch has his excuse for why he doesn’t need to fight Ward again by saying he’s not entertaining. I’m guessing that Froch will go on saying this for the remainder of his career and will retire without stepping in the ring with Ward to try and avenge his loss.

Froch’s promoter Eddie Hearn doesn’t seem keen to the idea of putting Froch back in with Ward, which makes me think that Hearn doesn’t believe that Froch is up to the task.

If I was a fighter, I would be bothered if my promoter appeared to be steering me around someone that had beaten me in the past, because if I honestly believed that I had the talent to beat the fighter, I would want to fight him again. If I didn’t believe I could do it, then I’d like my promoter maneuver around the guy that beat me.

Froch said this to the bbc.co.uk about his previous loss to Andre Ward in 2011: “That defeat has never hurt me as I felt I got pick-pocketed. It was more frustrating than hurtful.”

I’m not sure what Froch is driving at by saying that he was “pick-pocketed.” I saw that fight many times I don’t think Froch even close to winning it, so I don’t see what he’s referring to by saying he was “pick-pocked.” If he means he was out-boxed, then, yeah, I agree with that, but that’s what the sports about.

Froch prides himself on being a slugger and entertaining fans, but the sport is ultimately about boxing. It doesn’t matter how entertaining Froch is, if he can’t beat a fighter with better boxing skills than him in Andre Ward, then he has to settle for being second best.

Froch has that questionable win over Andre Dirrell, and that’s fight where Froch was exposed by a better boxer. Andre Ward saw the Froch-Dirrell fight and he had Dirrell as the clear winner in that fight.

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