Should Mayweather fight Canelo in September?

By Boxing News - 05/26/2013 - Comments

By Chip Mitchell: Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer alleges that he’s been actively negotiating a September showdown between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, a fighter almost 15 years his junior.

The sticking point seems to be at which weight the fight will take place. Neither side appears to be backing down, as Alvarez, who fights at 154 and Mayweather at 147 stand firm.

What’s also interesting is that if the fight doesn’t get done, both sides have affirmed that they will keep the September 14 date as their own. Could we be headed toward head-to-head pay per views on September 14? According to Alvarez, with or without Mayweather, his intention is to fight on September 14.

I think this is a gamble by Team Alvarez, especially if we are talking about competing PPVs. ”I’m not obsessed with fighting Floyd Mayweather. There are many other options available to me.” Alvarez was quoted as saying in a recent interview. “Yes that date is for us. That’s what we talked about and that’s the date we will be fighting.”

One thing going in Alvarez’s favor is that the fight takes place on Mexican Independence Day weekend. He is a Mexican fighter and will have plenty of backing from his fans. However, is going against Floyd Mayweather on that weekend worth the risk?

Maybe both guys can keep the date, with Alvarez fighting in a’co-feature’ which will lead up to a showdown sometime in early 2014. Of course even then, we will still be faced with the same problem. Someone will have to give in on the weight issue.

The problem with Mayweather doing it obviously begins with pride. One of his criticisms of Manny Pacquiao was that Manny fought for titles at catch weights. If Mayweather were to suggest, for example that the fight be fought at 150, he wouldn’t be able to live down the criticism he’d receive for being some sort of hypocrite. Oddly enough, the SAME criticism that Manny isn’t receiving now for demanding random drug testing for his upcoming fight with Brandon Rios.

Another issue is time. One of the drawbacks of Floyd’s fight with Robert Guerrero was the media tour, or lack thereof. This writer is on the east coast and when I heard there was a New York leg of the press tour, I began to plan a trip to cover the event. To my dismay, I learned shortly thereafter that it would be a one-man show. Pay-per view sales may have dipped a bit because of it, and I expect more of a push for Mayweather’s next fight. If it is against Alvarez, I’m sure that New York will be a definite stop for a promotional visit.

Either way, the clock is ticking. You want to have a dance partner and begin your media tour just about 3 months before the fight. Especially if its going to be a mega-fight which could represent the biggest remaining payday for either guy, the one going out and the one looking for mainstream notice.

It will be fun to see how this one plays out. As time is a factor, I’m sure we will find out very soon what The Money Team as well as Team Alvarez come up with.

Stay Tuned!

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