Scott, Jennings, & Wilder: Who is The top American Heavyweight Prospect?

By Bradley Swaine - 03/04/2013 - Comments

wilder3By Bradley Swaine: Throughout the history boxing it is fair to say america has ruled the heavyweight division or at least had top fighters in every era of the heavyweight division. But in the last few years they have been quite anonymous. I am English but I believe we need a good American Heavyweight who will it be.

The American scene currently holds quite a few prospects but the top three have got to be Malik Scott (35-0-1 12KO), Bryant Jennings (16-0 8KO) and Deontay Wilder (27-0 27KO).

Starting with Malik Scott, until fairly recently he has being anonymous to the boxing world but as of late he has entered the frame with a great performance against Vyacheslav “Czar” Glazkov (14-0-1) and was in many’s opinion robbed by a bad decision. in that fight he showed brilliant footwork and great hand-speed proving he could be a test for anyone on his given day.

Now Bryant Jennings Who had a 2012 that as a prospect he really needed in 2012 he went (5-0 3KO) extending his unbeaten record including a great win against former world champion Serhei Liakhovich ((25-5 16KO). He showed he has more power than his record suggests and great technical ability and i would really like to see him moved up to that next level.

Finally the most talked about American Deontay Wilder there is much to be said about him people say he fights bums he needs to step up. Well this is true but what Wilder is doing is taking his time slowly moving up he doesn’t want to be moved to quickly like arguably David Price (15-1 13KO). We all know Deontay could make it on power alone but there are a few flaws in his footwork and a questionable chin if he could sort ways to avoid this stopping him he could be right in the top mix.

The American prospects are 3 good fighters but in my view Bryant Jennings is the one who will reign supreme plainly because he has all round ability, good power, good speed and great technical ability also he can take a shot well whereas Scott is lacking a bit of power and wilder were not sure about the chin as journeyman Harold Sconiers had him on the floor also his footwork but you never know this is heavyweight boxing.

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