Will Mayweather ever quit ducking (a.k.a fighting) the Best?

By Boxing News - 02/19/2013 - Comments

floyd6By Lance Lank: The Ring’s ratings are the only rankings anyone gives any credence to. These are not manipulated by promoter’s money, because their rankings don’t mean any mandatory title fights. Interestingly enough their welterweight rankings list Floyd Mayweather as number one, followed by Juan Manuel Marquez at number two, and Robert Guerrero at number three.

Floyd Mayweather already thoroughly dominated Marquez winning all 12 rounds quite easily. Yes, that fight was scheduled at a catchweight of 144 and Floyd weighed in two pounds over. Still no one that saw that fight would give Marquez any chance if they met again at the full welterweight limit of 147. As everyone says Marquez is just too small for Mayweather. How is the top welterweight too small for a welterweight?

Apparently he isn’t too small for every single other welterweight because he is ranked higher. Yet, for Floyd Mayweather, the top welterweight is just too small. Now many are saying the same thing about the number three welterweight behind Mayweather and Marquez. Sure, Guerrero is ranked higher than all the other welterweights, but again he is too small for Mayweather, a welterweight.

When Floyd fought Mosley everyone considered Mosley a top pound for pound fighter and without a doubt the best the welterweight division had to offer. After that, Victor Ortiz was not only the best welterweight, but also a hungry, young lion. The kind Mayweather always ducks. Yet Mayweather beat the too old Mosley and the too small, too inexperienced Ortiz.

In his last fight Mayweather beat Miguel Cotto at the junior middleweight 154 pound weight class. Cotto was widely considered the best at that division and a top ten pound for pound fighter at the time. Mayweather won nine of the twelve rounds against the too old Cotto. It is also widely expected that in September Mayweather will meet Saul Canelo “too inexperienced” Alvarez, if both are victorious in their May fourth fights.

Canelo is currently the number two junior middleweight behind, you guessed it, Floyd Mayweather Jr. As has been widely reported Floyd Mayweather ducks the best in his division and won’t fight bigger opponents. Now with a six fight deal hopefully Mayweather quits ducking a.k.a fighting the best in his weight class and the weight class above.

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