Frampton-Quigg & Price-Fury: The two fights Britain wants to see

price2By Mark Havey: I have always felt that the best fights are at domestic level, before the money and world titles come. Fans are often so caught up with the big PPV events that they miss the real battles. Proof of this can be witnessed at the event of any big fight. The arena is near enough empty for the first fight and doesn’t reach full capacity until the last fight of the night.

I spend a lot of time in boxing gyms and talking to hard core fight fans. Finally I don’t have to listen to talk of Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather. A fight that was never going to happen until it was too late, and was never going to live up to expectations.

Right now everyone is talking about to fights. The first is David Price vs Tyson Fury. This is the battle of the giants. Both have high aspirations of fighting and beating a Klitschko to become the Heavyweight champion. Some say that they should fight now and the winner will go on to become champion. Others say that they should wait until one has a title. Either way one thing is for certain, everybody is looking forward to this fight. I personally think that David Price would win if they were to fight now. His punching power seems to be unparalleled by any other heavyweight. His speed is reasonable and his chin untested. That could be his one flaw.

Carl Frampton vs Scott Quigg is the other fight Britain restlessly awaits to hear news on. It was not long ago that the casual fan was uninterested by the two or completely oblivious. The hardcore fan has wanted to see this for a while. But now everyone seems to want this fight. Frampton said it was bigger than Fury vs Price. The jury is out on that one but it would be huge. Boxing news magazine has been conducting a poll on who would win, its presently 58% who favour Frampton and 42 % picking Quigg. This fight really has the public undecided. I have always thought Quigg would win. But after watching the skill and intelligence of Frampton in his last fight, I voted Carl Frampton.

Of course I always watch the big PPV fights. But the best fight of the night is hardly ever the main fight. Watching boxing at domestic level is even better. But if you like to watch a true battle, you should go to events that don’t even have TV coverage. Every boxer that steps through the ropes is full of determination and pride. They have dreams of going all the way and will give everything they have. They don’t fight for money like most of the current world champions. They fight because they want to be winners.

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