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We thought the HW Division was bad now, wait for the future!

By Rusty Nate: I have taken a few days away over the past week. I sat down to write a little piece today and when considering the topic I went through the 10-12 boxing websites to find inspiration. So what did I decide I wanted to talk about?

After years of problematic promoters and fighters demands causing the match ups we want to see fading into nothingness it appears like the main reason is the fighters unwarranted celebrity status’ are causing all the problems! Stupid arguments and trash talking over Twitter, Youtube and so forth is killing the sport.

Now lets start by saying (as most writers have) that David Price, Tyson Fury & Deontay Wilder are all relatively early in their respective careers…………..STOP – Wait just a minute! That’s where I am going to stop and just review that comment that has been used as an excuse for these guys for a while now!

I would just like to throw some stats at you for a moment that you may well know but have forgotten over time…….

Mike Tyson – Fought 27 times as a pro between March 1985 and November 1986 when he won the world title from Berbick.

Lennox Lewis – Fought 23 times between June 1989 and May 1993 when he won the world title from Tony Tucker and had also won the British, Commonwealth & European titles on the way

Evander Holyfield – Fought for the Cruiserweight world title in his 12th professional fight. He has been a Pro for 18 months. Over the next 3.5 years had not only become undisputed cruiserweight world champion but had also stepped up and beaten Douglas for the Undisputed Heavyweight World Title.

Vitali Klitckho – Fought 24 times between November 1996 and February 1999 when he beat Hide for the WBO world title but had also won the interim title and the European title in those 24 fights as well as being a Kickboxing champion before even starting his boxing career.

Now let’s compare with the “future” of the division shall we…………

Tyson Fury – Has fought 20 times in four years (YES 4 YEARS) and is yet to challenge for even European honors.

David Price – In February will have fought 16 times also in 4 years as a professional. He has the British & commonwealth Titles but his combined age of the last 2 fighters is 85!!! If he fights Thompson as is rumored for early next year then the age will jump to near 130 years of combined ages in just 3 fights!!

Deontay Wilder – Has been more active with 25 wins but again that’s taken him 4 years to achieve and he has fought for absolutely NO titles what so ever. Not even a NABA title.  

My question on so many levels is, why?

Why do these fighters believe they have even come close to earning the right to reject offers of well in excess of half a million pounds to fight each other?

Why do these fighters believe that they need another 12 – 18 months before they are ready to fight for world titles or any titles in some cases?

Why do they believe that they are in anyway going to go on to become greats of the Heavyweight division?

To be honest the state of the sport today and the way some of the fighters carry on is an embarrassment to the history of the sport and the “true greats” of the past that just wanted to fight and prove they were the best!

We need a way in this day and age to stop all of the stupid cherry picking and avoiding tactics that are in play by these primadonna fighters!

Surprisingly they said it best in the last Rocky Balboa movie believe it or not……..”FIGHTERS FIGHT”!!!

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