Amir Khan possible opponents for 2013

khan534By Saqib Khan: NEXT YEAR will be Amir Khan’s most pinnacle year; one more loss could be the end of his young boxing career. Khan has signed a two fight deal with show time.

These are my choice of opponents for APRIL 2013:

1. Lucas Matthysse, has the WBC INTERIM title belt,
Lucas Matthysse with Marcos Maidana the big punching Argentine are probably the biggest punchers in the division with concussive KO power, Lucas possess a good boxing brain he has fought good opposition and in many boxing pundits eye, the legit number 1 in the 140 pound division. A win over the Argentine would definitely put khan at the top of the 140 pound division, but is that too risky for khan in this stage of his career?

2. Lamont Peterson, this is a controversial fight, as Mr Lamont Peterson is a proven testosterone user, does he deserve the payday? The other side is ironically Lamont is still the IBF world champion so it is definitely a fight Amir to consider. A win would correct his controversial loss and make him a three time world champion

3. Josesito Lopez is the next candidate, Former WBC welterweight champion, who is known for breaking Mr vicious Victor Ortiz jaw in a grueling war. Josesito Lopez post Molina fight stated he would love a match up with Amir Khan. This is definitely a massive fight as well as Josesito Lopez is well known in the Latin community in boxing as he fought the Mexican starlet Saul Alvarez at 154. A WIN OVER MR Lopez would definitely get the boxing world to stand up as this would be a tricky fight, because Mr Lopez can box and has a hefty right hand and hooks.

4. Brandon Rios, this fight is probably the hardest fight to make as both fighters are promoted by different companies. As Brando Rios is the number 1 in the WBO rankings a fight for the Vacant WBO title would be great. Brandon Rios is a ruthless boxer, who walks down opponents with sheer strength and power, a win over Brandon would make Amir a three time world champion.

The second fight

1. Fight fans all over the world are waiting to see the rematch of Khan vs. Garcia 2, the hype and media attention this fight will cause will be huge. What will Angel Garcia do at the press conferences? This fight will be khan’s ultimate test; is there any improvement under hunter? Danny Garcia is improving at every fight, until the fourth round Danny Garcia was getting beat , I’m sure Danny Garcia would want to put the fans straight he meant the hook and the punch was “no lucky punch”, so the rematch makes sense. As for the fight Amir needs to box and not get caught like he did with Molina, Angel knows Amir COMMITS FIRST he needs Garcia to commit first and counter.

Overall 2013 will be packed action year for Mr Khan I think a rematch with Garcia will definitely happen because the public and Showtime will want to see it. Amir Khan will need all his boxing skills and training outside the ring to make 2013 a khan year. His physique thicker neck, legs and forearms will be improving under every fight to get him geared for welterweight in 2014. If Amir Khan wants to be a legend he says, he needs to quit the sheesha and celebrity lifestyle and stick to gym like the greats Bernard, Mayweather, do after their fights.

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