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Camacho to be taken off life support on Saturday

By Eric Thomas: 50-year-old Hector “Macho” Camacho (79-6-3, 38 KO’s) will reportedly be taken off of life support on Saturday, according to USA Today. Camacho’s mother is giving permission to have him taken off of life support due to Camacho being clinically brain dead after being shot in Puerto Rico last Saturday night while sitting inside of a parked car outside of a bar. Camacho was shot in the face and the bullet tore through arteries that supply blood to his brain.

Camacho’s son Hector Camacho Jr. reportedly still wants his father Camacho Sr. to be kept alive. However, Camacho Sr’s mother is the one that will be giving permission for the doctors to remove Camacho Sr. from life support.

Camacho was one of the best fighters in boxing during the 90s, as he won world titles in three separate divisions during that time.