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Camacho Sr. suffers heart attack, condition worsens

By Eric Thomas Hector Camacho Sr., who has been hospitalized for gunshot wounds to the head, neck and shoulder, has reportedly suffered a heart attack early this morning while hospitalized at the Rios Piedras Medical center in Puerto Rico. Camacho Sr., 50, is in a deep coma and according to

Dr. Ernesto Torres told ESPN “The prognosis is not good.”

The medical staff will be conducting an encephalographic test today to determine whether Camacho Sr. is brain dead.

Based on those test results, Camacho Sr’s mother will be making a decision as to whether he should be taken off of life support or not.

Camacho Sr. was shot by an unknown assailant in the jaw on Tuesday night while sitting in the passenger seat in a parked car in Puerto Rico. A vehicle pulled up along side the car that Camacho Sr. was sitting in and then a person started shooting. The driver of the vehicle that Camacho Sr. was sitting in was killed on the scene after stepping out of the car and attempting to flee, according to ESPN.