Price: I’ve got to be patient against Sexton

Image: Price: I've got to be patient against SextonBy Scott Gilfoid: David Price (12-0, 10 KO’s) believes he’s got to take things slowly in his fight against Sam Sexton for the vacant British heavyweight strap at the Aintree Equestrian Centre, in Liverpool, UK. Price, 6’8″ doesn’t want to rush Sexton and maybe run into something big.

Price said to the “I have to use my head and be patient. Every fight has been about patience and just taking the openings when they come.”

Did Price say “Patience”? Then guy is the opposite of patience in the ring. He bum rushes his opponents in the first couple of rounds looking to blast them out. He’s getting away with it now because his opponents are so poor. I was surprised he didn’t get dropped in his last fight against John McDermott when Price rushed forward and was hit with a huge looping right hand from McDermott that spun Price’s nearly all the way around. He fights without caution at times and seems to be begging to be knocked cold.

It’s going to be tough on the huge Price to resist what he’s been doing in the past, because that’s pretty much all he does is rush his opponents early to try and blast them out. There’s much in the way of technique as far as I can see. Price is fed a weak opponent, he rushes forward throwing windmill shots, and invariably gets a knockout. It doesn’t take a genius to predict that his fighting style is going to be his downfall when he’s finally put in with someone with a tiny bit of talent and/or power. Sexton, 6’2″, could be the guy that brings down Goliath tonight. Sexton has a little bit of talent, a little bit of power, and a little bit of speed. He’s no big deal, but he’s a monstrous leap up from the god awful opposition that Price has been fed up to this point, and he certainly has the blueprint in how to beat Price.

All you need to do is take a look at Price’s fights against Bermane Stiverne and Roberto Cammarelle in the amateur ranks to see what you’ve got to do to beat Price. Stiverne and Cammarelle came out fast, looking for big head shots, and they quickly had Price hurt. The guys that Price does well against are guys that fight timidly and let him take control of the fight. If you fight like that, Price will beat you 9 times out 10. He won’t beat you every time because he’s still got that weak chin that could betray him at a moment’s notice.

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