Pavlik vs. Sigmon a possibility for June 8th

By Boxing News - 04/11/2012 - Comments

Image: Pavlik vs. Sigmon a possibility for June 8thBy Jason Kim: Former WBC/WBO middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik (38-2, 33 KO’s) revealed the other day that he could be facing 25-year-old little known fighter Scott Sigmon (22-3, 12 KO’s) on June 8th at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pavlik, 30, revealed the information yesterday saying that a fight against Sigmon is back in play.

Pavlik was supposed to fight Sigmon for his last fight, but it fell through and Pavlik ended up taking on and beating a fighter named Aaron Jaco. Pavlik easily beat him by a 2nd TKO, but he didn’t have to really worry about anything coming back at him, because Jaco was just looking to try not get hit, especially after he got bounced around in the opening round.

None of these fighters are meant to be competitive for Pavlik, because right now he’s just trying to get the cobwebs off after sitting ideal for almost a year. Pavlik hasn’t fought consistently since 2009. The last two years were pretty much wasted by Pavlik with his alcohol related problems outside of the ring and his 12 round decision defeat to Sergio Martinez in 2010 in which Pavlik lost his WBC and WBO titles.

Pavlik will continue to face 2nd tier opposition for the remainder of 2012, and then he could maybe fight WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. It’s more likely that Pavlik will be looking to fight someone besides Chavez Jr., because he probably will have been knocked out by Andy Lee or Sergio Martinez by then, making a fight between Pavlik and Chavez Jr. totally unnecessary. Pavlik could always fight Chavez Jr. anyway, but it’s highly doubtful that their mutual promoter Bob Arum will let Pavlik anyway where near Chavez Jr. at that point. It would be all about rebuilding Chavez Jr. and getting him back on the tracks to resume the money train.

Pavlik did look good against Jaco for the most part, moving a lot more than he had in the past, and throwing will moving instead of needing to set up his offense and fight flat-footed. Pavlik was able to fight on the move in that bout, and that adds another dimension to his offense. He threw a lot more left hooks than he used to in the past. Traditionally. Pavlik was always a jab-jab-jab, left-right type of fighter. But now he’s throwing left hooks with a lot of power and catching his opponents looking for the right hand.

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