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My take on Burns’ win over Moses

By Scott Gilfoid: Okay, I sat through and watched the entire fight between WBO lightweight champion Ricky Burns and 33-year-old challenger Paulus Moses last Saturday night and I have to admit that Burns looked pretty average and mediocre in beating a guy that was hardly throwing any punches. Burns got the win by a 12 round decision, but man did he basic as heck. Overall, it was an incredibly boring fight to watch. Someone said Burns is a superstar in the making. I almost choked when I heard that one.

I seriously needed two cups of coffee to watch it because of all the clinching and running around the ring that Burns was doing in the fight. And how much did Burns weigh? He looked like a middleweight in there. I don’t know how he can still make 135 looking as huge as he was last Saturday night. His size is a tremendous advantage for him against these guys. I’m not saying he can punch, but just being bigger than the guys he’s fighting really helps out a lot I can imagine.

There’s not much to really point out about the fight. Burns held, ran, jabbed, threw clubbing shots, sometimes threw rabbit punches and easily beat a guy that wasn’t throwing nearly enough punches. I had hoped Moses wouldn’t hold back on his punches going into this fight, but I saw that was his one weakness when I was researching his past fights. I figured he’d change his game plan and increase his workrate by two, but he did and ended up losing the fight. The fight was boring, boring and more boring to watch. I’m really hoping Burns faces a live body one of these days because it’s been two years since he fought anyone with a pulse. I’m not holding my breath and I’m not looking forward to seeing his next clinch-fest against Kevin Mitchell. I can only imagine how boring that will be to watch. Interesting to watch Burns is not.