Is a Super Heavyweight division needed?

By Boxing News - 09/12/2011 - Comments

Image: Is a Super Heavyweight division needed?By John F. McKenna (McJack): World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko’s (43-2, 40 KO’s) total domination of former light heavyweight and cruiserweight champion Tomasz Adamek (44-2, 28 KO’s) Saturday night has brought about new calls for another division in boxing.

Adamek unlike David Haye when he fought Wladimir Klitschko in July, did attempt to make a fight of it against “Dr. Ironfist”. Unfortunately Tomasz found out early on that it was one thing to talk about getting inside on Vitali, but it is a whole different matter when you are faced with the reality. “Goral” was able to land only a few meaningful punches against Klitschko during the ten rounds the bout lasted. To his credit Adamek elected to go out on his shield rather than quit. His resolve and mental toughness would not allow him to give up.

For the past half dozen years no heavyweight has been able to put together a real challenge against either of the Klitschko’s. For that reason and the manner in which the Kltischko’s are able to dismantle and break down their opponents, periodically there have been calls for a Super Heavyweight division.

Throughout boxing history there have been other huge heavyweights. Jess Willard who knocked out Jack Johnson in 26 rounds in Havana, Cuba in 1915 was 6’6” and weighed 245 pounds. Contrary to popular belief because of what Jack Dempsey did to him on July 4, 1919, Willard was a good fighter. Dempsey at 6’1”, 185 pounds brutally dispatched big Jess in three rounds. Fred Fulton who Dempsey took out in just seconds was 6’6”.

Joe Louis at 6’1” weighed 207 pounds when he knocked out the 6’6”, 250 pound Buddy Baer. Louis also KO’d huge Abe Simon who was 6’5” and weighed 260 pounds. Simon scored a KO win over Jersey Joe Walcott, but could not handle Louis’s speed and savage power.

It is not all that unusual for a super sized heavyweight to come along. The problem is that in many instances they are awkward and clumsy and often are not successful when facing top tier competition. It remains to be seen how Tyson Fury and Robert Hellenius fare when and if they fight at the championship level.

The thing that the Klitschko’s have going for them is that they are so technically sound. As Emanuel Steward pointed out while doing his commentary during the Klitschko – Adamek fight they are both focused on their opponents during a match, not even blinking. That would account for the wide eyed look you frequently see during their fights.

Money as they say makes the world go around and in all likelihood money will be the determining factor as to whether or not a Super Heavyweight division is created by the powers that be. Will there be enough super sized quality fighters to create a new division?

If a Super Heavyweight division is created what happens to the current crop of heavyweights, who after all are interested in landing big money fights for themselves?

Creating a new division is more complex than it would appear to be at first glance

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