Still no big fights for Groves; DeGale fights for EBU title against Wilczewski

By Boxing News - 07/16/2011 - Comments

By Scott Gilfoid: The excuse that George Groves’s team gave for not giving the talented James DeGale (10-1, 8 KO’s) a badly needed rematch was that Groves was moving on to bigger and better things after Groves won a controversial 12 round majority decision in May.

Now two months later and nothing from Groves. He neither has any fights lined up or is the news other than writing about David Haye. Where’s the big fights that Groves was supposed to be moving on to? There isn’t any big fights. The fighter that is succeeding is DeGale, who is taking on EBU super middleweight champion Piotr Wilczewski (29-1, 10 KO’s) on September 17th in London.

What does tell you? DeGale is the one moving forward and looking to accomplish big things while Groves is still spinning his wheels and not fighting. I don’t expect there to be any big fights for Groves because if they put him in with someone good, he’s going to lose and lose badly. Boxers know how to beat Groves’ style after watching Wladimir Klitschko easily solve David Haye. They’ll be looking at that tape using it as a blueprint to school Groves when the time comes.

Groves already said he wouldn’t be fighting DeGale until later when he’s a champion. I think what Groves meant was when DeGale is a champion and he’s the needy one. Maybe DeGale will throw a bone for Groves and give him an unearned shot at the title? Don’t hold your breath. If I’m DeGale, I wouldn’t waste time fighting Groves again. He had his chance to fight him again but chose not to give DeGale a rematch. Now it’s going to be DeGale’s turn, except that it’s going to be a lot more painful because Groves will be forced to watch DeGale move onto success like he did when he won the 2008 middleweight Gold Medal while Groves could only watch.

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