Judah: Khan is going to realize he’s in trouble after the 1st round

By William Mackay: IBF light welterweight champion Zab Judah (41-6, 28 KO’s) expects his huge experience and skill advantage to be too much for WBA light welterweight champion Amir Khan (25-1, 17 KO’s) in their important unification clash on July 23. Judah acknowledges that the 24-year-old Khan is a very skilled fighter with fast hands. However, Judah sees himself as having too skills for the inexperienced Khan to be able to handle in this fight.

Judah said this during Wednesday’s press conference: “At the end of the first round he’ll go back and say this is not what we prepared for.”

The important thing for Judah is to jump on Khan fast in the 1st round like Breidis Prescott did three years ago. You have to take Khan’s confidence away in the opening round because if you let him dictate the pace of the fight and choose when and where he’s going to do the punching, he’ll jab, run and flurry all night long and win a decision. A knockout by Khan isn’t likely, because he’s shown to have power problems since he moved up from the lightweight division. At light welterweight, Khan hasn’t carried his power up with him and is more of a slapping type of fighter.

Judah refused to speak with the British media at the recent press conference, something which angered Khan, who is vowing to make Judah pay for that. But Judah was Just being himself. Since he wasn’t being given any of the British pay per view money he felt why should he help Khan hype the fight in the UK by speaking to the British media.

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