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Why Amir Khan will not be fighting Zab Judah

Amir Khan Zab JudahBy Mark Young: So Zab Judah has said it, he’s very interested in making a unification fight with Amir Khan happen, but it wont. Khan quickly seized the moment and called Judah a runner when Judah expressed an interest in fighting Manny Pacquiao after the Shane Molsey farce, another mismatch that boxing fans were subjected to as an overpriced PPV recently. I previously wrote an article where I offered to take the heat if I was proven wrong and Khan did back up his desire to unify the division by fighting Zab Judah as he has often claims is his desire.

For those that blame Judah for expressing an urge to fight Manny, think about it, of course Judah is interested in fighting Pacquiao, he knows full well that Manny is the biggest money train in boxing at the moment and he also knows that Manny has been trying to collect Floyd Mayweathers former scalps in order to suggest that he beats Floyd by some kind of a default. Zab fought Mayweather back in 2006, losing by UD, Zab knows that this is a fight that will interest Pacquiao because as I’ve pointed out before, Manny is on a mission to KO guys that Mayweather took to the cards in order to suggest he beats PBF because he beat his former opponents by KO and wasn’t dragged to the scorecards.

Unluckily for Zab Judah, Manny Pacquiao has decided to fight a bloated Juan Manuel Marquez at a catch weight of 144lb on the 12th of November, in order to avenge a draw and a win that he has over Marquez, so bad is the publicity around the controversial split decision win that Manny currently holds over the Mexican that he’s prepared to fight the lightweight boxer at a catch weight only 3lb’s under the welterweight limit, a weight which Marquez cannot function at effectively. This pointless fight however frees up Zab Judah, the erratic and unpredictable southpaw from Brooklyn, New York.

Amir Kahn must have counted his lucky stars when Judah expressed an interest in Manny Pacquiao, it gave him a free publicity shot at Judah on the back a publicity stunt offer that was always going to be declined by Timothy Bradley. The shot at Judah has backfired, but it will undoubtedly go unpunished in the eyes of the naive armchair fans who never call Khan to task over his endless posturing and gesturing. Timothy Bradley was made a token offer with a 1.3 million dollar purse to lay two belts on the line to fight Amir, this offer was made while Bradley can currently command 1.2 million for fighting in non title fights. For an extra $100K Bradley was expected to lay down two belts to Khans one in a unification bout where he would be bringing in the lions share of the PPV fans, aside from the unrealistic money issues with the Bradley bid the whole unrealistic offer was encased in a time frame that wasn’t close to being legitimate.

The question is then, who is Khan looking to fight?, I previously suggested we’d be seeing Khan pitch himself at Eric Morales, or a bloated lightweight, and with Morales out of the picture it appears that Khan has once again shown his colours and decided to try and woo 5’8” lightweight Roberto Guerrero up to 140lb’s. Guerrero has a few names on his resume, he’s not a heavy puncher and although a southpaw poses far less of a threat than someone as experienced and unpredictable as Zab Judah, he also stands 2” shorter than Amir and will be coming in slightly bloated which will also pay in Khans favour.

Surely even Khans biggest fans will have tired of this posturing backed up with nothing but fresh air, I understand that when you like a boxer you are willing to gloss over their faults, but when you can call a guys next move months before he makes it you have to wonder. Khan has got to fight Bradley and Judah, irrespective of the fact boxing is also a business and there are money issues, as a boxer you should be in the game because you wish to leave a legacy, unless like “Money” Mayweather you are happy to acknowledge you’re in it for the money you shouldn’t be talking about your goals when it’s clear they play second fiddle to the money. For those who would point out that boxers have a short career and need to make all the money they can, bear in mind that Khan is currently a multi millionaire, and I’m not talking about low scale multi!, this guy has amassed a fortune, he’s already made enough to retire not only himself but his whole family should he wish to, so lets not pitch that weak argument into the mix when we talk about legacy.

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