The shame of Solis – He got hurt and wimped out

By Ben James: There is no doubt about it. Last Saturday nights heavyweight world title fight was a huge let down, the biggest let down since the last heavyweight let down when David Haye knocked out the rabbit in the headlights called Audley Harrison.

As I sat there waiting for the fight to start I was giving the undefeated Solis a decent chance of causing an upset, and judging by his performance in the first round I maintained that opinion.

Vitali Klitschko’s performance looked far from impressive in my eyes. People keep going on about how good the two brothers are but I just don’t see it. They are been made to look better by the level of opposition they have been forced to face.

The Klitschko brothers are good fighters, with physical advantages over the majority of opponents and they have the perfect game plan that takes advantage of their dominate reach, height and athletic ability. They can keep their opponents away from them which produces boring but safe victories for the Klitschko brothers.

Anyway back to the fight in question. Odlanier Solis was doing well and had every chance of pulling off an upset, but then he got hit by a powerful grazing punch to the temple by Dr Iron Fists which sent him tumbling back awkwardly which caused him to land in an uncomfortable position hurting his knee.

He then got up still a bit worse for wear after the dazzling punch, he knew he was not going to make it so he staggered to the ropes and the fight was stopped.

A few minutes later he was standing again looking fine, there was no pain in his face, just the look of shame. In my opinion his leg was fine now, but it was too late to do anything, he saw his chance to get out of the fight with his million dollar pay check and his face still stuck together and he grabbed it.

He will not get a rematch, nobody wants to see a rematch. Vitali will retire within the next few years and we will never get to see Solis explore his full potential as a fighter.

If anything Solis needs to keep training, get his diet in order and get rid of all that excess fat on his body. He might then be in with a chance of landing one more super fight with the English WBA Heavyweight champion of the world, David Haye (assuming Hayes fight with the Klit brothers falls through).

David will need a new opponent for his last ever fight as a professional, there is nobody out there other than the Klitschko brothers and Odlanier Solis.

What a way to end his career, beating the guy who is famous for beating him as an amateur.

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