Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley Breakdown

By Boxing News - 02/04/2011 - Comments

By Jose Mendoza: There’s a lot of talk about the May 7th bout between Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. With no question are arguments Pac-Man is the very heavy favor while Mosley seems to already be out the bout before it has even approached, so I have a breakdown of what we can all expect to see.

If you remember Bernard Hopkins made headlines when he made a statement I’m pretty sure most of us have thought before, “Manny has never faced an African American fighter before”. Well seeing that he will do so May 7th, we still question is this American fighter the one that can give him his accreditation. Mosley who will be 39 yrs old by fight time arrive has his hands full with more than I think he will be able to handle at this point of his career. So here is a potential breakdown of what you can expect from both fighters.


Round 1-4 is going to be more of a stamina test for Mosley because we all know after catching Mayweather in the second round of their fight, people are going to still have that in their mind and hope or think that he (Mosley) might get lucky again. After round 4 you will see Manny go more into a brawling mode to see if Shane is going to try and trade blows with him, which is known for doing. I can tell you that Shane is going to get hit many times because his defense is not all that good either and he rely more on touching you back when he gets hit with a good shot instead of thinking. The hand and foot speed of Manny is going to give him a world of trouble seeing how his last match with Mora who is a bum made him run around the ring and he still couldn’t land a flush power shot on the guy. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that Pacquiao is going KO Mosley but this is the sport of boxing and anything can happen.


Being the most experienced of the two fighters, Mosley do bring a few things into this fight that could be very beneficial for him. He is stronger, bigger and also have the knockout power that if landed could hurt Manny very badly or deliver a KO unlike all the past opponents. I expect Mosley to fight very shaky as he did in the Mayweather bout because of the speed of Pacquiao and being concerned that he very much could be counter punched. If he can use his jab and attack the body then he can possibly slow him down by the 8th round if his stamina stays up. As we all know, Pacquiao’s defense is not the highest rank out there which makes him very hittable also. By Mosley having more power than Manny, if he can land one of the flush power shots or keep busy enough then I can see this being a nice fight or going the distance of all 12 rounds. He will have to be relaxed and take his time because I do think that Mosley age could play just a little part in this fight also.

So until then we all look forward to the fight and will be excited to the build up episodes of these two fighters. I’m pretty sure that Mayweather will be tuned in that night with numerous of thoughts going through his head.

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