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Has there been a real Heavyweight Boxing Champion since Lennox Lewis?

By Allen Hmiel: It seems the last real Heavyweight Boxing champ the world has had was Lennox Lewis and since Lennox smartly retired in his prime the heavyweight division has been filled with average substitutes with little boxing ability and no charisma.

Even look at the Klitschkos who are slow, robotic, extremely stiff and plodding cleaning up easily a talent drained heavyweight division void of any type of competitive talent. Both Klitschkos slow as they are look like two robots being controlled by hand held devices that make them move and react in the ring. There are no swift fluid movements by either brother and they both are extremely slow and plodding in style and throw slow punches that their embarrassingly untalented foes cannot see coming. Nothing flashy or exciting just basic dull beat downs of talent depleted opponents who shouldn’t be there fighting.

The extremely bare almost barren heavyweight division without any noteworthy or talented fighters have made the metallic Klitschkos look like really good fighters, which they are not. Can you imagine what a prime Mike Tyson does to a giant slow not moving target which he can slip inside of and destroy with a powerful body shot and followed by a devastating hook or uppercut? What a young Lennox Lewis could do to to such a slow opponent with little reflex reaction and no defense? Wlad and Vitali are being made to look good by extremely bad opponents who let’s face it cannot fight!

Never in boxing history have fans been faced with watching a heavyweight division and championship fight between two fighters who basically and talent wise cannot actually fight or move. The Klitchkos both of them stumble from their corner, shuffling their feet almost stumbling and sticking a long left arm out fully stretched like a battering ram as they hunt their usually unmoving foe who stands there inviting the long battering ram left to meet their face. It is almost comical to watch a Klitschko fight standing straight up and rigid never relaxed moving forward un-flexible like a vintage 1700 English battle line. They almost look like they should be oiled not given water between rounds.

There is no bobbing and weaving, feigning or slipping punches today in the heavyweight division. Each Klitschko is like a tank moving in one direction and lacking any lateral movement. Just 2 champs who stumbled into a division by fate or luck completely devoid of boxing talent. It makes one really appreciate the talents and style and wonderful boxing ability of Lennox and Mike. The heavyweight division currently is not watchable or exciting but just a sad remembrance and reminder of what a really good heavyweight champion looked like years ago. Will Lennox Lewis be the last great heavyweight champion ever? Ever??

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