Tyson Fury gives Chisora a chance to beat Wladimir Klitschko

By Boxing News - 11/04/2010 - Comments

Image: Tyson Fury gives Chisora a chance to beat Wladimir KlitschkoBy William Mackay: Unbeaten British heavyweight Tyson Fury (12-0, 9 KO’s) feels that British/Commonwealth heavyweight champion Dereck Chisora (14-0, 9 KO’s) has a chance against IBF/WBO heavyweigght champion Wladimir Klitschko (55-3, 49 KO’s) on December 11th in their title fight. Fury, however, isn’t giving the 6’1″ Chisora much of a chance against the towering 6’6″ Klitschko for obvious reasons.

Speaking with East Side Boxing’s On the Ropes Boxing Radio, Fury says this about Chisora and his chances against Klitschko: “He’s got a good chance. He’s a young guy. He’s ambitious, but I just think he’s too small and he’s out of his league, to be honest. I think they’re getting him out of the way because he has to fight me because I’m his mandatory for the British and Commonwealth titles. Maybe they’d rather get beaten by Wladimir Klitschko than get beaten by me.”

It’s hard to see the 6’9″ Fury beating Chisora right now or even into the future, because Chisora looks too good on offense and I think he would be problems for Fury with his ability to apply constant pressure with his combinaitons and flurries. Fury, 22, doesn’t look good when faced with opponents that can fight a little bit. Chisora would be a huge step up from the guys that Fury has been facing. Fury has problems against John McDermott, and I can’t see McDermott competing with Chisora.

As for Chisora’s chances against Wladimir, Fury is probably right. Chisora seems too small to compete against Wladimir, and with the kind of heavy artillery that Wladimir’s got in his arsenal, there might not be much left of Chisora by the time he walks through some of Wladimir’s best shots to get a chance to throw his own punches. It’s too big of a jump up for Chisora in terms of opposition. You can realistically go from fighting guys like Danny Williams and Sam Sexton to facing the best heavyweight in the world in Klitschko and think you can win. It’s not even a fair fight if you get down to it, because Chisora doesn’t have the hand speed, size or power, and he never will. Chisora is probably about as good as he’ll ever be right now. He’s not going to be getting any faster, and he probably won’t be growing any either. This is the best we can hope for with Chisora, and frankly he doesn’t have a chance.

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