Prediction: Glen Johnson will knock Allan Green out of the Super Six tonight

By Boxing News - 11/06/2010 - Comments

Image: Prediction: Glen Johnson will knock Allan Green out of the Super Six tonightPhoto Tom Casino/Showtime: By Dan Ambrose: It’s too bad that Allan Green (29-2, 20 KO’s) had to face Andre Ward in his first fight in the Super six tournament last June. Green, 31, suffered a humiliating one-sided 12 round unanimous decision loss and looked about as bad as a fighter could without being knocked out. Green later on blamed the defeat to being weight drained.

Unfortunately for Green, things aren’t getting any easier for him because he now is facing Glen Johnson (50-14-2, 34 KO’s), who is some ways is a tougher match-up for Green than if he were put in with Super Six tourney contestants Carl Froch and Arthur Abraham.

Johnson, 41, may not punch as hard as those two fighters at this point in his career, but he throws many more punches and is capable of literally throwing almost nonstop shots all night long if he’s allowed to stand in front of his opponent. At the weigh-in yesterday, Green looked pretty weigh drained to me.

I really couldn’t tell any difference in how he looked for his last fight against Ward. This could be a really bad sign for Green if he’s unable to fight the energy to move and fight back against the veteran Johnson. However, Johnson looked pretty drained as well, looking a lot thinner than I’ve ever seen him look before during his career.

Johnson appears to have taken off at least 15 pounds from his last fight against Tavoris Cloud. Johnson will obviously put some of the weight back on after re-hydrating but his muscles appear to have wasted away with the dieting and long runs that he’s been forced to make to melt down to the 168 pound limit for tonight’s fight.

This won’t have too much of an effect on Johnson’s power, because he was weak and weight drained in his last fight. If anything, I see his power about the same. However, the real question is whether Johnson will be able to find the energy to throw a lot of punches like he’s accustomed to.

My guess is he will, and that’s bad news for Green in this fight. Green has never been one to throw a lot of shots during his career, and I don’t think his body will physically allow him to even if he wants to. Green simply doesn’t have the stamina needed to be able to throw 60-80 punches per round like Johnson. Green will almost surely lose this fight unless he’s able to score a knockout or up his work rate a couple of notches.

I see Green getting out-worked in this fight and losing about as bad as he did against Ward. The loss will then knock Green out of the Super Six tournament, and allow Johnson to be guaranteed at least one more good paying bout in the tournament.

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