Malignaggi: “If Manny won’t take the test, I’ll take it” – to fight Mayweather

By William Mackay: Former International Boxing Federation (IBF) light welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi (27-3, 5 KO’s) is interested in stepping in and taking on undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. for his next fight, if Mayweather’s preferred opponent WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao won’t agree to take the Olympic style random blood test that Mayweather is insisting on before he’ll fight him. Malignaggi says he wants to see Mayweather fight Pacquiao and is even urging Pacquiao to go ahead and take the blood tests so that the fight can be made.

However, Malignaggi is ready to step in and be Mayweather’s next opponent if Floyd can’t get the fight made with Pacquiao. On Malignaggi’s Twitter page, he had this to say about Pacquiao and Mayweather: “The world wants to see Floyd vs. Manny, so Manny, take the test [Olympic style random blood test], simple. If Manny won’t take the test, I’ll take it. Would love to go toe to toe with the Floyd. Would be an honor.”

Mayweather recently dominated Shane Mosley by a 12 round decision last weekend in Las Vegas. The fight was totally one-sided, other than the 2nd round where Mayweather was briefly hurt by a couple of shots from Mosley. A fight between Mayweather and Malignaggi would likely be a horrible slaughter, even under the best of circumstances for Malignaggi. He just doesn’t seem have the skills to match up with a fighter like Mayweather. But then again, Malignaggi could open some eyes in his next fight and show that he’s a force to be reckoned with.

First things first, Malignaggi has to beat WBA light welterweight champion Amir Khan in two weeks on May 15th, at the Madison Square Garden, in New York. Khan, however, has to get his work license approved by the U.S.; otherwise the fight won’t be able to take place. Golden Boy Promotions, who promote Khan, are saying that Amir will get his work license in time for the May 15th fight.

Let’s hope so for Khan’s sake. This would be a huge disappointment if the fight can’t place on the 15th. Khan wants to make a big impression in front of the U.S. audiences by knocking Malignaggi out in front of many of his own fans. Malignaggi, for his part, needs to the win to stay relevant in the light welterweight division and keep hope alive for bouts against fighters like Mayweather, Pacquiao and the other stars in boxing. Beating Khan would be a nice feather in Malignaggi’s cap.

Speaking about the Khan fight, Malignaggi said “This fight is for America. Putting the U.S. back on the map. But still got love for UK fans.”

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