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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: “I’d like to thank the fans” .. Oh really?

pac346By Frank Car: The saying each boxer has muttered a thousand times in all types of different phrases “I’d like to thank the fans.”

Oh really. Well the fans are speaking but are you listening, and if you are do you care. It’s quite easy to say “Thank you” but actions speak louder than words.

I’m not saying the Mayweather vs Pacquiao match should be put together just for the fans, because there is clearly a incentive for the boxers themselves as well, infact there are about 100 million of them or more, but the fans also have a stake in this for this is what they want to see. Badly. Thanks is always being thrown out there, but when it comes down to it, it almost seems like once that sentence escapes their mouth that’s all the thanks they needed to give.

As you may have heard negotiations between the May vs Pac match have run into some issues. The May 1, 2010 date has been hindered by the prospect of Pacquiao running for Congress on May 10 in the Philippines. So, long time trainer of Pacquiao, Freddie Roach, said they want the bout to take place on the original suggested date of March 13.

“We want to fight in March. They don’t want to go that early, so we might take one fight before that” said Freddie Roach in an interview with Sky Sports.

However earlier Freddie said that they did not want this date because they wanted to have a longer training camp and this was too soon. That seems to have changed, perhaps in the interest of getting this done. But, now there is a problem with the March date, because Mayweather, who said he wanted to take on Pacquiao and basically called him out, is rumored to want to have a “tune up” bout in January. So the March 13 date is no good for him because it would be too soon. Some also speculate that this is not nearly as good as the May 1st date for promotional reasons and he knows that. I could understand that since things like pools or summer activities in some places in Las Vegas don’t open up until March 15, if it takes place in Vegas which is most likely will. Also and perhaps of more concern, it wouldn’t leave much time to “hype” up the bout, but really how much more hype does it need.

It’s hard to figure out who to point the finger of blame at if there is anyone really it should be pointing at. At any rate, let’s recap. One boxer called another out and now can’t make the date because he wants to go up against someone else. The other can’t make a different and perhaps better date because he is running for Congress. Come on, get in touch with reality. Have you forgotten your boxers and have in front you the well deserved and properly titled “Mega-Fight” of the century. This would make more money than any match in boxing history not to mention keep boxing rising back and beyond the main stream of sports. Sure it could be slated at later date in September, but it could lose alot of steam, the public is pumped and ready for this to happen now. Not to mention the consequences if they lose any bouts that they happen to take on in the mean time.

The May 1st date seems to be the best time. Plenty of time for hype, good time of the year, Roach could have his longer 10-week training camp like he originally wanted, and Mayweather could squeeze in his “tune up” bout with no problems, seemingly as his rumored opponents do not really pose any threat (if he really intends on going through with this). So the Pac-Man should leave the politics to the politicians on this one, run another time or figure a good way to do both. Although campaigning would be tough while training, Pacquiao may be running solo without any other opposition, so not much would campaigning needed anyway. But the opposition may choose not to drop out if he does not campaign much but that is another issue.

From what I can gather on Tuesday Dec. 1, Pacquiao’s opposition must choose whether they are running or not, and that will decide whether he has to campaign. If Pacquiao runs unopposed then it looks like May 1st may be the date all. If Pacquiao does indeed have to campaign, the bout will have to take place before March 25th which is when Pacquiao will begin campaigning.

“If he has to run against an opponent, then he’ll have to start campaigning for the May 10 election on March 25th. If that’s the case then Mayweather would have to be willing to fight March 13.”
Said Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum when speaking with The Times.

If Pacquiao does run, has to campaign, and will not change his mind on it, perhaps Mayweather will buck up the March 13 date.

All this may just be using the media as a tool for negotiations. If it doesn’t go through and winds up happening in September of 2010, which is when the next projected date is if both are unable to reach an agreement for March/May, it still could be a mega-match but things are going to have to go quite well for that to be the case.

When all is said and done if your work on tips a “Thank you” doesn’t pay your bills. If someone does you a favor a “Thank you” may be enough. If your a professional athelete who makes a literal living off the interest of others (the fans) in you, let’s hope they know how to show thanks as well as say it and be able to put any squabbles, or other interests aside. For the sport, for the money, and for that of which provides both, the fans.

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