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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao – The article to make or stop all discussion

mayweather543343247By Adam Fillingham: I have written a few articles on this website. Some controversial, some not so. But I intensely read the articles posted on this website and in recent times the main discussion is around the ‘mega’ fight between Manny ‘Pac-Man’ Pacquiao and Floyd ‘money’ Mayweather.

The other day i over heard a discussion that I HAD to get involved in, that was about this very subject. Two mates were discussing who would win the fight, one man saying Pacquiao and the other saying Mayweather. It wasn’t this though that got me interested. It was what the third member of the party said. “The fight will never happen,” he said. This got me thinking.

In my honest opinion the whole influx of Pacquiao vs Mayweather articles should soon come to a halt. The fight will most likely never happen. I will put on record that if the fight does happen i will formally apologize in writing. This is why…

There will be a lot of money involved in this fight. Millions upon millions of dollars will be in this fight. Yet there is so much squabbling over who gets what percentage. To me this sounds like a good excuse to get out of the fight by using money issues. If they really wanted the fight they would agree on a 50- 50 % split of the money or a 60-40% split to the winner/loser receptively. This puts a lot of doubts into my head about the seriousness of the two fighters.

My next reason is that Pacquiao will most likely enforce his ‘catch weight’ strategy to weight drain his opponents and give himself an extra advantage. This will be the excuse Mayweather needs to get away from the fight, making “Pac Man” look like the bad guy. Although Pacquiao in my eyes, and many other peoples eye’s would be the bad guy in not helping the fight along.

My final and the most major reason in this article is the fact that both men have too much to loose. At this point in their respective career’s both fighters can boast that they are number one and both will be believed.

Without the bout ever happening both fighters can say what they like. Mayweather can stick to his guns that he is pound4pound king, just as Pacquiao will. The fight will most likely be the most argued fight by boxing fans than any other fight in history (with the exception of Ali vs Tyson), with fans arguing their cases for their respective fighters.

Mayweather also has more on the line as he is still unbeaten. Will he really want to lose his undefeated record? No of course not. So most likely he will be steered away from the fight by his promoters/coaches. This isn’t because he does not have the ability to beat Pacquiao, it is because the fight is too close to call. I myself will not be betting on this fight as I cannot even begin to predict who will win.

The “Pac Man” has his WBO title, which will most likely be on the line in the fight. Although its not a prestigious as Mayweathers undefeated record, it wont be pleasant for Pacquiao to loose his newest prize.

So will the fight happen? Most likely,no. That’s unfortunate because I really want to see the fight and i just wish the two fighters, or their promoters could come to some agreement. But the fact still remains, money talks.

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