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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao match WILL happen, and it’s more a question of where rather then when.

pac4324423By Frank Car: The highly anticipated bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Many Pacquiao will happen, why? Well because, the answer is right there, it’s “highly anticipated.” Wait, let me reword that, it has EXTREMELY high anticipation. Wait, one more time, it is perhaps the most anticipated bout between two boxers in recent memory. Both at perfect times in their career. It’s not only about their career, it is about the “career” of boxing.

This surge of interest thrusting boxing into the conversations of idle sports chatter everywhere can be giving credit to none other then that of these two boxers meeting. It NEEDS to happen, not should, not might, needs. If it didn’t it would hurt boxing as a whole, and I just can’t see HBO, or any other affiliates letting that happen, not to mention the promoters, even if they have to put their money where their mouth is. By that I mean if they have to add some incentives, close some gaps, etc.

If this match didn’t happen, there would almost be this empty hole that people/fans would have and boxing would plumit down a slick slop on a cold day wearing nothing but its birthday suit. Only there’s not going to be a happy birthday song at the bottom, infact it would go something more like this, “Well our ratings fell.. some more.”

Boxing is at high point from recent years, rejuvenated from the even the idea of this happening and other recent events. It has been called a “dead sport” in these past few years plenty. But with the likes of Pacquiao and other boxers, Mayweather return from retirement for another example, it’s back in action and not only that but still climbing. If this didn’t happen that climb would come to a screeching halt, and it’s down the slick slop we go, leaving a bad taste in many fans mouths for it. Ah yes the fans, let’s not forget the backbone of any sport, the fans. If this did not happen they would be doing just that.

It will happen, but where? That’s almost more the question. I read a good interesting article by Brickhaus of why is has to take place in Vegas and it most likely will. But Vegas wants the money while other area’s such as The Louisiana Superdome or Jerry Jones’s new Dallas Cowboys Stadium which have expressed interest in hosting the bout and seem to be the other front runners, may want the recognition and the long term benefits of “being put on the map”. Who knows what type of price that is worth to them. Where as Vegas doesn’t need the recognition, just good old green Mayweather Money. So if the Louisiana or Texas interests can “out bid” the profit Vegas would rake in by hosting it, they can probably take it. But that’s going to be alot, alot alot.

Predictions are as follows in order of certainty. I’ll put a 99 on it will happen, only fools are positive. Bout will take place between March-May 2010, in Las Vegas, at a catch weight of 147, with a 50/50 split purse.. The official announcement on what’s going to happen will most likely be made in 2-8 days.

So get peanuts, get your popcorn and LLLLET’S GET READY TO …. not break any copy right laws.

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