Pacquiao vs. Cotto: May the best man win

By Boxing News - 10/21/2009 - Comments

pac3456352By Dennis Broadhurst: With a lot of fights coming round the corner, the one most people want to see is Pacquiao-Cotto. It will be a great fight and I am not making any predictions on it because to be honest with you I do not know who will win. I think that they are both two great fighters, Cotto with his power shots and trademark left hook and also his obvious heart and courage shown through his fight against Margarito. Another thing is that Cotto has a much better chin than Pacquiao’s last opponent, Ricky Hatton.

Pacquiao has great handspeed, he has good movement around the ring, has a southpaw style which could be used to his advantage and is a very experienced fighter. Either man could win, we have seen the Pacman fall victim to knockouts on body shots twice in the past albeit a long time ago before he was with Roach. We have also seen how Cotto can be damaged when we saw his fight against Margarito but then there was much controversy about that fight as you all will too well know.

I do not think that Cotto is “damaged goods” I think that he will be as good as ever when he comes into the bout with Pacquiao. Cotto will have to use his size and power to his advantage if he is to beat the Pacman. Cotto’s body punching may also be able to slow down the Pacman but to get into Pacquiao’s body Cotto will have to take a good few punches.

Pacquiao may also be able to use his size to his advantage, I know that sounds crazy as he is naturally a smaller fighter but if Pacquiao can use that to get in and out and land his shots before Cotto can get to him then Pacquiao could give his opponent fits. Saying all of this I am not sure what will happen on the night, there could be a shoulder injury, there could be an accidental headbut which causes a cut, either fighter may not show their best. We just never know what will happen but one thing I am quite sure of is that this fights will not go the distance.

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