Cox Obliterates Rushton, Wants Fight With Kell Brook

cox45244By Jim Dower: Undefeated welterweight prospect Jamie Cox (10-0, 6 KOs) destroyed his hopelessly over-matched journeyman opponent Jason Rushton (18-9, 3 KOs) tonight, taking him out in the 1st round of a scheduled 8-round bout at the Oasis Leisure Centre, Swindon, in Wiltshire. Cox, 22, a former 2006 ABA Light welterweight champion and Gold medalist for England in the 2006 Commonwealth Games, trapped Rushton against the ropes late in the 1st and dropped him with a hard right hand to the head.

Rushton got to his feet at the count of eight, rubbing his eyes as if he had just woken up. The referee Grant Wallis then promptly stopped the fight at 2:56, possibly not liking the way that Rushton kept rubbing his eyes during the time that he checking him over.

Rushton, 25, who usually can absorb a lot of punishment without going down, was immediate set upon by Cox in the 1st round, taking a lot of jabs and hooks to the body. Cox trapped him against the ropes almost immediately, and landed a barrage of punches to the head in the form up uppercuts and hooks before Rushton could extricate himself from the situation.

Cox calmly followed him around the ring landing some picture perfect right hands and left hooks to the head. All through this, the only offense that Rushton could muster up was a harmless jab. He was too busy taking shots and trying to block them in order to consider starting up his offense. A short time later, Cox again trapped Rushton against the ropes and pummeled him with six consecutive shots to the head before Rushton went fleeing.

Cox landed right hands as Rushton sought an escape route. At the center of the ring, Cox jabbed and landed hard combinations. Rushton finally opened up with a meager left-right combination, but then immediately ceased throwing punches as he was bombarded by Cox with withering fire from all angles. Rushton backed up to the ropes and was hit with some hard combinations as he stood there trying to block the punches.

Some of them he did block with his gloves, but one right hand got through, stunning him and knocking him to the canvas. Rushton slowly got to his knees and made it up at the count of eight. But instead of trying to look smart so that the referee would let him continue, Rushton make the mistake of repeatedly rubbing his own eyes for several moments.

Looking at him, the referee came to the conclusion that he was too hurt to continue and would have probably stood little chance if the fight had been allowed to continue. As such, the referee Grant Wallis stopped the fight at 2:15 of the round.

“I knew Jason was going to be a tough test,” Cox said after the fight. “I thought he was going to go the eight rounds. I prepared for eight rounds. He went in there fast and that was that. I was just concentrating on the jab. I don’t care if I box in a she or a stadium. I just love the game. The more fights I get, the better. I think I’m capable of winning a world title. I got my eyes on Kell Brook. We’ll be ready for him by the end of the year.”

Cox looked superb against Rushton tonight, as good as any welterweight prospect I’ve seen in some time. It’s hard to say how Cox would do against Brook, though, because Rushton wasn’t much of a test for him and folded much too quickly too see how good Cox is. However, with his combinations, accuracy and power, I’d give Cox a good chance of beating Brook when they do fight. Cox has the height advantage over Brook, if not the power. Cox throws much better combinations than him and has a better assortment of punches.

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