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Image: Brook Stops McIntyre - Boxing NewsBy Nate Anderson: Undefeated BBBofC British welterweight champion Kell Brook (18-0, 11 KOs) defeated Kevin McIntyre (26-6, 8 KOs) by a 1st round stoppage in a scheduled 12-round bout tonight at the Kelvin Hall, in Glasgow, Scotland.

Brook, 22, ranked #13 in the World Boxing Organization welterweight division, dropped McIntyre three times in the 1st round, twice with right hands and once with a straight left.

After the third knockdown, referee Victor Loughlin halted the fight with McIntyre still down on his back. Brook, whose fighting style closely resembles former featherweight champion Naseem Hamed, dropped McIntyre, 30, with a hard right hand moments into the fight, sending him crashing downward flat on his back on the canvas. To his credit, McIntyre got up swinging, missing several shots and then getting knocked down for a second time with a right hand from Brook.

Like the first knockdown, it seemed more like a snapping punch ranger than a huge shot with a big follow through. Brook timed McIntyre perfectly, throwing his right hand just as McIntyre was attempting to land a right hand of his own and getting his shot before McIntyre could land anything. Now dazed looking, McIntyre got up off the canvas at a count of seven, but this time he wasn’t able to try and land anything, as Brook hit him with a right to the midsection, and then a straight left that knocked him down for the third time in the round.

This time, the referee Victor Loughlin moved in and stopped the bout rather than letting the mismatch continue any further. After the fight, a very modest sounding Brook said, “I didn’t know it would be this easy.” McIntyre appeared to lack focus in the fight, concentrating more on his offense than on trying to stop the incoming from Brook.

After the first knockdown, McIntyre should have been concentrating more on his defense to avoid getting hit from any additional right hands from Brook. Instead, however, he went right after Brook, trying to slug it out with him.

The result was obvious – Brook quickly dropped McIntyre for a second time after timing him as he was attempting to throw a slow right hand and knocking him down once again. After getting up, instead of grabbing Brook and clinching him to try and buy some time to clear his head, McIntyre put up his guard as if he were about to throw more shots.

However, Brook was way too fast for him, and McIntyre was taken out with a straight left to the head that planted him on the canvas on his backside. With this win, Brook, the BBBofC British welterweight champion, may want to look at fighting one of the top welterweights in the WBO, like Jesus Soto Karrass, who’s currently ranked number #5 in the World Boxing Organization. With his speed, unorthodox fighting style and accurate punches, Brook would be a very difficult opponent for Karrass to have to deal with and I could see Brook probably easily beating him if given the chance.

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