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title The multiple division championship frenzy

By Gerardo Granados: Future hall of fame member Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez claims to be a four division Champion but he is not because he won the interim light welter belt. He also claims he wants to become the first Mexican boxer to achieve five division championships, but hasn´t Jorge Arce supposedly already achieved it. Read the rest of this entry »

title Ola Afolabi talks about trilogy-making world title challenge against Marco Huck

Huck, AfolabiBy Ian Aldous: Ola Afolabi (19-2-4) will challenge Marco Huck (35-2-1) for a third time on Saturday June 8th with the WBO world cruiserweight belt up for grabs. The first two fights saw bouts that were very difficult to score, the second so close that it was in fact a majority draw.

Not only was it close, it was a contender for fight of the year in 2012. Last week Ola and K2 Promotions managing director, Tom Loeffler, took some time to talk with me about the upcoming fight.

It’s not often that a fighter prepares for a bout having already spent 72 minutes in the ring with that particular opponent. Read the rest of this entry »

title Mayweather-Alvarez: Brain vs Brawn – is Canelo up to the job?

alvarez324By Hugh Janus: With few exceptions conventional wisdom dictates the bigger, stronger man wins. I’m simplifying, obviously, but there’s truth here too. We become aware of an impending duel and revert to school yard analysis often based primarily on a boxer’s “beast” factor – their shape, prowess and predatory nature.

There are of course other ingredients: speed, age, form over previous fights, life outside the ring, experience inside, injury, ring rust, style differences, etc, etc. The list is long! While we know all of these attributes play a significant role, we still often weigh up a potential fight based on physical stature and blind favouritism. Read the rest of this entry »

title Marquez-Bradley Fight Expected To Be A Fun Run

marquez412By Miguel Alejandro Lopez: Many boxing experts predict that the upcoming fight between Juan Manuel Marquez and Timothy Bradley will be a running festival, a 20k marathon, a track and field. It’s because both fighters will simply run and circle the ring due to their styles.

Marquez has a  backpedaling, counter-punching style which makes him prone to crowd boredom and lack of favor from the judges. He rarely initiates his own attack, and also treats the sport as a science —  much like a chemistry or mathematics class. In fact, his trainer went on record to say that “Juan will never fight toe to toe”.

Bradley, meanwhile, has tried to be just a little bit more entertaining when he fought Provodnikov, but because of the beating he took from that fight, Bradley’s team announced that they will fight “smarter” next time. What does that mean? It simply means Bradley will revert to his old style of pit-pat boxing with no real power and action. Read the rest of this entry »

title Juan Marquez Reveals PPV boosting strategy for Bradley fight

marquez62By Miguel Alejandro Lopez: Juan Manuel Marquez is set to fight Timothy Bradley at the Thomas and Mack Center on the tentative date of October 12, 2013. The Mexican warrior has recently knocked out Manny Pacquiao, but claims he has moved on from Pacquiao and has no plans of fighting his Filipino rival ever again.

According to a recent statement by Juan Manuel Marquez, no money can replace the feeling of knocking out Pacquiao. However, should this be the words of someone who has really moved on? The statement was unwarranted and unsolicited, and it is now obvious that JMM has an ulterior motive for throwing a verbal jab at Pacquiao (who has been silently performing political duties in the Philippine). Read the rest of this entry »

title Ward: I’d like to knock Froch out next time

ward23By Scott Gilfoid: WBA super middleweight champion Andre Ward (26-0, 14 KO’s) has no idea why IBF/WBA super middleweight champion Carl Froch (31-2, 22 KO’s) keeps mentioning his name as if he wants to fight him, but then makes demands that he knows Ward will never meet, such as telling him that the fight must take place in England.

Ward says the only interest he has in fighting Froch a second time is to shut his yapper by knocking him out. Read the rest of this entry »

title Mayweather Junior is the ultimate big winner

mayweather3422By Babatis Banda: Not so in the distant past, we had gotten accustomed to the arguments of who was better between Floyd Mayweather junior and Manny Pacquiao. The two fighters made it clear that they did not need each other to go down in the books as the greatest of all time. For sure, they are both hall of famers and they are accomplished boxer and fighter. Looking at how heated the debates were, because they no longer are, it is only fair that we acknowledge that out of the whole argument, time and reality has separated the two from each other.

At the moment and for the most past of the 17 years or so, it is all Mayweather junior. There is no disputing that he is the biggest and hottest star of the spot. In short, Mayweather junior is the face of the sport and it is only true that all roads do lead to Mayweather junior. Read the rest of this entry »

title Looking Back – 18th September 1999: Oscar De La Hoya vs Felix Trinidad

By Peter Wells (twitter- @boxingpeter): With the upcoming latest installment of the Mexico-Puerto Rico rivalry coming up on June 15th when Mikey Garcia of Mexico takes on Juan Manuel Lopez of Puerto Rico, I felt it fitting to look back at a much talked about Mexico-Puerto Rico match-up which I had yet to witness until today.

That match-up was between two of their respective nations greatest treasures as National icons, Oscar De La Hoya and Felix ‘Tito’ Trinidad faced off in Las Vegas. A fight still talked about to this very day, not entirely for the drama in the ring but the controversial scoring that gave Felix Trinidad a majority decision win. The general consensus was that the fight was either a draw or a close victory for De La Hoya. Read the rest of this entry »

title Mundine V Mosley in possible Australian Mega Fight

mundine653658By Michael Dickie Twitter @MichaelDickie – Sugar Shane Mosley, after coming out of retirement and winning a close decision over Pablo Cesar Cano, now finds himself with some very appealing options in front of him.

One of which is the potential to travel to Australia and fight three time World Champion Anthony “The Man” Mundine in a junior middleweight showdown that the Australian public are already calling a Mega Fight.

Mosley, 41, would earn himself a significant pay day against Mundine, while also being involved in a fight which could potentially go down as one of Australia’s biggest nights ever seen in its proud boxing history. All of this for Mosley, in just his second fight of his comeback. Read the rest of this entry »

title Was Mayweather pressured to fight Canelo?

floyd7By Meyer Lynk: Everyone that’s deep in the boxing scene knows if Floyd Mayweather Jr. had it his way – He would never fight Saul “Canelo” Alvarez 42-0-1-30. Floyd’s method of operation works like this: Choose the easiest route that pays the most. Every hardcore boxing fan knows this.

Due the low PPV numbers for Mayweather’s previous fight against Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero, (not the PPV numbers given to the public to save face and put a good light on the event, which all promoters do, but the real PPV numbers that are collected and was not given to the public and only to the board members). Read the rest of this entry »

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