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title Bellew vs. Dos Santos and Cleverly vs. Valori on 7/12 in Liverpool, UK

hearn44By Scott Gilfoid: Tony Bellew (21-2-1, 13 KO’s) and Nathan Cleverly (27-1, 13 KO’s) have their opponents picked out for next month’s July 12th card at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, UK. Bellew will be fighting fringe contender Julio Cesar Dos Santos (26-2, 23 KO’s), while Cleverly will be fighting little known Argentinian Alejandro Emilio Valori (15-4, 11 KO’s).

Both fights are scheduled for 12 rounds, although it’s unlikely that either of them will get anywhere close to the 12th due to the fights being mismatches. Read the rest of this entry »

title Andre Ward complains that none of the big names at 168 wants to fight him

ward544545By Scott Gilfoid: WBA super middleweight champion Andre Ward is the king of the hill in the 168lb division, but the problem is he’s so incredibly good that he’s got the other fighters running scared of him and making excuses left and right about why they shouldn’t risk their hide getting in the ring with him.

Ward could move up to light heavyweight to find some brave souls that aren’t afraid to get in the ring with him, but Ward doesn’t see it being worth it because there would be only one fight for him against WBO light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev, and that wouldn’t even be a big money fight. It would likely bring Ward little more than what he typically gets for his fights. Read the rest of this entry »

title Where does Miguel Cotto and Sergio Martinez go now ?

martinez777425689(Photo credit: Naoki Fakuda) By Cameron Gillon: After beating the odds last Saturday night at MSG in New York against the WBC and Ring Magazine Middleweight champion Sergio Martinez (51-3-2, 28 KO’s), the question now is where does Miguel Cotto (39-4, 32 KO’s) go now and who should he fight in his next bout? I was one of the people that thought Sergio Martinez would emerge victorious last night but obviously I was wrong.

I thought Cotto wouldn’t have enough to beat Sergio, but how he proved me and the other Martinez fans wrong. He controlled the fight from the first punch landed, and no one would of expected him to put Martinez down three times in the 1st round. From then on Martinez was a sitting duck, his legs had gone from the first knockdown and Cotto knew that, and to Sergio Martinez’s credit, he stuck in there and put a hell of a effort up to win the fight despite being in a terrible state. Read the rest of this entry »

title Roach thinks Mayweather won’t fight Cotto again

floyd333By Chris Williams: Freddie Roach would like it if Floyd Mayweather Jr. were to move up in weight to challenge his fighter WBC middleweight champion Miguel Cotto for his newly won 160-pound title for his next fight, but Roach doesn’t think Mayweather will agree to take a second fight with Cotto, even though Mayweather already proved himself to be the superior fighter to Cotto two years ago.

Roach thinks that with the way that Cotto beat up Sergio Martinez last Saturday, it’ll have Mayweather not interested in tempting fate to get in the ring with Cotto a second time.

“He [Mayweather won’t fight anyone else,” Roach said. When asked if Mayweather will agree to fight fight Cotto at 160, Roach said “I don’t think so. He’ll [Mayweather] come up with some excuse.” Read the rest of this entry »

title And the new middleweight champion of the world….Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr?

floyd688By Chester Rivers: Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard by now that Miguel Angel Cotto is the new middleweight champion of the world. He is considered the lineal champ of the division because he defeated Sergio Martinez who defeated Kelly Pavlik who defeated Jermain Taylor who defeated the last undisputed champion Bernard Hopkins. Now, I’ll give you guys a few minutes to decipher. Got It! Okay, moving on!

The fight was fought at a catchweight of 159 pounds with Miguel Cotto weighing in at 155. My question is, can Cotto continue to reign as the middleweight champ if he’s the smallest guy in the division or should he use the title (in name only) and cash out? Read the rest of this entry »

title Ricky Burns motivated for June 27th fight against Dejan Zlaticanin

burns2By Scott Gilfoid: With three consecutive poor performances under his belt, #5 WBO Ricky Burns (36-3-1, 11 KO’s) is excited about getting back in the ring this month to face little known fringe contender #13 WBC Dejan Zlaticanin (18-0, 13 KO’s) for the vacant WBC International lightweight title in their fight on June 27th at the Braehead Arena, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Burns has changed trainers from Billy Nelson to Tony Sims in hopes things will be better for him. It’s a classic move for Burns, as many fighters tend to change trainers once they start struggling in their careers, and it’s rare that the new trainers are able to do any better than the previous ones. Read the rest of this entry »

title Cotto beats the shell of Sergio Martinez

cotto010101(Photo credit: Naoki Fakuda) By Daniel Hughes: The last trait of many a fighter to go is his ability to punch. It’s often been said that the punch resistance and the reflexes of a fighter can go overnight, especially in fighters that has come off a long layoff such as 39-year-old Sergio Martinez (51-3-2, 28 KO’s).

The credit has to be given to the 33-year-old Miguel Cotto (39-4, 32 KO’s) becoming the new WBC middleweight champion at Madison Square Garden in New York last Saturday night. He proved a lot of critics wrong and delighted his legions of fans in the process. A vintage Cotto took the fight to Martinez from the start, pressuring him constantly. Cotto, doing what he does so well, showed the ability to test the will and heart of his opponent. He did this to great effect against Martinez. Read the rest of this entry »

title Cotto-Martinez: I told you so

cotto345(Photo credit: Naoki Fakuda) By Jermill Pennington: How childish of me to take the opportunity to say I told you so. However, I never grew up so I’m fine with it. Last week I posted an article entitled “Sergio Martinez, who has he beaten” ( where I chronicled his history of opponents only to illustrate their similarities in styles in comparison to Frankenstein. Before I continue basking in the glory of me being right, and you being wrong, I will say that I predicted that Miguel Cotto (39-4, 32 KO’s) would wear down Martinez in 8, when in fact it was 9 so I was off.

How I came to that conclusion you ask? I looked at the last version of Martinez (51-3-2, 28 KO’s) I seen in action versus Martin Murray last year in April and in that fight knew that Sergio was fighting on whit. Once the physical factors you possessed to elevate you to that level diminish it is only a matter of time before the rug is pulled out from under you. We have recently seen this happen in the Paulie Malignaggi versus Shawn Porter fight. Read the rest of this entry »

title Jones Jr: Martinez didn’t think Cotto could bomb him out

martinez77777By Dan Ambrose: HBO commentator Roy Jones Jr. believes that former WBC middleweight champion Sergio Martinez (51-3-2, 28 KO’s) lost the fight to Miguel Cotto (39-4, 32 KO’s) last Saturday night mainly because Martinez overlooked Cotto’s punching power. Jones Jr. thinks that Martinez came into the fight thinking that he was the bigger puncher and that if there was going to be a knockout in the fight, it would be the 33-year-old Cotto who would be knocked out.

“I don’t think he was prepared to deal with what he [Cotto] brought tonight,” Jones Jr. said. “Tonight, we saw Martinez come in there not expecting that Cotto could bomb him out the way he could bomb Cotto out. But Cotto did his homework. He know that if [Antonio] Margarito could bomb him in seven rounds, then it’s very possible – I don’t care if it was a 100 years ago – it’s very possible that if a lighter punching Margarito stopped you, then Cotto could do the same. Read the rest of this entry »

title Key questions were answered in the match of Cotto vs. Martinez

martinez6655555By Yannis Mihanos: They say that the importance of victory depends on the kind of adversity you face. Last Saturday night Miguel Cotto (39-4, 32 KO’s) became a four weight division world champion by defeating WBC middleweight champion Sergio Martinez (51-3-2, 28 KO’s) by a 10th round TKO at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Prior to the match questions had been raised whether the 39-year-old Martinez would have been able to come back in full form due to his recent knee surgeries along with his long layoff of 14 months since his last fight in April of 2013 against Martin Murray. Read the rest of this entry »



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