title Hopkins vs Kovalev: is it over for Hopkins?

sergey kovalev 2 bernard hopkins  photo Gerardo Granados: Last Saturday night at the Boardwalk Hall at Atlantic City the future hall of fame member Bernard Hopkins lost his WBA – IBF light heavyweight championship titles against WBO light heavyweight Champion Sergey Kovalev. It was not a surprise or an upset to see Krusher win and the betting odds were close enough to assume this was going to be a competitive bout; but I didn’t expect Kovalev to come in to the fight which such good game plan and to be able to execute it so perfectly. Kovalev simply negate Hopkins of the opportunity to use many of his dirty tricks on him; besides of the time he was thrown down, Bernard wasn’t able to exasperate him nor counter him with precision because Sergey studied his style being able to execute his game plan winning the fight by 120 – 107 on my card.

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title Wladimir Klitschko vs. Kubrat Pulev airs Saturday, Nov. 15 on HBO

wladimir klitschko kubrat pulev  photoHBO BOXING AFTER DARK begins early with a special presentation of a heavyweight title showdown when WLADIMIR KLITSCHKO VS. KUBRAT PULEV is seen SATURDAY, NOV. 15 at 4:45 p.m. (live ET/tape-delayed PT), exclusively on HBO, with an encore presentation later that day at midnight (ET/PT). The HBO Sports team will capture all the action, which will be available in HDTV, closed-captioned for the hearing-impaired and presented in Spanish on HBO Latino.

Other HBO playdates: Nov. 16 (9:00 a.m.) and 17 (12:30 a.m.)

HBO2 playdates: Nov. 16 (4:45 p.m.) and 18 (11:00 p.m.) Read the rest of this entry »

title Hopkins-Kovalev aftermath: A good plan gone wrong

sergey kovalev 2 bernard hopkins  photoBy Yannis Mihanos: Last Saturday night Sergey Kovalev krushed the hopes of Bernard Hopkins of becoming a unified world champion  at the remarkable age of 49.

Prior to that fight, expectation of Hopkins winning the fight had grown substantially big. Could the old horse pull it off again ? Kovalev was also coming with a big hype as he had crushed all his earlier 23 opponents… even if for some were considered tomato cans. As for tomato cans, even Hopkins said in an interview it takes a certain skill to open the tomato can without cutting your hand… Read the rest of this entry »

title The biggest fights that never happened

By Gav Duthie: As the optimism increases yet again for a possible superfight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquaio there is no doubt the most talked about fight in history. If it doesn’t actually happen in May or September 2015 it will also be the biggest fight never to have happened in the sport. This article focuses on some of the other big fights that we have missed out on over the years and who might have won. sugar ray leonard roy jones jr mike tyson joe calzaghe  photo

Ray Leonard 36-3-1 (25) v Aaron Pryor 39-1 (35)

Aaron Pryor was recently awarded recognition as the greatest light welterweight of the 20th century. The problem is all the big fights at this time Tommy Hearns, Wilfried Benitez, Roberto Duran, Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagler were at 147lbs and above. He had beaten Hearns as an amateur and was dominating as a Jnr welterweight. After turning down consecutive offers of $500,000 to face Duran and Leonard, Pryor eventually agreed to step up to challenge Ray Leonard for his Welterweight title for $750,000. This fight WAS going to happen.  Read the rest of this entry »

title Abel Sanchez: Canelo will fight Golvokin, Cotto will not

saul alvarez miguel cotto gennady golovkin  photoBy Jesse James: Abel Sanchez, the head trainer of WBA “Super” and WBC interim Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin, believes Canelo Alvarez will fight Golovkin if he beats Cotto. Sanchez believes Cotto will not fight Golovkin if he wins. Canelo has stated multiple times he will fight Golovkin and isn’t afraid, even Oscar De la Hoya stated that Canelo is indeed interested and that fight is a possibility next year.

As for Miguel Cotto the current WBC and lineal Middleweight champion, there hasn’t been much interest in fighting Golovkin next providing that he beats Canelo sometime next year. The only talk of a Golovkin bout came from his trainer Freddie Roach. Read the rest of this entry »

title What is next for Bernard Hopkins?

bernard hopkins  photoBy Cameron Gillon: Bernard Hopkins lost his WBA and IBF Light Heavyweight titles on Saturday to Kovalev, who unified the titles with his own WBO title to now hold three of the four world titles at the 175 weight class. This loss left many wondering whether we have seen the last of the great Bernard Hopkins as he is now a few months short of his 50th birthday and many are left asking what kind of fights are left for Hopkins… could he go on to face WBC and The Ring light heavyweight world champion Adonis Stevenson to try to once more put himself to the top of the latter of holding a world title? Even with a win there, he would be second behind Kovalev as being seen as the best at 175. Stevenson’s advisor Al Haymon won’t likely let Stevenson get in the ring with Kovalev even if Stevenson wanted to, due to the danger the fight possesses for Stevenson, he isn’t like Hopkins as far as skills and toughness is concerned, his style would suit Kovalev a lot better as Stevenson is a puncher. Read the rest of this entry »

title Sergey Kovalev: The new era of the light heavyweight division

sergey kovalev 2 bernard hopkins  photoBy Wilmar Patino (Boxings Finest): First off I want to Congratulate Sergey Kovalev for a brilliant fight vs the ageless wonder Bernard Hopkins. As someone who has been following Sergey Kovalev since his days on NBC Sports back when he dismantled and KO’d Gabriel Campillo ( A former light heavyweight champion). I would like to give him credit for taking this fight and proving to the naysayers that he is more than just a puncher. I would also like to thank Hopkins for taking this fight and for giving us an exciting 12th round by giving his best in the closing round of a much anticipated fight.

With that being said I have read a lot of articles on here and seen a lot of love and respect being given to Hopkins for his career milestones and bravery coming into the fight. As well as some much deserved respect for his attempt at unifying the titles last night. Yet this article will be about a favorite fighter of mine Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev. Read the rest of this entry »

title Sadam Ali : A Star Is Born?

By Mohamed Horomtallah – I never saw Sadam Ali fight until last night and I can’t wait for his next bout! I heard the name here and there. I saw some highlights on YouTube and when I found out he was the co-main event on the Hopkins-Kovalev card, I was curious and intrigued.

The closer the fight got, the more I wanted to find out about him. As a boxing fan, I’m always on the lookout for new blood and something about Ali got me excited. I just felt that the kid was special without having any arguments to back up that reasoning. Read the rest of this entry »

title Kovalev Drops And Dominates Hopkins Over 12 Rounds

sergey kovalev 2 bernard hopkins  photoBy Robert Earle Stanton: As the bell rang for the 1st round for the IBF/WBA/WBO Light Heavyweight Unification you saw something abnormal in Bernard Hopkins (IBF/WBA Champion) going down by a right hand, at first not sure if it was a slip but yes, Bernard got dropped by WBO Champion Sergey Kovalev (only the 3rd man in history to drop him, however Hopkins has never lost to a man who dropped him) yet maybe that set the tone. Hopkins, would not only give away the 2nd but hardly threw any punches yet took some and by the end of the 3rd Hopkins was lucky the bell rang. Watching Philadelphia’s Hopkins over the years, now 49, a couple months shy of his 50th birthday, he has proved over and over again that his age held no bearing as we’ve heard “This is the end of Hopkins” before. I especially remember that being said before the Kelly Pavlik fight, as Pavlik was a big puncher yet Bernard would take the young undefeated Pavlik into the deep water and drown him with lateral movement. Read the rest of this entry »

title Sam Sheedy defeats Bradley Pryce

By Nathan Haworth: On Friday night Sam Sheedy put his 13-0 record on the line against Bradley Pryce a 53 fight veteran who would prove to be his toughest opponent to date.

Before the fight Pryce had tipped Sheedy to run for the duration; after the first round he may have been thinking differently. Sam tagged Pryce with a big shot that rocked the Welshman in the opening minute. Read the rest of this entry »

title Hopkins will outclass Kovalev tonight

sergey kovalev 2 bernard hopkins  photo by Bob Smith: The light heavyweight championship bout between Bernard Hopkins and Sergey Kovalev is perhaps the most intriguing match-up of this boxing year. It pits a devastating knockout artist in his prime against an ageless wonder, a skilled fighter for 20 years now, who has never been knocked out even a single time in his 65 fight career. Will the power and skill of the Krusher prove to be too much for Hopkins, or with the Ageless Wonder, the Alien, somehow find a way to win, even nearly pushing 50 years old?

The first thing to ask is: should Bernard Hopkins even be in the ring with such a devastating puncher as Kovalev, much less do so at 49 years old. Hopkins is a former middleweight, and it was in this division, 15-20 years ago, that he made his greatest mark. The short answer is, yes. Hopkins went the distance against a devastating and much quicker puncher in Roy Jones Jr.; he defeated Trinidad and Oscar de la Hoya; went the distance with Calzaghe and Chad Dawson; and defeated Tavoris Cloud and Jean Pascal. While it may be true that Kovalve is a bigger puncher and man than any of them, it still shows that skill of Bernard Hopkins against world class fighters. Read the rest of this entry »

title Can Victor Ortiz rise from the ashes?

By Robbie Bannatynevictor ortiz  photo: If there is one boxer whose real life fighting career most closely mirrors the fantasy of Slyvester Stallone’s classic Rocky series it is Victor Ortiz.

Despite being on 27 years old, Ortiz’s short life and career is colourful enough to have come straight from the creative mind of a Hollywood script writer.

However, fantasy and reality have overlapped as both Ortiz and Sly Stallone have become close after the former featured in the latest Expendables film at the behest of the Hollywood legend. Read the rest of this entry »

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