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title Alakhverdiev Beats Escalera

alakhverdiev1.jpgIn one of the more exciting fights on Friday’s card at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Russian junior welterweight prospect Khabib Alakhverdiev (5-0, 2 KO’s) defeated Puerto Rican prospect Josean Escalera (2-2, 1 KOs) by four-round split decision. Alakhverdiev, 24, is a fighter that many boxing experts have an eye on, noting that he was a former Russian Olympian with over 200 amateur bouts under his belt. In the first two rounds, it looked like an easy night for the southpaw Alakhverdiev, as used a concentrated body attack to pile on the points.

In the 3rd and 4th rounds, however, Escalera’s size advantage begin to weigh in his favor, allowing him to land at a distance against the much shorter Alakhverdiev. Still, however, Escalera looked far from polished, missing many of his punches and still getting tagged a lot by the Russian. Both fighters went at it in the fourth and final round, making the fight appear more like a tough man contest than a professional boxing match. In the end, Alakhverdiev got the edge on the judges’ scorecards, winning 39-37, 38-39 and 39-37.

title Urango Defeats Athumani

urango2424222.jpgFormer IBF junior welterweight champion Juan Urango (18-1-1, 14 KOs) came back from an early first round scare, in which he was stunned by several punches thrown by Kenyan fighter Nasser Athumani (20-5-1, 16 KOs), to stop him eventually in the fourth round of their scheduled 10-round bout at the Boardwalk Hall, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The bout was supposed to be an easy one for the former champion Urango, who was coming back from a recent disappointing 12-round title loss to Ricky Hatton, but Athumani came within an eyelash of stopping Urango in the first after connecting with several right hand shots that badly hurt Urango. Before being hurt by Athumani, Urango looked supremely confident as he at first stalked Athuman, and then knocked him down with a beautiful combination.

It didn’t seem as if Athumani would make it up, and even if he did, it looked as if he was going to be blown out of the ring by Urango. However, once he got to his feet, Athumani looked fighting mad as he immediately unleashed a wicked left hand followed by a straight right which crashed into Urango’s head as he was coming forward, thinking knockout thoughts of his own, perhaps, and immediatlely stopped him in his tracks, hurting him badly. Athumani followed up with an assortment of choice looking right hands and left hooks, seemingly unable to miss any punches on the slow moving Urango, who probably has never considered the defensive side of boxing a particularly interesting topic. Read the rest of this entry »

title Campas Defeats Bravo

campas24242222.jpgLuis Ramon “Yory Boy” Campus (90-10, 72 KOs) dug deep to pull out an exciting 10-round decision over Norberto Bravo (24-14-3, 13 KOs) to win the IBA Continental light middleweight title on Friday night, at the Casino Del Sol, in Tuscon, Arizona. Campas, 36, won most of the early rounds but badly faded in the 2nd half of the fight and was forced to fight hard in the final round to get the decision. Campas, the former IBF light middleweight champion, lost a point for low blow in the 6th round, this after receiving repeated warnings in round four for two additional low blows. In the 8th round, Bravo staggered Campas with a series of right hands. The final judges’ scores were 95-94, 95-94 and 95-94, giving Campas his 90th win of his career. Thew bout also marked the occasion of Campas’ 100th fight.

For his part, Bravo did very little to impress me other than coming forward and taking a lot of shots from Campas. He showed little power, and was mostly limited to ineffectual jabs up until the 8th round when he hurt a tired Campas with a couple of right hands. At that point, Campas looked ready to go if someone had blew some hot air on him, yet Bravo was unable to follow up with anything for the rest of the round. In fact, Campas out-landed Bravo during the round and had him against the ropes as the round ended, all the while staggering from shots thrown by Bravo.

title Quinton “Rampage” Jackson: “I’d Fight Wladimir Klitschko for $10-20 Million”

jackson46432.jpgIn a recent interview by Ryan Hockensmith of ESPN magazine, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (27-6, 13 KOs), the current UFC light heavyweight champion, expressed an interest in fighting IBF heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko (49-3, 44 KOs) in a boxing match if Quinton would receive a payment of between $10-20 million for the fight. The fight would be most appealing to many in the sports world, mainly because Jackson, 29, has quickly proven to have arguably the best boxing skills in the light heavyweight division in the UFC. Most recently, Jackson dropped Chuck Liddell, widely considered to have boxing superb boxing skills – good enough to be a boxer, perhaps – in the 1st round with a huge left hook, and then quickly pounded him out with a series of thundering blows to the head.

Could Jackson do the same against Wladimir Klitschko? The fight is intriguing, I must say, given the way Jackson has dominated his opponents in the UFC with his hands. However, Jackson’s height 6’1″ and weight – 205 lbs – would be a decided disadvantage against the tall, 6’7″ 244 lb, Klitschko, who would dwarf him in proportions and have tremendous reach advantage. However, Jackson is a outstanding athlete, and has shown the ability to quickly adapt to any situation while fighting in the MMA, which gives him good chance of making a potential fight with Klitschko very interesting while it lasts.
Quinton Jackson

title Ortiz Stops Clottey

ortiz_clottey3535232.jpgWelterweight Victor Ortiz (19-1-1, 14 KOs) came on late in the 10th round to knockout veteran Emmanuel Clottey (24-8, 14 KOs), the older brother of Joshua Clottey, on Thursday night at the Grand Plaza, in Houston, Texas. Clottey, 33, was knocked down twice in the tenth, before the referee Ronnie Halston swiftly moved in to put a stop to the bout at 2:59, with just a second to go in the tenth round. Up until then, Clottey had did little to distinguish himself in the fight, often throwing only a handful of punches each round while attempting to mostly avoid getting hit. He never seemed to get untracked during the fight, and only showed brief hints of the kind of talent that his younger brother, Joshua, posses.

Clottey was hurt several times in the fight, the sixth, seventh and ninth rounds, by left hands from Ortiz. It’s surprising he wasn’t hurt more, given the lack of any real retaliation punches thrown by Clottey all fight long. On the rare occasions Clottey did decide to punch, Ortiz didn’t appear to like it much and gave him a lot of respect, perhaps too much in the end because the fight could have ended earlier if Ortiz had pushed himself. Read the rest of this entry »

title Kentikian Defends Against Martin

kentikian35221.jpgWBA woman’s flyweight world champion Susi Kentikian (17-0, 13) will defend her title against Shawnee Martin (8-4, 4 KOs) on September 7th, in a 10-round bout in Dusseldorf, Germany. Kentikian, only 19, is making her third world title boxing defense since capturing the crown in February 2007, in a win over Carolina Alvarez. In her 2nd title defense, Kentikian destroyed Maria Jose Nunez Anchorena in three brutal rounds, a bout in which Kentikian controlled the action from start to finish.

However, in Kentikian’s most recent bout, a 10-round split decision victory over Nadia Hockmi in May 2007, she was pushed to the very edge of her endurance and had to struggle hard to pull out the win in the last two rounds of the fight. Kentitkian, originally from Armenia and now living in Hamburg, Germany, stands only 5’0″ and often is at a considerable disadvantage against her taller opponents. However, she more than makes up for it in aggressiveness by attacking her opponents fiercely and keeping the fight on the inside where she uses her fast hands to pile up points.

title Martinez Destroys Dunne!

dunn_martinez333.jpgEuropean super bantamweight champion Bernard Dunne (24-1, 14 KOs) was completely destroyed by challenger Kiko Martinez (16-0, 13 KOs) of Spain, who knocked Dunne down three times en route to stopping him in the 1st round on Saturday night at the Point, in Dublin, Ireland. Martinez, 21, although looking more like 31, was simply too much for the frail-looking Dunne, as he pounced on him from the opening bell and quickly knocked him down with a blistering combination.

Dunne, 27, got up from the knockdown and shrugged his shoulders as if to say it was nothing, but Martinez came right back for more, landing three consecutive right hands that knocked Dunne down again. After getting up, Dunne briefly tried to make a fight of it by landing several shots, but it was to now avail, as Martinez bombarded him with a flurry of hooks that sent Dunne down for the final time. The referee Terry O’conner swiftly moved in and halted the bout.

title Penalosa Stops Gonzalez in 7th round!

penalosa234343443.jpg35-year old knockout artist, Gery Penalosa (52-6-2, 35 KOs) came from behind tonight to stop WBO bantamweight champion Jhonny Gonzlaez (34-6, 29 KOs) with a crashing body shot in the 7th round tonight at the Arco Arena in Sacramento. Gonzalez, 25, had up to that point been easily beating Penalosa, hitting him with essentially any punch he threw. Penalosa, though, was able to connect with big punches at times, but they were few and far between. As the rounds went by, it looked hopeless for the old ring warrior Penalosa, was he was hopelessly behind by the start of the 7th round.

After taking six rounds of punishment from Gonzalez, looked as if he’d had enough going into the seventh round, as every punch he threw in the seventh round had knockout intentions on it. Gonzalez, however, always one to like a good scrape, tried to trade with Penalosa, and got hit by a perfectly thrown left body shot from Penalosa, sending Gonzalez to the canvas in extreme pain. He tried to get up but the body shot kept him from getting to his feet in time for the bout to continue. As it was, if he’d made it up, Penalosa looked fully prepared to finish the matter the second the action continued.

title Mckart Decisions Ornelas

mckart24424224.jpgBy Jason Kim: Middleweight Bronko Mckart (51-7, 31 KOs) showed that he still had a little bit left in his boxing bag of tricks by beating Enrique Ornelas (25-4, 15 KOs) by split decision to capture the vacant NABF middleweight title at the New Alhambra, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Friday night. Mckart, as usual, proved hard to hit as ducked punches and moved his torso to twist out of the way of shots thrown by Ornelas. He knocked Ornelas down in the 3rd round with a glancing right hook. There were no other knockdowns, however, and the bout quickly settled into protracted war in which both fighters traded pot shots. The judges’ scores were as follows scores were 114-113, 114-113 and 113-114.

After the fourth, Mckart didn’t throw as many punches, looking as if he was making an effort to save his energy for the late round. In fact, the fight was all Ornelas until the 8th round, when Mckart decided it was a good time to start fighting back. At that point, he began as before, landing hooks to the head and body, and generally making Ornelas look very average. Still, howeve, Mckart had to when the last two rounds in order to get the decision, considering he’d given away so many of the middle rounds due to not staying busy.

title Calloway Decisions Smith

calloway2444.jpgHeavyweight Rob Calloway (66-7-1, 52 KOs) outworked Terry Smith (30-3-1, 18 KOs) in the early rounds and then held on to win a close unanimous decision on Friday night at the Springfield Expo Center in Springfield, Missouri. Calloway, 38, scored a knockdown at the bell in the 8th round, after connecting with a big right hand. Smith, though badly hurt from the punch, he recovered remarkably well in between rounds. In the 10th round, Smith came on strong and landed a number of big punches and had Calloway hurt briefly, and holding on at the end. The final judges’ scores were 96-93, 96-94, 96-93, awarding the decision to Calloway.

In the early going, Calloway, weighing only 206 lbs, showed that he was much quicker than Smith, landing fast right hands that landed flush much of the time. Smith, clearly the more powerful punch, was often far too economical with his punches and thus was easily outworked by Calloway. There was no mystery about Calloway’s offense, since it basically came down to his right hand, which he used almost exclusively in the fight. His jab, when he actually used it, wasn’t a factor in the fight.

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