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title Matthew Marsh Defeats Esham Pickering

marsh463446.jpgBy Nate Anderson: In a punching display that reminded me of a prime Ricky Hatton, super bantamweight Matthew Marsh (10-1, 1 KOs) out-slugged champion Esham Pickering (22-7, 13 KOs), defeating him over 10 toughly competitive rounds to win a 10-round unanimous decision on Friday night at the York Hall, Bethnal Green, in London. Marsh, a fighter with only average power, looked powerful enough to cause Pickering huge problems in the fight, keeping under a constant rain of huge hooks and right hands to the head, and preventing Pickering from getting his high volume offense in gear.

A lot of the times, Marsh looked like a carbon copy of Hatton, only better, as he was able to land beautiful combinations to the body without getting hit with left hooks like Hatton normally does as he charges in to throw his wild hooks. Marsh out-worked Pickering in two of the first three rounds, looking as if he was taking out all the stops in order to capture Pickerings’ BBBofC British super bantamweight title. Read the rest of this entry »

title Abner Mares Decisions Jonathan Arias

mares456435.jpgBy Jason Kim: Undefeated bantamweight contender Abner Mares (17-0, 10 KOs) continued with his upward climb in the bantamweight division with an impressive 10-round unanimous decision over Jonathan Arias (13-2, 6 KOs) on Friday night at the Morongo Casino Resort & Spa, in Cabazon, California. The final judges’ scores were 98-91, 99-89 and 99-89. Mares, 22, a 2004 representative at the 2004 Olympics in Athens for Mexico, dominated every round of the fight and had little problem with slower, weaker-punching Aries. There were no knockdowns in the fight, although Mares had Aries in big trouble in the final 30 seconds of the 10th and final round, staggering him badly and battering him nonstop until the final bell.

The fight perhaps should have been stopped after Mares initially tagged Aries with a huge fight hand that almost decapitated him, sending him flying backwards into the ropes. Aries, however, stood up well under the huge onslaught from Mares, who drove the staggering Aries from one side of the ring to the other. The referee, however, seemed inclined to let the two fight it out until the end of the fight and not take away the small chance that Aries could survive. As it turns out, he made it but he took an awful beating from Mares in the process. Read the rest of this entry »

title Jermain Taylor vs. Carl Froch?

taylor576344.jpgBy Nate Anderson: In the latest boxing news, WBC super middleweight champion Joe Calzaghe has decided to vacate his WBC title, leaving it open for the next available contenders, in this case Carl Froch (23-0, 19 KOs) and former middleweight champion Jermain Taylor (27-2-1, 17 KOs), now fighting as a super middleweight. However, it’s unclear whether Taylor, 29, whom has lost back to back fights against Kelly Pavlik, would be interested in facing the hard-hitting but largely unknown Froch, as Taylor has been reportedly showing interest in fighting former IBF super middleweight champion Jeff Lacy instead. A fight against the still popular Lacy, though greatly diminished since his loss to Calzaghe in 2006, would likely be a much more appealing fight in terms of the media than a bout against Froch, even without a title on the line.

Froch, 30, has been waiting in the wings for a title shot for more than a year, hoping either Calzaghe or Mikkel Kessler would give him a shot at their titles. Read the rest of this entry »

title Vanes Martirosyan Decisions Angel Hernandez

martirosyan46246.jpgBy Michael Lieberman: Undefeated light middleweight prospect Vanes Martirosyan (20-0, 13 KOs) won an easy 10-round unanimous decision over veteran Angel Hernandez (28-7, 16 KOs) on Thursday night at the Orleans Hotel & Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Martirosyan, 22, knocked Hernandez down once in the fight, dropping him with a thudding right uppercut in the 1st round. It looked then that more knockdowns would follow in the forthcoming rounds, but Martirosyan was unable to add to this knockdown for the remainder of the fight, having to be content with winning just by a lopsided margin over Hernandez. The final judges’ scores were 100-89, 100-89 and 100-89.

The fight was never remotely close, mainly because the 32 year-old Hernandez didn’t have the power, hand speed or boxing ability to compete with Martirosyan at any step of the way through the fight. What Hernandez did have, however, was a good chin, which enabled him to weather the monstrous uppercuts and right hands that Martirosyan was periodically tagging him with. I still think Martirosyan would have succeeded in knocking Hernandez out, if Martirosyan had stopped with his constant moving, which seemed to undercut a lot of his power. Read the rest of this entry »

title Anthony Peterson Defeats Fernando Trejo

peterson462353.jpgBy Scott Gilfoid: Undefeated lightweight contender Anthony Peterson (27-0, 19 KOs) won a workmanlike 12-round unanimous decision last night over Fernando Trejo (30-14-4, 18 KOs) to win the interim NABF lightweight title at the Orleans Hotel & Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The final judges’ scores were 120-108, 119-109 and 120-108. Despite winning the fight by a huge margin, Peter looked far from a future champion, showing little power, enthusiasm or any real fluidity, as he fought almost like a robot for much of the fight. He often grunted loudly with every punch he threw, for what reason I have no idea.

His punches had little power to speak of on them, and it seemed that he was trying to scare Trejo into submitting by grunting loudly each time he attempted to hit him. By the 3rd round, I was officially sick of listening to the squeal of Peterson, and was thinking strongly of placing cotton in both of my ears to drown out his noises. A fighter that mainly uses his left hand, lacking any power at all in his right which he chooses to use as only a token weapon, he was supposedly going to use his right hand more in this fight – to show that he had a right hand. Read the rest of this entry »

title Edison Miranda = A Weaker Julian Jackson

jackson5443.jpgBy Eric Thomas: Former three time middleweight/junior middleweight champion Julian Jackson (55-6, 49 KOs) has always been a favorite of mine, a fighter who fought in the 80s to mid 90s and known for his many knockouts, with many of them coming from a single punch. To this day, he is still regarded by many to the hardest puncher ever in the middleweight/junior middleweight division, though some fighters like Gerald McClellan, who holds two victories over Jackson, are thought to have power approaching that of Jackson, it’s still not even close from what I’ve seen of him.

However, as good as Jackson’s monstrous power was, he was flawed by having less than an iron chin, which let him down in defeats to McClellan, Quincy Taylor, Mike McCallum, Verno Phillips and Anthony Jones. The defeats to Phillips and Jones, however, came at the end of Jackson’s career, when he was clearly not the same fighter he had been earlier on when he held the junior middleweight and middleweight titles. For many boxing fans, we’ve they’ve been waiting for another fighter to come along with the same kind of impressive power that Jackson formerly possessed, someone with one-punch power in either hand. Read the rest of this entry »

title Joe Calzaghe vs. Roy Jones Jr. In September?

calzaghe45344.jpgBy William MacKay: In the latest boxing news, five-time world champion boxer Roy Jones Jr. (52-4, 38 KOs) is saying that he’ll be fighting Joe Calzaghe (45-0, 32 KOs) likely in September, and that the fight will possibly be taking place in Las Vegas rather than Calzaghe’s native Wales. This bout will be Calzaghe’s last fight, as he’s decided to skip over the idea of facing undefeated middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik, who Calzaghe feels isn’t up to his level. As things work out, Calzaghe’s decision to end with only the Jones fight leaves pretty much all of his boxing fans greatly disappointed, for they wanted to see him fight the power-punching Pavlik, who is considered by many to be the best fighter in the middleweight division bar none.

The decision to fight Jones rather than Pavlik is especially bad, in that it makes Calzaghe look more than a little afraid to many people in the boxing community. Worse, however, is Calzaghe’s excuses to try and explain it away, suggesting that Pavlik would only lose if they fought and that he’s not up to his level, all of which seem rather evasive, as if he’s hiding the real reason why he’s not interested in fighting Pavlik. Read the rest of this entry »

title Diaz Stops Torres

diaz573333453.jpgBy Chet Mills: Former two-time lightweight champion Julio Diaz (35-4, 26 KOs) was far too much for his over-matched opponent David Torres (20-1, 13 KOs), taking him out in the 5th round of a badly one-sided fight that was scheduled for 10-rounds at the Playboy Mansion, in Beverly Hills, California, on Wednesday night. Diaz, 28, making his first appearance since losing his IBF lightweight title in a 9th round stoppage to Juan Diaz in October 2007, knocked Torres, 30, down two times in the fight, once in the third round (a technical knockdown) and another time in the 5th round.

Following the knockdown in the 5th, Torres, whose left side of his face was badly swollen with his left eye nearly swollen shut, was examined by the ringside doctor who advised for the referee to stop the fight. At 1;25, referee Tony Krebs stopped the fight giving Diaz the victory. Read the rest of this entry »

title Buchanan Stops Norman

norman463335.jpgBy Chet Mills: In a long overdue rematch, super middleweight Henry Buchanan (17-1, 12 KOs) once again stopped Brian Norman (16-8, 4 KOs), this time in the 9th round of a scheduled 10-round bout on Wednesday night at the Playboy Mansion, in Beverly Hills, California. After a fairly contest first three rounds of the fight, the 29 year-old Buchanan pulled away from Norman, dominating every round until the bitter end in the 9th round, when Buchanan tagged Norman with a big left hand to the body followed by a powerful right uppercut that sent Norman, 29, sprawling into the bottom ring ropes where he hung briefly until the referee Lou Moret moved in and halted the bout at 1:02 of the 9th round.

Both fighters showed good boxing ability for the most part, particularly Buchanan with his long jab and excellent combinations ,was a pleasure to watch. However, he tended to be on the lazy side for many of the rounds, choosing not to really work hard until the last 30 seconds of the round at which time he would unload with a dizzying flurry of shots and have Norman reeling. It’s unfortunate that Buchanan can’t seem to fight hard all the time because he might some day break the top 20 if he could fight in this manner. However, given his ripe age of 29, I tend to have my doubts about his future potential. Read the rest of this entry »

title What Does Pacquiao Prove By Beating Diaz?

pacquiao44455.jpgBy Nate Anderson: As this Saturday’s bout between Manny Pacquiao (46-3-2, 35 KOs) and David Diaz (34-1-1, 17 KOs) draws closer, I find myself wondering what’s the point in Pacquiao even wasting his time by moving up and fighting Diaz for his WBC lightweight title. There seems to be no logic to it, since Diaz is largely unknown to most boxing fans, only recently picking up some small notoriety with his narrow 12-round unanimous decision over a badly over-the-hill Erik Morales, who was fighting out of his weight class and had lost four out of his last five fights going into his bout with the bigger Diaz, in August 2007.

Even with those conditions seemingly in his favor, Diaz barely beat Morales. Pacquiao, for his part, had made easy work of Morales in the same time frame, stopping him not once but twice with relative ease. That alone seems to suggest that Diaz is in for big trouble against Pacquiao on Saturday night. Unlike Morales, Diaz has little boxing ability and tends to live solely by his ability to slug it out with his opponents on the inside. His hand speed is poor to say the least, his footwork slow, as if he’s fighting in a big pile of wet sand, and his defense is also quite poor. No matter what way you want to look at this fight, there are no assets that Diaz has with which to deal with Pacquiao’s greater speed, power, work rate, movement and overall boxing skills. Read the rest of this entry »

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