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title Rocky Marciano vs. Today’s Heavyweights – Klitschko, Peter & Chagaev

marciano444646.jpgBy Erik Schmidt: I often wonder how would the great Rocky Marciano (49-0, 43 KOs) do against today’s heavyweights. It’s perhaps even more of a question now than ever due to the lack of talent and interest in the heavyweight division. It’s been a decade since the heavyweight division had a champion – Mike Tyson – that fans were interested in, and since that time the quality of the fighters has dropped off dramatically, along with naturally the interest in the division as a whole. Many people say that it’s impossible for fighters of different generations to fight each other due to the size differences, the more advanced training techniques, and the better nutrition available now compared to the 40s and the 50s, when Marciano was at the top of the sport.

However, I don’t buy into all that, mainly because I see a lot of really poor trainers and a lot of heavyweights with bad diets and poor conditioning, and if anything, the nutrition and training is worse today than it was before. The main difference now, however, is that there’s a larger pool of people to get fighters from due to many of the other countries now having fighters that have turned professional. Despite that, the division still is in the worst shape now than it has been in years. So for this reason, I think it’s important to throw out the belief that you can’t compare different eras. Read the rest of this entry »

title Judah vs. Mosley Canceled

judah55445.jpgBy Eric Thomas: In a bit of bad news, former light welterweight and welterweight champion Zab Judah (36-5, 25 KOs) has reportedly suffered an injury to his right forearm, making it necessary to have 50 stitches applied to the wound, and because of that Judah’s May 31st bout with Shane Mosley (44-5, 37 KOs) has been cancelled for the time being. There’s no word at this time as to when the fight will be rescheduled, but there are already talks undergoing for plans for a future date for the fight to take place.

This is particularly bad news for both fighters, perhaps even more for the 30 year-old Judah, for he’s been going through a rough period in his career having lost three out of his last six fights to opponents Carlos Baldomir, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Miguel Cotto. There’s nothing wrong with losing to those kinds of fights, but the fact remains that there’s been little to be happy about in Judah’s career since 2005 when he was the IBF/WBA/WBC welterweight champion of the world. Since that time, Judah has experienced three losses to the aforementioned fighters, including a non contest with Ruben Galvin in April 2007. In his last two fights, Judah has defeated two little known fighters, Edwin Vazquez and Ryan Davis, both fights interesting to watch but clearly a step down for Judah in terms of career bouts. Read the rest of this entry »

title Kentikian vs. Ortega On Saturday

kentikian4353221.jpgBy Jim Dower: WIBF Women’s International Boxing Federation and WBA Female flyweight champion Susi Kentikian (20-0, 15 KOs) will arguably be facing her stiffest test of her early career when she faces American Mary Ortega (29-4-2, 8 KOs) in a scheduled 10-round championship bout on Saturday night at the Brandberge Arena, Halle an der Saale, in Saschsen-Anhalt, Germany. Kentikian, now 20, originally from Armenia but has since moved to Germany, will be making her sixth defense of her Woman’s WBA title and her 2nd defense of the prestigious WIBF title against the 27 year-old Ortega.

Kentikian, though only 20, has already surged to the top of the Woman’s flyweight division where she has dominated her opposition thus far since winning the vacant WBA title with a 9th round TKO of Carolina Alvarez in February 2007. Since then, Kentikian has breezed through her opposition, beating Maria Jose Nunez, Nadia Hokmi, Shawnee Martin and Sarah Goodson. Of them, only Hokmi gave her a competitive fight. Their first fight, fought on March 25th, 2007, saw Kentikian win by a narrow split decision. However, Kentikian not one to leave things unfinished, gave Hokmi a rematch in December 2007, this time beating Hokmi by a 10-round unanimous decision, winning by the scores 97-95, 96-94 and 96-94. Read the rest of this entry »

title Lopez Stops Oliver

oliver43323.jpgBy Nate Anderson: Previously unbeaten super bantamweight contender Mike Oliver (21-1, 7 KOs) was shockingly stopped in the 3rd round by Colombian Reynaldo Lopez (29-5-2, 20 KOs) on Wednesday night at The Roxy, in Boston, Massachusetts. Oliver, 28, ranked # 2 in the IBF super bantamweight division, was cruising along in the third round having won the first two rounds when he attempted to throw a right hand from too far away and was subsequently nailed with a big right hand from Lopez, 34, knocking Oliver down flat on the canvas.

Referee Dick Flaherty then almost immediately stopped the fight at 1:22 of the third round with Oliver flat on his face on the canvas. It was a huge upset because Lopez, a fighter not even ranked in the top 10, was thought not to be nearly in the same class as Oliver in terms of boxing skills. The loss wipes out basically any chance for Oliver to land a bout with IBF super bantamweight champion Steve Molitor, who Oliver had been seeking to land a fight with for some time. Read the rest of this entry »

title Abraham Decisions Azri

abraham57343.jpgBy Bradley Tice: Undefeated junior middleweight prospect Alexander Abraham (20-0-1, 14 KOs) stayed unbeaten with a disappointing 6-round unanimous decision over Mehdi Azri (12-6, 2 KOs) on Tuesday night at the P arc des Sports et Loisirs, Pont-Audemer, Eure, France. Abraham, 26, the younger brother of undefeated IBF middleweight champion Arthur Abraham, is clearly a work in progress at this point in his career. He has little of the boxing skills, power or the speed of his older brother, and is still learning how to develop the potential that he does have. Against Azri, who had come into the fight having lost five out of his last six fights, it would be putting it gently to say that the younger Abraham didn’t exactly impress. He did, however, when the fight, which is the most important part regardless of how sloppy he looked in doing so.

Abraham fought mostly flat-footed in the first round, tending to focus mainly on throwing body shots. It was a good idea because Azri was running all around the ring and making it hard to get a bead on him for a head shot. Obviously, Abraham had done his homework and realized what kind of style that Azri would be bringing into the ring. For his part, Azri landed next to nothing in the round, only a few wild shots in passing. It was ugly street boxing, the kind that you might see on the corner. Read the rest of this entry »

title Bayram Decisions Danut

bayram4433.jpgBy Bradley Tice: In a fight that was supposed to be a stay-busy bout for French Light middleweight Hussein Bayram 27-3, 14 KOs), he was forced to struggle to defeat the tough Romanian Gheorghe Danut (7-10-6) by a six-round split decision on Tuesday night at the Parc des Sports et Loisirs, Pont-Audemer, Eure, France. Bayram, 32, was knocked down with 20 seconds late in the 1st round after walking into a powerful left hand from Danut. Bayram continued to have problems in the 2nd round as well, when he was nailed by a big left hand from Danut and momentarily stunned by the shot. However, Bayram, a fighter accustomed to fighting 10-12 rounds fights instead of six-rounds, began to warm in the 3rd round and then appeared to win the remaining rounds of the six-round bout as Danut badly tired out after the first two rounds.

Bayram looked bad in the first round, his reflexes slow, and his hand speed even slower, as he was hit often by the fast-punching Danut. Indeed, Bayram had a hard time landing his shots in the first round due to the quick movement from Danut, who would get inside and throw a flurry, then quickly dart away before Bayram could get his ponderous shots off. In fact, Bayram only connected with small amount of shots in the round and was already losing the round by a significant margin when he was clipped with a left hand from Danut with 20 seconds to go and knocked down. Read the rest of this entry »

title Chebah Crushes Lara

chebah3353.jpgBy Bradley Tice: Unbeaten light welterweight prospect Ali Chebah (25-0, 19 KOs) was too much for Nicaraguan Nelson Lara (15-2-2, 8 KOs), finishing him in the 6th round of their WBC World Youth light welterweight title on Tuesday night at the Parc des Sports et Loisirs, Pont-Audemer, Eure, France. After a slow start in the 1st round, Chebah, 22, build up momentum and wore Lara down with big power shots, eventually stopping him in the 6th round with a short left hook to the head. Lara, 24, took a knee and then got up briefly, but then promptly took a knee again and was counted out by referee Massimo Barrovechhio.

In the first round, it looked as if the underdog Lara might pull off an upset as he landed effectively with jabs, combinations and hooks to the head of Chebah. Lara stayed in close to Chebah, smothering his power and preventing him from having room to get in his own shots. For the first two minutes of the round, it was all Lara as he tagged Chebah repeatedly with combinations to the body and head. Chebah, however, a notorious slow started, came on in the last minute of the round as he started to compose himself better, landing powerful right uppercuts and combinations. Read the rest of this entry »

title Smith Stops Torres

smith4746461.jpgBy Dave Lahr: Welterweight prospect Antoine Smith (10-1-1, 6 KOs) stopped an over-matched Aaron Torres (16-7, 6 KOs) in the 3rd round on Wednesday night of a scheduled 10-round bout at The Roxy, in Boston, Massachusetts. Smith dropped Torres two times in the fight, once in the 2nd and another time in the 3rd, knocking him down with a big right hand. After the second knockdown, Torres elected to stay down and was promptly counted out by the referee Javier Colon at 2:25 of the 3rd round.

Torres, 29, who had lost five out of his last seven fights going into Wednesday’s bout with Smith, started off quick out the gates, throwing a steady series of jabs at Smith. It was apparent immediately that Torres for all his activity was going to have problems due to his unusually slow hand speed in comparison to the fast hands of Smith. However, Torres stayed busy in the round and gave Smith few chances to get his own offense started in the round. Indeed, Smith landed only a few shots in the round but he showed impressive power on those rare occasions that he chose to let his hands go. Read the rest of this entry »

title Boxing News: Skelton-Sam, Williams-Airich, Ruiz, Froch

Matt Skelton’s European heavyweight title challenge against Sinan Samil Sam has been postponed because of an injury to the Turk. The fight was due to take place in Istanbul on May 30. However, it will now be arranged at a later date when Sam has fully recovered. Skelton was looking to get back to winning ways after losing a WBA world title fight against Ruslan Chagaev on points earlier this year.. Read the rest of this entry »

title How Long Will Hatton Ignore Witter?

hatton-mayweather44633.jpgBy Chris Williams: Though many boxing scribes still feel that former IBF light welterweight champion Ricky Hatton (43-1, 31 KOs) is the best fighter in the light welterweight division, he’s beginning to get diminishing support among many fans for his steadfast refusal to fight WBC light welterweight champion Junior Witter (36-1, 21 KOs), who has been calling him out for the past two years without luck. Hatton has said that he doesn’t want to fight Witter because of the way that Witter is constantly calling him out in the press.

However, if Hatton has kept his eyes open in the sport during his career, he’d have seen that this is how it’s always done. That is, when one fighter wants to fight another fighter, particularly one that is more popular than them, they talk to the press and call out the fighter by saying something negative about them in one way or another. Hatton, for all his excuses about not like having Witter calling him out, did just that when he made negative comments in the media about Floyd Mayweather Jr. before they decided to fight one another. Mayweather, in turn, responded to Hatton with his own war of words. Shortly after that, the two agreed to fight. So, Hatton’s feelings of not liking what Witter is doing by calling him out seem to equate to something else, more likening to him just not wanting to fight him period regardless of what Witter is saying or not saying about him personally. Read the rest of this entry »

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