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title Bute Stops Berrio

berrio65544.jpgLucian Bute (21-0, 17 KOs) remained unbeaten on Friday night as he stopped Colombian Alejandro Berrio (26-5, 25 KOs) in the 11th round at the Bell Centre, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The southpaw Bute, 27, led all the way, jabbing constantly and moving on the outside to stay away from the knockout artist Berrio. Despite sporting two badly swollen eyes, Bute connected with two powerful left hooks to drop an exhausted Berrio in the 11th round. Referee Marlon Wright moved in and put a halt to the bout. Berrio stalked Bute round after round, landing an occasional bomb whenever Bute would remain stationary long enough for Berrio to connect. However, Bute’s fighting style was all wrong for Berrio, who prefers his opponents to stand in front of him rather than the hit and run type that Bute more closely resembles.

In the early rounds, Bute used stinging combinations and a accurate jab to keep Berrio on the outside. Berrio remained patient, looking as if he knew that he would catch up to Bute sooner or later. However, by the 8th round Berrio was now looking desperate, as he was trailing badly by that time. Read the rest of this entry »

title Gomez Decisions McCall

mccall-gomez43.jpgHeavyweight Juan Carlos Gomez (43-1, 35 KOs) dominated the 42-year old Oliver McCall (51-9, 36 KOs) beating him by 12-round unanimous decision at the Estrel Convention Center, Neukoelln, in Berlin, Germany. The final judges’ scores were 116-112, 118-110 and 118-110, giving Gomez the victory. Strangely enough, this was the second time that Gomez has beaten the forty year old McCall, having beaten him two years ago by unanimous decision only to have the victory ruled a no-contest when drugs showed up in his urine after the fight. This time, however, the victory was even easier as the southpaw Gomez controlled the action with his long jab and straight left hand.

For some reason, McCall seemed to be holding back, as if he was trying to preserve his energy until the right moment in which to expend it. However, by the time that McCall began to start punching in the 8th round, he seemed to lack the power in his shots that he normally has in the early rounds of his fight. Obviously, it was a tactical error on his part, something he should have accounted for because he did very little in the first seven rounds of the fight other than following Gomez around the ring, taking shots during much of the time. Read the rest of this entry »

title Solis Stops Bates

solis-bates34.jpgFormer 2004 heavyweight Olympic gold medalist for the Cuban team, Odlanier Solis (5-0, 4 KOs) obliterated American Jeremy Bates (21-15-1, 18 KOs) in the 2nd round tonight at the Estrel Convention Center, Neukoelln, in Berlin, Germany. Using mostly uppercuts and powerful body shots, Solis pounded away at Bates, 33, knocking him down in the 1st round, and then hurting him badly in the 2nd round with a devastating right uppercut that sent him to the ropes where the referee moved in and halted the bout.

Solis, 27, looked remarkably overweight at 250+ pounds, 50 more than he weighed in three years ago when he won the heavyweight gold medal in the 2004 Olympics. I suppose Solis feels that he needs the weight to compete in the heavyweight division, where the money is better than the cruiserweight division – where Solis should really be fighting at his height (six feet). However, mixed in with all the blubber that Solis has put on there’s a decent amount of muscle, which makes him effective against the unskilled heavyweights in the division like Bates. Read the rest of this entry »

title Gamboa Destroys Kebede

gamboa2424.jpgFeatherweight prospect Yuriorkis Gamboa (6-0, 5 KOs) had an easy time tonight destroying 33-year old Samuel Kebede (25-2, 14 KOs) in the 2nd round at the Estrel Convention Center, Neukoelln, in Berlin, German. Gamboa, 25, the 2004 Olympic flyweight gold medalist from Cuba, knocked Kebede down twice in the 1st round and then once more in the 2nd round, prompting for referee to move in and put a halt to the one-sided affair. Gamboa knocked Kebede down with a chopping right hand seconds into the fight.

After receiving a standing eight count, Kebede resumed fighting and taking terrific punishment from Gamboa, who fought most of the fight with his hands at his sides, using little defense – because Kebede was throwing zero punches – and pot shotting Kebede at will with hooks, body shots and powerful right hands. Late in the first round, Gamboa knocked Kebede down with another chopping right hand. The round ended with Gamboa blasting away at a defenseless Kebede whose face was red from the numerous shots he’d absorbed in the round. Read the rest of this entry »

title Vitali Klitschko: Will He Ever Fight Again?

vitali6464.jpgFormer World Boxing Council heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko, who has now been injured causing the five consecutive delays in bouts, is now set to fight the winner of Oleg Maskaev vs Samuel Peter, a bout which takes place in February 2008. However, With Vitali’s Emeritus status (read: unearned) as a mandatory challenger, the questiuon remains whether he can stay healthy enough to ever make the bout with the winner. His back, knee and shoulder has proven to be quite fragile as his career has progressed, especially in recent years as he’s aged. Now, at 37 – make it 38 by the time he fights the winner of Maskaev-Peter – it remains questionable that he can even make out of his training camps in one piece without injuring himself badly. A large part of the blame lays with him, for he was injured in 2005 while running in cold weather in Germany.

Why Vitali, a multi-millionaire, should choose a risky cold climate to train doesn’t make much sense, especially in light of his his history of severe injuries. Whatever, the case the injuries – a torn MCL and bone bruise – made it necessary for him to retire temporarily from boxing. Read the rest of this entry »

title Calzaghe Kessler: Does Joe Have Enough Power To Keep Mikkel Honest?

calzaghe464343.jpg With little more than two weeks to go before the Super middleweight showdown between undefeated World Boxing Organization super middleweight champion Joe Calzaghe (43-0, 32 KOs) and World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council super middleweight champion Mikkel Kessler (39-0, 29 KOs) the big question that comes to mind for many is whether Calzaghe will have the power to keep the younger, stronger Kessler on the outside where he’s much less effective. The bout, which takes place at Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, in Wales, will be a factor in the 35-year old Calzaghe’s favor, however, it’s not clear how much the crowd can assist Calzaghe in the way of his lack of power. Calzaghe, a fighter mainly noted for being an excellent slapper, has never had the kind of knockout power that Kessler possesses, and has been lucky up to this point in his career, only having to face mostly weaker, mediocre fighters.

Much has been made of the fact that Calzaghe has held onto the WBO super middleweight title for the past 10 years, but unknown to many fans is that the wins have come against weak opposition, much weaker than the top super middleweights that have recently risen to the top of the division. For Calzaghe, with his marginal punching power, a fight against Kessler couldn’t have come at the worst time for him in his career, because he’s clearly on the downward slope and doesn’t have more than a few good fights in him before he starts taking beatings – and suffering loses, if he continues to face tough opposition after he faces Kessler. Read the rest of this entry »

title Gomez Decisions Tackie

gomez5664353.jpgWelterweight contender Alfonso Gomez (18-3-2, 8 KOs) won a harder than expected unanimous decision over former lightweight start Ben Tackie (29-8-1, 17 KOs) on Tuesday night at the Home Depot Center, in Carson, California. Gomez, 26, a former fighter from the reality television series “The Contender” controlled virtually every round of the fight as he outworked the older 34-year old Tackie with a high volume punch out. However, though Tackie landed far less punches, his more powerful shots badly marked up Gomez’s face and him in full retreat in the last two rounds of the fight. The final judges’ scores were 98-92, 98-92, 97-93, awarding Gomez the decision.

Gomez, hoping to land a future bout with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in early 2008, boxed circles round the slower, less active Tackie in rounds one though seven, making him look old in comparison. Gomez used his jab, superior movement and combinations to keep Tackie on the outside and bottled up for most of the bout. Tackie, however, kept up with his usual constant pressure, forcing the younger Gomez to throw a lot of punches, much more than he had to do in his last bout against the washed up Arturo Gatti. Read the rest of this entry »

title Mora Fights To Draw With Ayala

mora3353332.jpgUndefeated middleweight Sergio Mora (19-0-1, 4 KOs) fought to a draw with Elvin Ayala (18-2-1, 8 KOs) on Tuesday night at the Home Depot Center, in Carson, California. Mora, 26, noted for his appearance on the reality television series “The Contender” looked slow and limited against the unorthodox Ayala, nothing like all the hype that had been built up about his since he first started appearing on the show. Mora appeared to lose the fight, as he did little other than land jabs for most of the fight. On the occasions when he would throw his slow right hand, Ayala would immediately counter him with several shots and make him not want to use the right again. The final judges’ scores were 99-91 for Mora, 96-94 for Ayala and 95-95 for a draw. The 99-91 score was crazy, looking like a judge favoring Mora because of his more well known name than any actual actual rounds he won.

Mora was coming off 14 months of inactivity in which time he turned down a fight with Jermain Taylor, saying that he wasn’t ready to fight him, and also canceled a fight with Kassim Ouma due to an injury Mora experienced while training. Read the rest of this entry »

title Mollo Stops Binkowski

molla44.jpgWith a left hook comparable to a young Mike Tyson, heavyweight prospect Mike Mollo (19-1, 12 KOs) completed dismantled the usually sturdy-chinned Art Binkowski (16-2-3, 11 KOs) in the 2nd round on Saturday night the Sears Centre, in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Standing around six feet in height, Mollo showed the his lack of size wouldn’t be a problem for his as he landed huge left hooks in the first round, backing up the taller Binkowski for much of the round. Binkwoski, 30, showed a good chin in the first as he was hit with several monstrous left hooks that would have dropped a less sturdy chinned fighter.

However, in the 2nd round, Binkowski’s luck ran out as he was dumpted to the canvas after taking a left hand hook to the chin. Binkowski immediately got up, facing his corner as if teh bout was over. After getting him turned back around, the referee allowed the fight to continue. Sensing blood, Mollo went left hook happy, throwing them with every ounce of energy in his body. His efforts soon paid off, as he landed a storm of punches while Binkowski was caught against the ropes, sending him down again. Read the rest of this entry »

title Ruiz Stops Tisdale

ruiz464443.jpgOne time heavyweight champion John Ruiz (42-7-1, 29 KOs) won an impressive two round knockout over Otis Tisdale on Saturday night at the Sears Centre, in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Ruiz, ranked #3 in the WBA, showing a new offensive-minded fighting style – minus his usual clinching – knocked Tisdale down twice in the first round and once in the 2nd, before the referee Pete Podgorsk moved in and stopped the bout at 0:45 of the 2nd round. Ruiz, 35, was all action in the bout, using massive uppercuts, hooks, movement and a powerful right hand to control virtually every second of the bout with the out-gunned Tisdale.

Orginally scheduled to fight Sergei Liakhovich, but when he backed out of the fight a week before the bout, Ruiz was forced to take on the Journeyman Tisdale as a last minute replacement. As it turns out, this perhaps was even better for Ruiz, mainly because it allowed him to work out the kinks in his new offensive attack. As it was, Ruiz looked nothing short of sensational against the limited Tisdale, possibly good enough to beat Liakhovich handily had he opted to fight Ruiz. Read the rest of this entry »

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