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title Casamayor vs. Marquez on Saturday – Boxing News

casamayor5344.jpgBy Jason Kim: If you’re looking for excitement this Saturday night, then look no further than the lightweight match-up between former super featherweight champions Juan Manuel Marquez (48-4, 35 KOs) and Joel Casamayor (36-3, 22 KOs) in a scheduled 12-round bout at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada. Both fighters are getting up there in age, but Marquez, 35, appears to have much more left in the tank as evidenced by his 12-round split decision loss to Manny Pacquiao in March 2008. By most accounts, Marquez appeared to win the fight but found himself on the losing end of a questionable split decision to the more popular Pacquiao.

Unable to get attain a rematch with Pacquiao, who instead has opted to face Oscar De La Hoya, Marquez then chose to move up from the super featherweight division to the lightweights to find greener pastures. He was quickly able to land a fight with former Cuban amateur star Casamayor, which he hopes will be the beginning of finding other big fights in the division, such as a bout with Nate Campbell or possibly a rematch with Pacquiao, who already moved up to the lightweight division and is a current World Boxing Council lightweight champion after a win over David Diaz. Read the rest of this entry »

title Audley Harrison: “I still believe I can become a world champion”

harrison455734.jpgBy Nate Anderson: Count me in as one of the few boxing writers that felt that Audley Harrison (23-3, 17 KOs) put on a fine performance last Saturday night against his tough Brazilian opponent George Arias (41-11, 29 KOs) whom he beat by clear cut decision. Harrison looked to be in his finest shape since winning a gold medal in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Harrison showed better skills than I’ve seen from most of the top heavyweights in the division, including Wladimir Klitschko, Samuel Peter and David Haye.

And though Arias one a few rounds by fighting hard, it was only because Harrison allowed him to by fighting in a relaxed manner. Believe me, Harrison could have won all the rounds if he wanted to, but instead was looking to land a big shot with one of his powerful trademark uppercuts. Harrison afterwards predicted that he’d win a heavyweight title in 2009, something that will no doubt cause more than a few boxing fans to grin. However, I think that Audley is quite capable of pulling it off. Read the rest of this entry »

title Calzaghe vs. Jones: Betting That Roy Will Still Have Enough Left To Beat Joe

calzaghe333353.jpgBy Michael Lieberman: Undefeated super middleweight Joe Calzaghe (45-0, 32 KOs) has had a stellar career, beating a variety of fighters some good and many not so good, but on November 8th barring another injury delay by Calzaghe, he’ll be facing easily the best opponent of his career in 39 year-old Roy Jones Jr. (52-4, 38 KOs) at the Madison Square Garden, in New York City, New York. Ignore for a second the age and recent losses by Jones, he’s got more than enough talent to beat the likes of Calzaghe. Jones, perhaps the best pure boxer that has come through the sport in the past half century, is a six-time world champion boxer with title wins in four different weight classes and previously held one title or another for 11 consecutive years fighting the best in the world over that time.

In contrast, Calzaghe has also held a title for 11 years, although against much lesser quality opposition. Indeed, up until the twilight of his career Calzaghe has faced mostly good B-quality fighters and few, if any, fighters that could seriously be considered coming anywhere close to A-quality. Jones has faced the likes of a prime Bernard Hopkins (and beaten him decisively), Felix Trinidad, Antonio Tarver, Reggie Johnson, Glen Johnson, Montell Griffin, Montell Griffin, Virgil Hill, Lou Del Valle, Otis Grant, Mike McCallum and Eric Lucas and looked good against most of them. Read the rest of this entry »

title Peter-Klitschko: Sam Looking Badly Overweight For October Match

peter47245.jpgBy Eric Thomas: In a recent sparring video of World Boxing Council heavyweight champion Samuel Peter (30-1, 23 KOs), he looks to be significantly overweight, perhaps as much as twenty pounds, for his title fight against former WBC title holder Vitali Klitschko (35-2, 34 KOs) next month at the O2 World Arena, Kreuzberg, in Berlin, Germany. In the video, Peter looked as if he has quite a ways to go before he’ll be in fighting shape for his October 11th fight. Although there’s still four weeks to go before the fight, it’s doubtful that Peter will be able to trim off all the lard by then without having to drastically starve himself to make it happen.

Peter, 28, looks as if he’s on course to come in well above his usual average of 250 lbs per fight, perhaps as high as 260. To date, the highest weight that Peter has come into a fight is 257, the weight that he fought James Toney at in their first fight in September 2006. For those who may not have seen the fight, Peter fought poorly, barely doing enough to defeat shorter, older Toney by a disappointing 12-round split decision. If not for his bigger size, as in muscle, not fat, more power and longer reach, Peter may have lost the fight to Toney. Read the rest of this entry »

title Is Khan Still a Marketable Fighter?

khan56276.jpgBy Chris Williams: After last Saturday’s crushing defeated to Breidis Prescott (20-0, 18 KOs), formerly unbeaten Amir Khan (18-1, 14 KOs) may find himself not only starting all over again from the drawing board, but he also may be no longer marketable with the boxing public. The loss, a crushing 1st round knockout, left no doubt that Khan wasn’t in the class of the power-punching Colombian and left Khan’s once promising career literally in tatters. Even though Khan is probably young enough to rebuild his career many times over at the age of 21, his weak chin leaves a lot of doubts whether he’ll be able to accomplish that goal with any real degree of success.

After all, it wasn’t as if this was the first time that Khan found himself planted on the canvas. This time, though, he wasn’t able to escape with a victory because Prescott, with a series of devastating left hooks, had hurt him far too badly for him to recover enough to make it out of the 1st round. If Khan had at least fought competitively for a moment in the fight, there would at least be some small string of hope that the boxing public could cling to try and excuse the loss away and a see a better future for him. Read the rest of this entry »

title Hopkins vs. Pavlik: Will Kelly Beat Bernard Into Retirement?

pavlik562351.JPGBy Jim Dower: With the latest trend in boxing, WBC/WBO middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik (34-0, 30 KOs) has decided on facing a faded star of yesterday, in this case former middleweight champion Bernard Hopkins (48-5, 32 KOs), who is nearing his 44th birthday. The fight might have been supremely interesting eight to ten years ago when Hopkins was in his prime but as of now it’s hard to get excited about it other than the spectacle of it. In one corner you have Pavlik, 26, who is currently in his prime and by far the best fighter in the middleweight division, and in the other you have Hopkins, a fighter who is coming off of a narrow defeat to Joe Calzaghe but who has lost three out of his last five fights.

All things being equal, this would be a fight that Hopkins would be lucky to win even in his prime. However, he’s left his best years behind in the rear mirror years ago and is now sticking around the sport more like a spoiler, making fighters like Calzaghe struggle while at the same time beating pretenders. Pavlik, though, is anything but a pretender, and will be bringing huge power with him in the ring when the two meet on October 18th in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Read the rest of this entry »

title Malignaggi: “Hatton is a limited fighter” –Boxing News

hatton45236.jpgBy Michael Lieberman: Not holding back his punches in the least, International Boxing Federation light welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi (25-1, 5 KOs) let loose the dogs of war with some recent comments made to Ring magazine, saying “Hatton is a limited fighter. He can’t box…I just don’t think he’s much of a fighter, or was ever much of a fighter.” Malignaggi, 27, is probably the finest light welterweight in the division at this point in his career, having beaten excellent fighters like Herman Ngoudjo, Lovemore N’dou, Edner Cherry and lost a life and death battle to Miguel Cotto.

If Malignaggi’s credentials weren’t so impeccable, I would probably dismiss at once his comments and consider them merely bluster on his part. However, he’s shown to be one of the best fighters in the game and knows boxing through and through. So if he says that Hatton is a limited fighter, I guess I have to believe in what he says. Not through with throwing darts at Hatton, Malignaggi had one final pearl of wisdom to say about Hatton, commenting in the same interview with Ring magazine, “He’s [Hatton] the John Ruiz of the junior welterweight class.” Read the rest of this entry »

title Forrest vs. Mora: Has Vernon Gotten Too Old For Boxing?

forrest446646.jpgBy Scott Gilfoid: Sometimes a fighter just get old overnight and loses it. That seems to be the case for Vernon Forrest (40-3, 29 KOs) who challenges World Boxing Council light middleweight champion Sergio Mora (21-01, 5 KOs) on Saturday night at the MGM Grand, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Forrest, 37 and quickly approaching 38, has steadfastly made excuses for his past defeat to Mora three months ago, a 12-round majority decision loss, saying that he was bored and hadn’t trained properly for the fight, explaining why he had lacked energy all fight long and run out of gas by the third round.

However, it looked as if Mora, 27, had a lot to do with Forrest running out of energy so quickly. Mora fought an outstanding fight, jabbing often, moving constantly, faking Forrest out of position, and hitting him to the body and head with strong left hooks. Read the rest of this entry »

title Should Khan Fight a Rematch With Prescott?

khan543.jpgBy Aaron Klein: After last Saturday night’s shocking 1st round knockout loss for British lightweight sensation Amir Khan (18-1, 14 KOs) there’s a lot of questions about his once promising career with many boxing fans and writers feeling that he may ruined as a fighter and unable to come back from this defeat.

His image, however, has taken a major hit and it’s questionable whether he’ll be able to bring back the status he previously held unless he does something bold and dramatic fight like fighting Breidis Prescott (20-0, 18 KOs) in an immediately rematch. Obviously this would seem like a risky perhaps even foolhardy thing for Khan to do given his 1st round destruction to knockout artist Prescott last Saturday, but it’s probably the only way that Khan can ever recapture both his self respect and the respect from boxing fans. Read the rest of this entry »

title Why did it go so wrong for Amir Khan?

khan453467.jpgBy Jonathan Watkins: Amir Khan’s undefeated record has now become a thing of the past, his aspirations of becoming a world champion have been put firmly on hold and now the rebuilding of his career must take place. On Saturday September 6th, Manchester’s MEN arena, along with many unsatisfied pay-per-view fans, witnessed an embarrassing defeat for Khan at the hands of Columbia’s Breidis Prescott.

The truth is I was debating whether to watch the fight in the first place. For Khan to be on box office at this stage of his career was a bad move. His fights were entertaining as he was showing great skill in his hand-speed and attacking abilities, but his opponents seemed hand picked in order to protect the British fighter and increase his popularity. I would also like to add that I certainly wasn’t further tempted with the fact Audley Harrison was fighting on the undercard, but I won’t go into my thoughts on that boxer, if that’s what you wish to call him. Read the rest of this entry »

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