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title Chambers Defeats Brock

Undefeated “Fast” Eddie Chambers (30-0, 16 KOs) won a 12-round split decision victory last night over Calvin Brock (31-2, 23 KOs) in the International Boxing Federation eliminator bout at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, WA. The final judges’ scores were 115-113, 115-113 for Chambers and 115-113 for Brock. However, the bout looked more like a draw to me, as Brock out-landed Chambers in virtually every round of the fight aside from the 12th round. Unfortunately for Brock, his fast looked like he’d been hit by a mack truck, because he was badly lumped up with horrible looking swelling under each eye. Read the rest of this entry »

title Calzaghe Decisions Kessler

WBO super middleweight champion Joe Calzaghe (44-0, 32 KOs) in a dominating performance tonight defeated Mikkel Kessler (39-1, 29 KOs), winning the WBC and WBA super middleweight titles in the process at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. Kessler, 28, did well in the early rounds fighting behind a solid jab and powerful right hand. However, after the 4th round, Calzaghe’s fluid punching style allowed him to take control of the fight over the much stiffer Kessler. From there on out, Calzaghe’s speed and unorthodox punching style created huge problems for Kessler, who was unable to match Calzaghe’s blazing fast punch out put. The finak judges’ scores were 117-111, 116-112, 116-112, awarding the unanimous decision to the 35 year-old Calzaghe. Read the rest of this entry »

title Muhammed Ali: Could He Match Up With Today’s Top Heavyweights?

ali2445444.jpgFor many boxing fans, the question of whether a prime Muhammed Ali (21-25 years-old) could compete against the top heavyweights in the current era of boxing, remains an interesting curiosity. Most old timers see Ali as unbeatable earlier in his career, the type of fighter that could perhaps beat any fighter in any era, no matter the size difference between them. However, I see things a little different than most. Ali, while a great champion during his time, he was after all a small heavyweight, weighing around 205 lbs during his prime years. Basically, Ali was another clone of Chris Byrd, maybe a little faster, I give you that, but not anymore powerful than Byrd.

Ali did well against the fighters of his time, the slow and crude Sonny Liston, George Chuvalo, Jerry Quarry and Joe Frazier, to name just a few. However, none of those heavyweights compare to the super heavyweights of this day and age, which makes it hard for me to give Ali much of a change against Wladimir Klitschko, Sultan Ibragimov, Alexander Povetkin, Alexander Dimitrenko, Ruslan Chagaev, Oleg Maskaev or Samuel Peter. Those guys are much bigger, punch much harder and have excellent handspeed, enough perhaps to come close to matching Ali. Read the rest of this entry »

title Roman Decisions Ouma

Former International Boxing Federation junior middleweight champion Kassim Ouma (25-4-1, 15 KOs) lost a 10-round split decision to the tough Saul Roman (28-4, 24 KOs) tonight at the Morongo Casino Resort & Spa, in Cabazon, California. Ouma, 28, appeared to take Roman too lightly, as he was outworked from the first round of the fight. The final judges’ scores were 95-93, 96-93 and 94-95, the last card going to Ouma. Read the rest of this entry »

title Kessler Calzaghe: Does Anyone Care About This Fight?

kessler3533332.jpgAs I’ve perused the many various boxing websites on the net, I’ve noticed that many of them are strangely silent about the super middleweight unification bout between undefeated World Boxing Organization champion Joe Calzaghe (43-0, 32 KOs) and World Boxing Association/World Boxing Council Super middleweight champion Mikkel Kessler (39-0, 29 KOs) which takes place this Saturday night. While it does appear that the fight is hugely popular in England and Denmark, many of the American boxing sites seem to have little to say about the fight aside from an article or two. Even the major cable networks, Showtime, for example, have had very commercials advertising the fight.

Sure, they’ll be showing it live, yet they’ve done a poor job of selling the fight compared to other boxing fights, such as Oscar De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr., a bout which had little suspense leading up to the fight due to the match-up of an old, washed up Dela Hoya and a prime Mayweather. Still, the bout broke records and was advertised everywhere, European or American boxing sites. Part of the problem, unfortunately, is that most American sports fans have had little exposure to Calzahge, whom has held the super middleweight championship belt of the past ten years, defending the title 20 times over the course of that period. Read the rest of this entry »

title Calzaghe Kessler: Does Joe Have a Plan B?

calzaghe55754447.jpgAs World Boxing Organization super middleweight champion Joe Calzaghe (43-0, 32 KOs) approaches this Saturday’s bout with World Boxing Council/World Boxing Association super middleweight champion Mikkel Kessler (39-0, 29 KOs) at the Millennium Stadium, in Cardiff, Wales, a big questions is whether the 35-year old Calzaghe has a plan B should his slap happy style of fighting prove in effective against Kessler. Unlike Calzaghe’s mostly marginal other challengers, Kessler has an airtight defense, and excellent jab and a powerful right hand to go along with it. In Calzaghe’s previous 20 title defenses, he’s had much softer opposition, allowing him to get away with his slapping style and his wide open defense.

Perhaps Calzaghe’s best opponent to date, Sakio Bika, had him plenty worried, as the African roughed up Calzaghe in the first half of the fight and him worried and confused, asking his father, Enzo, for advice at one stage in the fight. Now, Bika’s a good fighters but he’s not in anyway in the same class as Kessler, who is clearly several runs ahead of him in talent and ring smarts. If Calzaghe goes in against Kessler with his usual slapping style, he’ll likely have much more problems than the ones that Bika presented for him. Read the rest of this entry »

title Marquez vs. Juarez on Saturday night

World Boxing Council super featherweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez (47-3, 35 KOs) defends his title against American Rocky Juarez (27-3, 19 KOs) on Saturday night at the Desert Diamond Casino, in Tucson, Arizona. Marquez, 34, has finally healed his hand injury which caused the postponement of their bout seven weeks ago. At the time, there were rumors that the fight was postponed not because of an injury to Marquez but rather because of dismal ticket sales. Read the rest of this entry »

title Mosley Cotto – Is Shane Too Old To Compete With Miguel?

With little under two weeks to go before veteran Shane Mosley (44-4, 37 KOs) takes on undefeated welterweight champion Miguel Cotto (30-0, 25 KOs), there has been a lot of doubters about Cotto’s chances in the bout, mostly due to his advanced age or 35, which will put him a distinct disadvantage against the younger 25-year old Cotto. Though Mosley is a former pound-4-pound fighter, his age and lack of top level competition in recent years will be an issue for him when he steps it up to take on Cotto, who is fighting perhaps the best he ever has in his career. To be sure, Mosley left behind his prime years as long as seven years ago, around the time that he first defeated Oscar Dela Hoya. Read the rest of this entry »

title Duddy To Face Eastman on December 8th

Irish middleweight challenger John Duddy (22-0, 17 KOs) has signed on to face former European middleweight world champion Howard Eastman (42-5, 35 KOs) on December 8th, at the Kings Hall, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Duddy, 28, was recently rumored to be negotiating a a fight with World Boxing Council/World Boxing Organization middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik. However, that bout went by the way side when Jermain Taylor elected to enact the rematch clause in his contract, making it necessary for Pavlik to fight an immediate rematch with him rather than taking on any other challengers, such as Duddy. In choosing the 36 year-old Eastman as an opponent, Duddy appears to be taking a calculated risk, as Eastman may be getting old and clearly isn’t what he once was, he still hits incredibly hard, especially in the first seven to eight rounds of his fights. Read the rest of this entry »

title Moore Stops Facey

British light welterweight champion Jamie Moore (28-3, 19 KOs) stopped challenger Andrew Facey (19-5-1, 3 KOs) in the the 11th round on Friday night at the Robin Park Centre, Wigan, in Lancashire, England. Facey, 35, was knocked down twice in the 11th round, prompting for referee Howard John to waive off the fight at 2:14 of the round after Facey was knocked down with a left-right combination. Facey, who sported a four inch height advantage over the 5’8″ Moore was knocked down in the 9th round after getting tagged with a big right hand while he was attempting to throw a punch. Read the rest of this entry »



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