The Measure of Greatness

By John F McKenna (mcjack): How is a great fighter measured? What yardstick is used to differentiate a great fighter from a good fighter? Despite all the hype that we have been bombarded with over the past few years, there are not a lot of fighters that fall into the great category. It is terribly difficult to separate ones own feelings and emotions when we are discussing our favorite sport stars, in this case fighters. Nationalistic pride and personal preferences oftentimes get in the way of sound reason when gauging the greatness of a fighter. I learned an unpleasant, but valuable lesson as an 18 year old kid. Floyd Patterson was my favorite fighter. Read the rest of this entry »

Antonio Margarito – Redemption of the heart

Pacquiao Margarito Pacquiao vs. Margarito  antonio margarito By By Ibrar Arshad: After a long time I have decided to write an article again. The reason for my absence is the amount of ignorance I was beginning to see in boxing fans on this website, as well as the poor articles that other authors were posting. Sometimes it’s disheartening to see fans of a sport that I so dearly love, overlook values that every boxer has ever laid out in their careers. Unfortunately a lot of boxing fans have become disrespectful to the sport they claim to love. I have read remarks that are hateful, racist and completely unreasonable. It really has become sad. Read the rest of this entry »

Froch slams Harrison rather than Haye for their terrible fight

Haye Harrison Haye vs. Harrison  david haye carl froch audley harrison By Sean McDaniel: Former WBC super middleweight champion Carl Froch lays the blame for last weekends fiasco bout between Audley Harrison and WBA heavyweight champion David Haye squarely in the lap of Harrison instead of giving partial blame to Haye for having picked Harrison in the first place to fight instead of a better opponent. The fight ended with Harrison getting dripped out in a 3rd round TKO after having thrown only one punch – a jab – in the fight. Haye threw few punches himself until the 3rd round, and bragged afterwards about having waited until that round because he had bet money on stopping Harrison in the 3rd. Read the rest of this entry »

Jeff Mayweather says he puts asterisks next to Pacquiao’s recent wins

Pacquiao Margarito Pacquiao vs. Margarito  manny pacquiao By Dave Lahr: Jeff Mayweather, the uncle of unbeaten Floyd Mayweather Jr., is skeptical and less than impressed with Manny Pacquiao’s recent wins as he’s moved up in weight against fighters like Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Joshua Clottey, Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito. In an article at, Jeff makes it clear that he thinks it’s strange that Pacquiao is beating these bigger guys given that he felt he lost both of his fights with Juan Manuel Marquez in the past. Read the rest of this entry »

Devon Alexander wants fight with Pacquiao – News

Alexander Bradley Alexander vs. Bradley  timothy bradley manny pacquiao devon alexander By Jason Kim: Unbeaten WBC light welterweight champion Devon Alexander (21-0, 13 KO’s) is hoping he can get lucky and win the lottery to get a big mega money fight against Manny Pacquiao in the near future, according to boxing news from the Saint Louis Post Dispatch. Alexander, 23, first much beat WBO light welterweight champion Timothy Bradley in their fight on January 29th at the Chaifetz Arena, in Saint Louis, Missouri. However, even if Alexander beats Bradley, which is doubtful given how average Alexander looked in his recent fight against Andriy Kotelnik, Alexander will then likely have to face the winner of the Marcos Maidana vs. Amir Khan fight which takes place next month. Read the rest of this entry »

Has Haye’s recent fight against Harrison hurt him more than helped him win fans?

Haye Harrison Haye vs. Harrison  david haye audley harrison By Sean McDaniel: Although World Boxing Association heavyweight champion David Haye (25-1, 23 KO’s) has defended his choice of picking 39-year-old fringe contender Audley Harrison (27-5, 20 KO’s) for his recent fight last weekend, it seems to have caused a lot of negative feelings for not only Harrison for the way that he looked timid and passive, throwing only punch in the entire fight but it’s also caused a lot of fans to take a negative look at Haye as well. It’s a fight that didn’t help boxing any because a lot of casual boxing fans paid to see this fight, and many of them came away feeling angry and ripped off for having paid to watch it. Read the rest of this entry »

Ward in stay busy fight against Bika on November 27th

Bika Ward Bika vs. Ward  sakio bika andre ward By Scott Gilfoid: Arguably the world’s greatest super middleweight Andre Ward (22-0, 13 KO’s) has a stay busy fight against 31-year-old Sakio Bika (28-4-2, 19 KO’s) in less than two weeks at the Oracle Arena, in Oakland, California. This is replacement opponent for the highly skilled Andre Dirrell who was supposed to be fighting Ward in the stage 3 part of the Super Six tournament. However, after Dirrell was injured in his last bout of the tournament, he was forced to pull out of the fight and the entire tournament so that he could heal up. Ward will now be fighting Bika in a non-Super Six tourney fight and will use the fight as a kind of mini tune-up for the big fights that Ward has ahead of him against the likes of Arthur Abraham, Carl Froch or Glen Johnson. Read the rest of this entry »

Wladimir – Haye “built his reputation on our [the Klitschkos] names”

Klitschko Haye Klitschko vs. Haye  wladimir klitschko vitali klitschko david haye By William Mackay: IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko (55-3, 49 KO’s) is sick of going around and around trying to get WBA heavyweight champion David Haye (25-1, 23 KO’s) into the ring so that he can finally prove who the better fighter is. Haye recently defeated Audley Harrison in a 3rd round TKO that has created about as much disgust as admiration for him due to Haye’s choice of opponent and how the fight ended. Wladimir thinks that Haye is looking for an excuse not to have to fight him or his older brother WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko next, and you have to agree with Wladimir in listening to some of the things that Haye has been saying. Haye now insists on fighting the Klitschkos in England, as if he with his one title is able to call the shots against the brothers who have three between them. Read the rest of this entry »

Why doesn’t Pacquiao fight African American fighters?

Boxing  manny pacquiao By Chris Williams: Bernard Hopkins mentioned that Manny Pacquiao hasn’t faced any African Americans earlier today in an interview. I’ve always wondered why Manny Pacquiao, out of all the opponents he’s had in his career, he for some reason hasn’t fought any African American fighters? Now why is that? With the opportunity to face Paul Williams or Shane Mosley staring at him in the face, Pacquiao chose to fight Antonio Margarito recently. The last time I checked, Pacquiao had already fought countless Mexican fighters in the past. So why hasn’t Pacquiao fought any African Americans? You have to wonder how Pacquiao could have not fought any after all these years. Pacquiao seems to have been matched only against slow fighters that either stand directly in front of him are come straight at him. Why hasn’t he fought any African American fighters that can move and box and have fast hand speed? Is it because Pacquiao would lose badly against their kind of style? Read the rest of this entry »

Neither Mayweather nor Pacquiao are all time greats

Mayweather Pacquiao Mayweather vs. Pacquiao  manny pacquiao floyd mayweather jr By Gerardo Granados: This two are most quoted prizefighters in the last couple of years, boxing fans all over the world fight each other on blogs or forums with such fierce that makes you wonder what would happened if this two great in deed faced each other. Both parties allege that his favorite is the all time greatest and despite the insults both argue that Pretty Boy or Pacman have better boxing achievements to be considered the best. Congressman Pacquiao just won the WBC light middleweight title and his fans must believe that automatically that makes him the greatest. I am sorry to disagree with both parties but neither Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather nor Manny Pacman Pacquiao are the greatest; based on the criteria used by this bloggers the greatest of all times is Thomas “Hit man” Hearns. Read the rest of this entry »

Dirrell predicts knockout win for Abraham over Froch

Froch Abraham Froch vs. Abraham  carl froch arthur abraham andre dirrell By Scott Gilfoid: Once beaten Andre Dirrell (19-1, 13 KO’s) is picking knockout artist Arthur Abraham (31-1, 25 KO’s) to defeat former WBC super middleweight champion Carl Froch (26-1, 20 KO’s) on November 27th according to news from Dirrell should know who the better fighter is because he just finished fighting Froch and Abraham back to back, losing to Froch and beating Abraham. However, many boxing fans feel that Dirrell should have won both of the fights he dominated Froch but lost the fight when two of the European judges gave Froch the decision over the American Dirrell. Froch was fighting in front of a hometown crowd in Nottingham at the time of his fight with Dirrell. Read the rest of this entry »

Khan-Maidana: Amir says this will be “The toughest fight he [Marcos] will ever be in”

Khan vs. Maidana  manny pacquiao amir khan By William Mackay: WBA light welterweight champion Amir Khan (23-1, 17 KO’s) wants to become the number 1 pound for pound fighter in the world and he’s hoping to get a fight against unbeaten Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the near future if Khan can get by World Boxing Association light welterweight interim champion Marcos Maidana (29-1, 27 KO’s) and then the winner of the January 29th bout between Devon Alexander and Timothy Bradley. Read the rest of this entry »

Chisora thinks Wladimir will be vulnerable on the inside

Klitschko Chisora Klitschko vs. Chisora  wladimir klitschko derek chisora By Dave Lahr: Unbeaten British and Commonwealth champion Dereck Chisora (14-0, 9 KO’s) took exception to the comments made by former promoter Jarvis Astaire, who said recently that the British Board of Control should “Seriously reconsider authorizing Chisora’s trip to Germany,” against IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko on December 11th. Astaire says “Not only is Chisora a comparative novice, but he is four inches shorter than Wladimir” Chisora obviously didn’t care for those comments and fired back with some comments of his own, saying “This is a stupid argument. It’s not a question of whether I have had enough fights or if I’m tall enough to fight Klitschko; The point is that when I get through the ropes I will get in there and have a fight and throw things that boxers are supposed to throw – punches – something that [Audley] Harrison didn’t do.” Read the rest of this entry »

Arum won’t be matching Pacquiao up with Paul Williams or Sergio Martinez

Williams Martinez Williams vs. Martinez  sergio martinez paul williams manny pacquiao By Chris Williams: If you were one of those many fans who were hoping the winner of Saturday’s WBC middleweight clash between champion Sergio Martinez and Paul Williams would get a chance to fight World Boxing Council junior middleweight champion Manny Pacquiao in one of his catch-weight fights that he’s becoming known for, you can pretty forget that from ever happening. Earlier today, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum ruled out anymore fights by Pacquiao against bigger fighters because of how beat up Pacquiao got against pumped up welterweight Antonio Margarito last Saturday night in their catch-weight fight at 150 pounds. Read the rest of this entry »

Calzaghe says Haye has to fight one of the Klitschkos, preferably Vitali – News

Haye Klitschko Haye vs. Klitschko  wladimir klitschko vitali klitschko joe calzaghe david haye By William Mackay: Former IBF/WBA/WBC/WBO super middleweight champion Joe Calzaghe thinks World Boxing Association (WBA) heavyweight champion David Haye (25-1, 23 KO’s) has to fight the Klitschko brothers now. Speaking Sky Sports News, Calzaghe said “David Haye has to fight one of the Klitschko brothers without a doubt. The older one [Vitali Klitschko]. They’re both pretty formidable opponents. But he needs to fight, and he deserves to fight. I think he has a great chance.” Calzaghe did a great job of picking Haye to beat Audley Harrison. But in this case, I think Calzaghe’s prediction is off by a million miles. I agree that Haye deserves to fight one of the klitshkos, but as far as having a “Great chance” like Calzaghe says, I think Haye stands a great chance of being knocked out but not winning. Read the rest of this entry »

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