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title Purses: Mayweather $32 million, Guerrero $3 million

guerrero422By Chris Williams: In looking at the paychecks the fighters will be getting this Saturday night there’s no mistaking who the star is for this fight. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (43-0, 26 KO’s) will be getting a guaranteed $32 million, and Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero (31-1-1, 18 KO’s) will be receiving $3 million for their fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The $3 million may not seem like a lot of money, but it’s by far the most money that Guerrero has ever received in a fight, and I’m sure he’s happy to get even that.

Without Mayweather, Guerrero would likely be fighting for less $1 million. Read the rest of this entry »

title Mares vs. De Leon this Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada

deleon11By Onaps: The Bright lights of sin city shine on the squared circle of the MGM Grand tomorrow evening. Everyone is waiting to see if Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero can upset boxing’s bad guy, Floyd “Money” Mayweather. While we are anxiously waiting for them to make the ring walk another fight, possibly, the best fight of the Night will be taking place.

Abner Mares vs. Daniel Ponce De Leon. I, for One, think This will be a barn burner. Mares is one tough kid that possesses a lot of heart and decent boxing ability. De Leon, a hard punching veteran, has the tools to knock Mares off of his perch. Read the rest of this entry »

title Can Robert Guerrero shock the world?

guerrero122By Mark Havey: Robert Guerrero is a humble family man. He lives in a close knit neighborhood and surrounds himself with a small group of trusted associates and relatives. Tomorrow he gets his dream fight against a man who is the complete opposite. Floyd Mayweather is ranked at the top of the pound 4 pound list and is the highest paid athlete in any sport.

He is the world’s premier counter puncher. A defensive genius who’s ability to elude punches far exceeds anyone current boxer.

Guerrero has shown optimism that has surprised me. Boxers are self publicist’s who talk well even when they know defeat is predestined. Read the rest of this entry »

title Heavyweight Boxing-The Truth

By Tony Crooks: Sometimes in life, we all have to face up to what life throws at us, whether you are a boxer or an armchair enthusiast or just someone that likes to make comments on a website for the hell of it. There is anger in all of us; we are the products of what our lifestyles dictates to us. Read the rest of this entry »

title Weights: Mayweather 146, Guerrero 147

Floyd Mayweather 146 vs. Robert Guerrero
Daniel Ponce de Leon 126 vs. Abner Mares 126
Leo Santa Cruz 122 vs. Alexander Munoz 121
J’Leon Love 161.5 vs. Gabriel Rosado 160
Badou Jack 170 vs. Michael Gbenga 170 Read the rest of this entry »

title Malignaggi: Guerrero will keep his composure against Mayweather when things go bad

guerrero22By Dan Ambrose: WBA welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi gives Robert “The Ghost Guerrero a decent chance of beating Floyd Mayweather Jr. tomorrow night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Malignaggi likes the way that Guerrero doesn’t get flustered when his opponents make an adjustment on him and get the upper hand for a moment.

Malignaggi feels that Guerrero will be able keep mentally strong tomorrow night if things start to go badly for him at some point in the fight. Read the rest of this entry »

title Koncz: Marquez turned down $13 million offer for Pacquiao fight

marquez34By Chris Williams: Manny Pacquiao’s adviser Michael Koncz is saying that Juan Manuel Marquez turned down an offer of $13 million to face Pacquiao in a rematch on November 23rd in Macau, China. Koncz says he doesn’t understand why Marquez would turn down such a huge amount for a 5th fight with Pacquiao.

The last time Marquez fought Pacquiao, he made only $6 million guaranteed compared to Pacquiao’s $23 million guaranteed in a 76/24 split that was heavily slanted in Pacquiao’s favor.

Koncz said to “I was quite surprised actually, because we offered Marquez $13 million dollars and then we offered Bradley $6 million.” Read the rest of this entry »

title Haye: Fury doesn’t want to fight me

fury54By Scott Gilfoid: Sick of hearing undefeated heavyweight contender Tyson Fury (21-0, 15 KO’s) calling him out 24/7 in the media, former WBA heavyweight champion David Haye finally called Fury’s bluff by having his management contact Fury’s handlers to arrange a fight between them.

Instead of Fury’s management gladly accepting the fight, they told Haye’s manager that they’re looking for other fights.

Haye told “ “My people contacted his people and they don’t want it. They pretty much said ‘no, we’re going in another direction. So maybe he should stop screaming and shouting about how much he wants to fight me, although if he did that, he wouldn’t get any coverage.” Read the rest of this entry »

title Angel Garcia says he wouldn’t stoop to the levels of Ruben Guerrero in trash talking Mayweather

Ruben Guerrero(Photo credit: Esther Lin/Showtime) By Dan Ambrose: Angel Garcia, the father of WBA/WBC light welterweight champion Danny Garcia, says he wouldn’t step into the personal life of Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the way that Robert “The Ghost’ Guerrero’s father Ruben Guerrero has recently in calling Mayweather a “Woman beater” over and over again. Angel says he sticks to talking about boxing when he’s going after a fighter to trash talk.

Speaking with RingTV, Angel said “When I talk, I talk about boxing, like what you did in your career. That’s what I talk about. In haven’t seen what [Ruben Guerrero said about Mayweather], but that don’t have nothing to do with boxing. That’s his personal life…that ain’t got nothing to do with boxing.” Read the rest of this entry »

title Wladimir 249, Pianeta 240 – Weights for Saturday’s fight in Mannheim, Germany

wlad#1(Photo credit: K-MG) By Allan Fox: IBF/IBO/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko (59-3, 50 KO’s) will have a 9-pound advantage tomorrow night in his fight against #7 WBO, #12 WBA, Francesco Pianeta (28-0-1, 15 KO’s) at the SAP Arena, in Mannheim, Germany.

The 6’6” Wladimir weighed in at 249 pounds at today’s weigh-in. The 6’5” Pianeta came in at 240 lbs. There’s not much difference in height and weight that separates the two fighters. What does differentiate the two is the super power, speed, experience and boxing skills that the Ukrainian Wladimir has going for him. Read the rest of this entry »

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