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title Billy Joe Saunders wants Eubank Jr. or Ryder in 2013

photo: billy joe saunders By Scott Gilfoid: Unbeaten British and Commonwealth middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders (16-0, 10 KO’s) is hoping he can get a fight against either Chris Eubank Jr. (9-0, 4 KO’s) or John Ryder (13-0, 8 KO’s) in 2013. Saunders, 23, is coming off of a less than impressive 12 round unanimous decision over Nick Blackwell last Saturday night in London in a fight where Saunders took a lot of punishment, and looked stressed out in a major way from the constant pressure that Blackwell was putting him under.

Saunders said to Sky Ringside “I think John Ryder could be a good fight. Chris Eubank Jr. is a very arrogant man. I would love to fight him.” Read the rest of this entry »

title Golovkin in easy defense against Rosado on January 19th

photo: gennady golovkin By Dan Ambrose: WBA World middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin (24-0, 21 KO’s) can’t get it any better than this. He’s being matched up against a junior middleweight with a brawling style in Gabriel Rosado (21-5, 13 KO’s) on January 19th at the Madison Square Garden, in New York.

The best part of all is that HBO has agreed to televise the fight, so Golovkin gets a soft touch and HBO will show the fight anyway.

This fight will give Golovkin, 5’10”, a great opportunity for him to showcase his power punching because he won’t have to chase Rosado around the ring like he would against some of the other middleweights. Rosado, 26, will make it easy for him by coming straight to him to slug it out. Read the rest of this entry »

title David Price sees himself capturing the EBU heavyweight title in 2013

photo: tony thompson david price By Scott Gilfoid: 29-year-old heavyweight prospect David Price (15-0, 13 KO’s) has set a goal for himself to capture the EBU heavyweight title in 2013. That’s one of Price’s goals, as well as fighting in a heavyweight title eliminator bout. Price will turn 30 in July 2013, and that’s kind of old for a fighter that is looking to capture an EBU heavyweight title. That’s kind of ripe for a fighter looking to win an EBU title.

Fighters usually capture that belt in their early 20s and then move on to bigger and better things, yet Price is looking to fight for the EBU title as a 30-year-old. That’s interesting, and I think kind of goal that would be better forgotten about, at least that’s what I would recommend if I was Price’s promoter. Read the rest of this entry »

title Thomas Dulorme to try his luck at light welterweight

photo: thomas dulorme By Dan Ambrose: Having miserably failed when he attempted to step it up a class at welterweight in his 7th round knockout loss to Luis Carlos Abregu last October, Puerto Rican Thomas Dulorme (16-1, 12 KO’s) will be looking to slowly ease his way into the light welterweight division to see if he can find better success at that weight class.

According to, the 22-year-old Dulorme plans on fighting his next fight at 143 pounds in February to see how he feels at the lower weight, and then if he doesn’t okay he’ll move all the way down to 140 to campaign as a light welterweight. Read the rest of this entry »

title Jinkee should talk Pacquiao out of fighting Marquez again

photo: manny pacquiao juan manuel marquez By Chris Williams: It looks like Manny Pacquiao (54-5-2, 38 KO’s) will be fighting Juan Manuel Marquez (55-6-1, 40 KO’s) for a fifth time next year in June or September. I think Pacquiao’s wife Jinkee needs to sit him down and talk some sense into before he takes this fight because I think the chances are extremely high that Pacquiao gets knocked cold again.

Marquez really blasted Pacquiao out in their fourth fight, and Pacquiao is awfully lucky that he didn’t hurt badly because with a knockout like that there’s always a danger of something happening. But a lot of top fighters and ex-fighters think that there’s a chance that Pacquiao won’t be able to take punishment in his fights from now on. Read the rest of this entry »

title Andy Lee back in action against Anthony Fitzgerald on 2/9

photo: andy lee By Allan Fox: Middleweight contender Andy Lee (28-2, 20 KO’s) will be fighting on February 9th against Anthony Fitzgerald (13-3, 4 KO’s) in a fight at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Lee will be looking to reload for another world title shot as he needs to pick up some good wins so that he can get pushed back up the rankings.

Lee figures that it might only take three victories and he’ll in position for another world title challenge. He wants to go after some of the British middleweights and then fight for a title. Read the rest of this entry »

title Weights: Adamek 223, Cunningham 203

photo: tomasz adamek steve cunningham (Photo Credit: Rich Graessle) By Allan Fox: IBF North American heavyweight champion Tomasz Adamek (47-2, 29 KO’s) weighed in on Friday for his fight tomorrow night against Steven Cunningham (25-4, 12 KO’s) at the Sands Casino Resort, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Adamek, 36, weighed in at a chunky 223 pounds.

Compared to the lean 203 pound Cunningham, Adamek looked kind of blocky, like he’s carrying too much weight for his small frame. Adamek has been fighting in the neighborhood of 216 pounds for most of his fights since moving up to the heavyweight division in 2009. However, the extra six pounds that Adamek has put on recently starting in March has him looking slower but without any real power gain.

Cunningham, 36, looked really in shape at 203 lbs, and even though he’s giving up 20 pounds in weight, Cunningham looked like the bigger fighter because his weight is all useful muscle rather than fat like what Adamek is carrying around. Read the rest of this entry »

title Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Robert Guerrero on May 4th, Canelo possible for undercard

photo: robert guerrero floyd mayweather jr By Chris Williams: Well, it looks like WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. (43-0, 26 KO’s) will be facing WBC interim welterweight champion Robert Guerrero (31-1-1, 18 KO’s) on May 4th at the MGM Grand, in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to

Canelo could end up on the undercard as the co-main event in this pay per view broadcast on HBO. It’s possible that the winner of the Mayweather-Guerrero and Alvarez-TBA fights will face each other in September when Mayweather is scheduled to be back in the ring again. Read the rest of this entry »

title Canelo Alvarez has Plan B possible opponents in case Mayweather fight doesn’t happen

photo: saul alvarez miguel cotto floyd mayweather jr austin trout By Dan Ambrose: Jose Reynoso, the trainer for WBC junior middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, says that they have a backup plan in case they can’t Floyd Mayweather Jr. to agree to fight on May 4th. Reynoso says that Miguel Cotto and Austin Trout are two opponents that they will be considering if Mayweather doesn’t agree to the fight.

Reynoso said to the “Mayweather is the in the lead, and hopefully we will be fighting him, but we’re also negotiating with other boxers to have a plan B, and those are Miguel Cotto, Austin Trout and others who might be a worthy rival to Saul.” Read the rest of this entry »

title How Pacquiao vs. Marquez 5 will put huge pressure on Mayweather

photo: manny pacquiao juan manuel marquez floyd mayweather jr By Mohamed Horomtallah: It seems that everybody has pretty much buried Manny Pacquiao after his 6th round knock out against Marquez. They say that he’s done and can no longer be the fighter he once was. They back that argument by bringing up the fact that Pacquiao  has now lost 2 fights in a row and didn’t convince in the 3rd Marquez fight. I beg to disagree.

Things should always be placed in their context and in this particular instance, one needs to analyze Paquiao’s last 3 fights and the events surrounding them. Read the rest of this entry »

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